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  1. Looks like it was a combination of an outdated build and my tv. Stella 2014 and a more modern version of Stella are included so Asteroids and Joust can now be played.
  2. I have raspberry pi 4b 2gb ram, 1.5GHz quad core CPU. I have lakka with retroarch installed. It has an old version of Stella (2014) on it. Any game that relies on flicker i.e. Joust and Asteroids is unplayable as certain elements seem to appear one or the other. In Joust for example you either see your character or the enemies never together unless you turn off threaded video. However once I do that everything runs at a crawl. A Retron 77 using stock firmware on the same tv does not exhibit these issues. I would almost be inclined to just stick to the Retron 77 since I have it updated to Dirty Harry's latest firmware but then I noticed a minor issue with Golden Axe for the Genesis. When you kill an enemy normal they fade away and then disappear, on my pi the enemy just disappears. Once again turning off threaded video fixes the issues but everything is reduced to a crawl. Does anyone know what the root cause of this could be? Is lakka just flaky?
  3. Definitely not either of my 7800's controller ports. Neither have issues with a proline, genesis controller, modded nes controller or even hyperkin's trooper. My guess is this is a case of Hyperkin's world class quality control rearing it's ugly head again.
  4. Are there known issues with ranger and the 7800? The controller works fine on my Retron 77 but suddenly stopped working properly on both of my 7800s. In stick mode, I cannot move right or straight down. I always make sure that I set the mode on the controller before I turn on the machine
  5. I have the portable but do not have the classic console but I believe it's basically the same. I personally like it. Is it flawed? Yep. I think the main thing you need to ask yourself is how important is sound to you. The games play well for the most part but the sound is off. How off varies by game. I thinks these Atgames Sega systems take more of besting than they actually deserve.
  6. I just got my 7800 UAV mod back from Jesse. The work was excellent but what was even more impressive was his level of communication through out the whole process. Highly recommended. I will definitely hire him again! Thanks Jesse for providing this service!
  7. I want to preorder a Dragonfly with pokey and Yamaha in purple.
  8. Finally got to spend some time with this game over the holidays. What a great addition to the 7800 library!
  9. By clicking defaults under inputs (I think that's where I found it ) fixed the issue. The fire button on paddles doesn't work well but I think that is a known issue that is being actively worked on.
  10. I upgraded to 6.4 today. After the upgrade, the 2nd controller port stopped working. I still had the stock sd card so I tried that and the 2nd controller port was functioning again. I tried a trooper, ranger and a original controller all the same result. Is there another step that is needed to get the second controller port working in 6.4?
  11. I have a 8bitdo M30 that I like to use with my cellphone. The clips that 8bitdo sells are crap. They are two pieces and block the charging port. I have had two of these break in under a year. Does anyone know of any other more reliable smart phone clips for the M30?
  12. I picked up a super retrocade for $35 and liked it pretty well however now it just freezes up. I thought it might be a good time to move to a Retropie. Basically I am looking to run: Arcade Atari 2600 Atari 7800 Game Gear Genesis Master system Nes Snes I am also looking for both composite and HDMI out. Are there any kits in particular kits/installations people recommend? Thanks in advance.
  13. I just got mine yesterday. Only played it for a bit to make sure it worked. Can't wait to play it some more.
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