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    Basic Math and Blackjack

    Same goes for Basic Math and the other generic math drill "games" that every system had, for that matter. "And it's not just fun and games, this system also has educational software in its library that can help the kids practice math and more" is absolutely going to get parents more interested in shelling out money for a system.
  2. Odd

    Basic Math and Blackjack

    One thing I don't think anyone brought up in all these blackjack reviews, but which I think is a fairly important one: Blackjack is a "sophisticated game for adults", and having a "sophisticated game for adults" in your game library is a pretty big plus if you're trying to market these rather expensive devices to families. The market for these systems were families that included kids in grade/middle school and adults in their 40s, and back in the 70s, tank games and spaceship games weren't really something that 40-somethings were going to be particularly drawn to. Blackjack, however, is right up their alley (another obvious subject is chess, but that's considerably more complex to program and has somewhat less broad appeal, which is probably why everyone went for blackjack first), and advertising that "not only can the kids play cowboy, spaceman and soldier on this new entertainment system, the adults can also use it to play blackjack against an electronic dealer" is the kind of pitch that can net you a good couple sales.
  3. Odd


    OdySim is an interesting effort, but the way it fails to accurately reproduce the way the controllers works makes most (all?) games not really play the way they were meant to, and some of them unfortunately end up broken to the point of being unplayable. Analogic is one of them - OdySim has the English control reset to horizontally straight forward whenever you aren't actively pushing buttons to change it, meaning there's no way to actually set the English, and you thus have to play this game by manually steering the ball between the two paddles constantly, while trying to do calculations and move the paddles and whatnot. That's not just annoying, that's unplayable, and not the way the game was intended to work at all.
  4. Odd

    Insert lame "puck" pun here.

    This uses a game card that allows both players to "serve" the "ball" at any time by pressing their reset button, doesn't it? The instructions are incredibly unclear, but the illustrations makes it seem like the idea is that the player that wins the face-off is meant to then move his player into the opponent's field and then press the reset button to send out a new puck, which gives the losing player time to get into position to potentially block it (especially since you're meant to play at the slowest setting). This explains all the various rules about what happens depending on where the puck ends up when shot from various positions - the player needs to quickly move across the red line and make a shot BEFORE the puck flies off screen. This also prevents the defender from pretty much being able to automatically score without fail if he manages to block an incoming shot, since the offensive player would have no real time to move into position to defend the goal. It kinda makes sense this way (and doesan okay-ish job translating the sport of hockey to a Pong-typegame), and I think this was the intent, they just forgot to include a note explaining that "players make a SHOT ON GOAL by pressing the RESET button".
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