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  1. I have several TI-99 keyboards if you need one. Let me know which one you are looking for. I have 3-4 different types.
  2. I have found a replacement keyboard. Thanks to all who responded!
  3. I have two keys that are not working on a recently acquired Atari 800. This is the version with the stackpole (yellow plunger) keyboard. I need to find either a donor keyboard or a complete replacement for sale. Was hoping someone here had something available. Thanks in advance!
  4. My apologies if this has been suggested before. I have tried to go through the entire thread, there are a lot of responses here. Would it be possible to create this board without an hdmi connector attached? I would think there are others like me who could actually connect an HDMI port to a pcb. I found one example of a port that could be added later: https://adamconn.com/product/female-right-angle-pcb-mount-19-pin-hdmi-interface Again, I apologize if this has been suggested before. I have a TI-99/4A that could really use one of these F18As. It is suffering from bad video memory. I would rather add one of these versus adding memory sockets and replacing ram chips.
  5. I recently found an Atari 800 lot locally. I bought the computer with a 1050 drive, tape drive, and a lot of software. The computer was really dirty, but I was able to get it cleaned up and working for the most part. The only thing not working on the computer are two keys on the keyboard. This keyboard is the stackpole version with yellow plungers. The plungers are cracked, and the contacts also have issues. I think I can de-solder the contacts and repair one, but the other two contacts are beyond repair. I have already checked with best electronics, they no longer have the plungers available. Wanted to see if anyone here had suggestions on finding either parts or a replacement keyboard. Replacement can have missing/no keys. I think I can rebuild what I have provided I can find the parts. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! I am new to this forum. I haven't had an Atari 800 for many years. I really hope I can get this one going again!
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