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  1. Reviews online. the videogame critic is one example. He trashes pretty much every game on my list. There are other reviewers I have read/watched online but I'd have look for them again. Here is one for Kung Fu Master: http://www.atarihq.com/reviews/2600/kung_fu_master.html A sort of meh review of commando https://www.freezenet.ca/review-commando-atari-2600/
  2. You are right most people do seem to like Solaris. I think its more so the arcade ports people don't like. Maybe because they already existed on more advanced consoles? I love double dragon too. While it is flawed, it is very playable once you figure out how to pummel your opponent with elbows. I have beaten it multiple times and very easily make it to mission 3 even when I am having a bad game. In 87/88 I think there may have actually been more NES style games on the 2600 than the 7800
  3. I have to say I love the mid to late 80's 2600 games. Kung Fu Master, Commando, Solaris, Ikari Warriors, Double Dragon (yes, Double Dragon), Desert Falcon, Rampage, Xenophobe, etc. I know a lot of people felt these should have never been made but I contend that if they came out in early 80's they would be looked upon more favorably. I originally had a 7800 and around 87/88, there were virtually no NES style games for it. I remember getting Kung Fu Master for the 2600, I was so thrilled to have a NES style game. What is everyone else's thoughts? Love them? Hate them?
  4. I received mine. It's very nice to not have to rip cartridges out of my 7800. I often play when my daughters are sleeping in the room across from ours. I used to always worry the noise was going to wake them every time change a game.
  5. Interesting, through HDMI? When did you purchase yours?
  6. Just want to make sure I am on the list and when/how do I pay?
  7. I'm not sure if it is socketed I bought the 7800 of eBay. I suppose I could contact the seller. I did suspect it might be a RetroTink/flat screen so I moved all of my testing to a crt via composite. Empire Strikes works for me as do the rest of my Activision games - Pitfall, River raid, Kaboom, chopper command, stampede, keystone kapers, Enduro, Commando, freeway and pressure cooker. It's just those 5 games I mentioned it doesn't like for some reason.
  8. So do you think my issues are related to the 7800 itself or do you think something went wrong with the mod? Dark Chambers - black screen Kung Fu Master - black screen Gravitar - black screen Double Dragon - starts but keeps resetting once you try to start the game. Battlezone - shaky screen
  9. Thanks for doing those tests. It must just be something with that 7800 I bought. I probably should have just had my original modded. I guess if I want to play those games its my rf only 7800 on a crt or the retron 77 on a modern tv.
  10. Yeah that GBA cart is pretty awesome. That and that little Coleco sega handheld are my go to for portable sms/gg
  11. Ok so I tested the rest of my 2600 games and found two more problem carts Gravitar and Battlezone. Battlezone technically works but the screen is a little shaky. Now I am wondering if there was an issue with the mod because of the shaky Battlezone screen. Ultimately 4 games out of 70+ games isn't bad and probably isn't worth sweating.
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