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  1. I really wish they had done something for the Master System/ Game Gear instead.
  2. Bottom of the barrel was a bit harsh, I just meant that of the hardware clones , they are the least desirable. I actually use my portable quite a bit with the sound down of course!
  3. The mega SG is premium and very expensive, Atgames, while not as bad as everyone says, is the bottom of the barrel. A lot depends on what you are looking for. The Hyperkin Mega retron HD is pretty good for the price. Plays virtual racing. However if you are looking for it to play master system games in NTSC over HDMI, this system has issues with colors. I have this one Gamerztek mini gen hd - I have read good reviews for this one seems similar to the mega retron HD except it cannot play virtual racing but I believe it doesn't have issues with master system NTSC Super retro Trio+ - this is a 3 in one system nes, SNES and Genesis. I have seen some reviews that were favorable. The problem with this one is that it doesn't have an aspect ratio switch so if your TV doesn't do it, you are stuck with 16:9. The other thing to consider is that anything other than mega SG will have a little bit of lag. You might not even really perceive but it's there. I like my mega retron HD as a quick plug and play but if I really want to play for real, I use original hardware/HD retrovision cables/ retrotink 2x.
  4. I picked up a couple of these so far so good! Thanks again!
  5. I have been on an ESWAT kick with a little bit of Shinobi 3
  6. Wouldn't surprise me if it's true. These batteries seem to go fast.
  7. That's much more like it! Do they still need the foam to fit?
  8. It's a shame the original battery replacements are not available. The batteries in that post are $35 when I looked them up, almost as much as I paid for the portable itself! I have 2 Sega portables and one atari. One of the Sega ones the battery was swollen and had to go. The Atari one appears it might be at the start of that process.
  9. How did you get Lakka running from a sd card? I have been trying using this video - https://youtu.be/P1GE7snXGy4 I just get a black screen. Is there a better method?
  10. Gave Ghosts N Goblins a spin with my Dragonfly. I didn't get far but what I have seen so far is awesome.
  11. I got my 7800 in 87. I ended up with Pole Position 2, Centipede, Choplifter, Karateka and Rampage. I ended up abandoning my 7800 for a master system. I still have that same 7800 to this day along with my original PP2, Centipede, Choplifter and Rampage. I had to replace Karateka. I often wonder would I have stuck with the 7800 had I had Desert Falcon, Xevious and Food Fight originally.
  12. Phew! Thanks I was worried my 7800 might be starting to go!
  13. I have been playing Desert Falcon for years. I never noticed it crashing before. In the last several days I had it crash on me twice. Always at the Spinx battle. Once on expert and once on standard. Doesn't happen every time. Has anyone run into this or is this a know issue?
  14. My tv is in game mode. I didn't notice lag until I A/B between the two. Maybe it's just in my head.
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