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  1. The one issue you might run into with this is the modern tv. My flashback 2 will not play on my flat screen, even using the RetroTink 2x!
  2. No, what I meant is the concept of a mix of 2600 and 7800 games. Except this time use Stella and The prosystem emulators or actual 7800 on a chip(probably too expensive to do this). The emulators are probably a pretty easy cost effective way to go.
  3. It would be nice if atGames built a version of the Flashback 1 that didn't suck. I know they didn't build the original but I thought the concept was great. It would be nice if someone implemented it well
  4. Anyone get food fight name to work?
  5. Has anyone ever got Food Fight or Centipede to work on this?
  6. I was able to pick this up for $30 and found myself pleasantly surprised! Yes the sound is bad but the games play well. I was expecting much worse from how everyone bags on atgames sega products. I have the sonic 25th anniversary edition not sure if this is better or worse than other models.
  7. I do expect that these things aren't going to be perfect. What I like about them is the space I save and I can have 3 systems hooked up at once. However the flimsy pins of the retron 3 irked me. Would I buy another one for $25, maybe, but I wouldn't pay full price for something that won't last much more then a year. I do have an original genesis, SMS and my wife has an original nintendo but they are too bulky to have all hooked up at once.
  8. I will say my retrobit res outputs a much better composite signal than the retron 3. I think hyperkin will only be my choice if they set the only choice
  9. Just watched your video on this. Seems like it's the real deal. I have been cautiously optimistic for this since it was first announced.
  10. Recently the NES portion of my Retron 3 died. I got it second hand for $25, had it less than a year. While it wasn't perfect, I liked the convenience of it and the s-video looked good through the RetroTink 2x on my flat screen. I have a bit of a sour taste in my mouth with Hyperkin now. My Retron 77, while I overall like it, the joystick cracked clean off. I haven't had issues yet with my retrobit res. My question is do you guys think that these other 2 companies are any better with their build quality or are all budget consoles equally fragile.
  11. I love multicarts! I have the 143 in 1 NES (see through green) 100 in 1 SNES (red) The GBA SMS/GG 218 in 1 sega Genesis (red )
  12. Well the NES portion of my retron 3 died. Good thing I only paid $25!
  13. Someone actually told me that they were able to play gba multicarts on the retron 5. Actually come to think of I believe John Hancock had a video for GBA SMS/GG multicart (I have the cart its awesome) and he said he was playing on his retron 5. If this thing could play that and the price was low I might bite.
  14. I agree the retron 5 is way too much money and from what I heard too unreliable. I have two cheap system on a chip clone. The retron 3 and Retro bit res (av only). I have found both of these to be fairly reliable, compatible and a cheap way to experience these consoles. I think Hyperkin should stick with their systems on a chip and keep it at $50 max. Not sure why they keep clinging to the cartridge dumping emulation route. The Retron 77 turned out well but that was only because of the Stella team being actively involved.
  15. What kind of issues did you have the Retron 3? I picked up a used one for $25 and like it quite a bit. It has played almost everything I have thrown at it. Plus I like the s-video with the RetroTink. My main compliant with it is no S-video for the NES
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