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  1. Nah. Even though Kev hangs around there it's pretty clear that he's laying low for a while and getting the work done. I wish we had more information too... 😕
  2. Even though the port on the Analogue DAC is a DB-15, it doesn’t supply a VGA signal. You need the right cables to give it Composite, S-Video, Component, or RGB out.
  3. My sorting system in this case was always to add the 1 to the file name: More controversially, I treat words like "Super" as though they were "The" to keep series together. But everyone has their own sorting system!
  4. Are you Freud’s brain transplanted in to Romanian athlete Daniela Viorica Silivaș-Harper while she’s doing a space walk? Because the mental gymnastics on display here are out of this world. 😂
  5. If you're looking for an accurate representation of the original hardware then FPGA is a great fit but if you're looking for substantial improvements in fidelity and performance then emulation is probably a better route to go. I'm not that knowledgeable but from what I've been led to believe you'll never see things like an affine texture warping fix in a PSX FPGA core, whereas Mednafen has been doing it for years. So, you know, try not to get too excited.
  6. Sir this is a Wendy’s. But seriously, theres nothing concrete to really talk about. Anyone who knows enough to know what’s in the leak isn’t saying anything in a forum like this because who wants to invite scrutiny? After all, this isn’t a cute little “Oh look, the trailer for this new game leaked a week early!” kind of leak. The kid originally responsible for this hack would be serving a serious prison sentence for this if it weren’t for the fact that the judge gave him house arrest (he has several conditions that made prison a pretty cruel proposition). Microsoft and Nintendo were equal measures furious and litigious. If you are interested in gossip, unconfirmed rumour right now is that it contains a bunch of data from iQue manufacturing. This reportedly includes—and I want to stress that I still have no way to substantiate this rumour, so take it with a massive grain of salt—verilog files for the N64 hardware. Everything is speculation at this point though.
  7. I think so, if every update breaks as many important games as it fixes. Granted, I've only closely compared a few updates when I first noticed this going on so maybe the situation has changed. I mean, I wish I knew more about FPGA development but based on changelogs I've read from a few projects I imagine that progress isn't always linear—some fixes might break other things and it takes time to play bug hunt whack-a-mole. They seem to be putting in the work and chipping away at bug reports though, and they're definitely aware of the bigger problems in the wild right now.
  8. Is it though? Cybdyn is still actively developing the firmware and updates are being released regularly. Matt is receptive to user feedback and has been active on the forums.
  9. Hold up. How is PSIO more problematic than POPStarter? Compatibility with POPS, and even OPL with PS2 games, is kinda all over the place. Even a stock PS2 still has problems with some important PSX games. The whole reason I put together a heavily modded PSX is because playing PSX games on PS2 is a minefield. At this point PSIO has a few lingering issues but it boots and plays nearly 100% of the PSX library...
  10. Are you really sure about that though? For one thing, a lot of PSX disc drives are in rough shape so finding a decent model will probably cost about $60-80ish. You’re also at the mercy of the PS1Digital, which means you have to find a specific window of model number—between SCPH-50XX and 70XX. Add on to all that a PSIO and the costs to install the boards for both mods with shipping and all the fuss, and I’m not really sure how you can say that there’s no room for an Analogue version of that. I’m guessing that once the PS1Digital mod is released, I will have spent about $500+ (CAD) on putting together a fully modded PSX and I can’t imagine it being as good as a solution that Analogue developed in house. Also would be a far sight better than using either a PS2, PS3, PSP, or Vita/PSTV considering that there are some irritating flaws with how they all handle PSX games.
  11. A little off topic but yeah, I never plan on installing Discord or Zoom and will happily use the web app versions. On (meta) topic though, I think that the ecosystem of FPGA gaming products is so big that threads like this will eventually need to be closed so that new ones can open. Having one thread to discuss every single FPGA product is a little daunting for anyone just arriving on the forum, and is definitely a bummer to sort through if you're looking for discussion about a particular piece of hardware. I mean, at this point we've got: - FPGA flash carts - FPGA optical drive emulators - FPGA reproduction consoles - FPGA development hardware that doubles for multi-console simulation - FPGA video output boards (e.g. UltraHDMI, DCDigital, Hi-Def NES, etc) And it seems a little crazy to try and shoehorn everything in to one place. It is Kev's thread so it makes sense for it to live as a place to discuss his work at Analogue, but even Kev told people to move MiSTer discussion somewhere else. Just thinking out loud though; not trying to meta-mod.
  12. 1. The connectors and ribbons in the Dreamcast and Saturn probably aren't rated for that many pulls or insertions, so when I install mine I'm leaving it as is. It's definitely a little more strenuous than using a flashcart. 2. I mean, you're not destroying your existing optical drives to install the MODE so you always have the option of going back if you want to, but the MODE is meant to replace your original disc drive. 3. No soldering required, that I know about anyway. Even if there were I bet it'd be for something optional, like a soft-reset key combination or whatever. 4. I see people really focussing on the answer for this question, which is that you COULD swap this ODE between consoles but it's not really the way you're supposed to use it. Think of MODE like a Q-Tip: you can use a single Q-Tip for cleaning your ears or cleaning out gunky old NES carts, but I probably wouldn't use the same Q-Tip for both.
  13. Honestly, I have no idea what to believe. I have only had a few sporadic issues with my USB-GDROM but I always wonder how much I can trust someone that hid a firmware time bomb in the first place. Either way, I'm in the same boat; NtMiniv2 and MODE on the way! Kinda forgot the v2 was coming in July too...
  14. I picked up a MODE as soon as I could. TBH, if I didn't already have a USB-GDROM I would have picked up two so that I could do my Saturn AND my Dreamcast at the same time. You know how much of a relief it is to have a company like Terraonion doing this? I know that they're charging more than the Fenrir/Rhea/Phoebe/GDEMU/etc., but at the same time the feature set looks great and now people have a reliable solution for both consoles. Nothing bums me out like discovering a bug with my USB-GDROM, and then not wanting to contact the developer because I have no idea if a bug-fix would reinstate the time bomb that used to be in the old firmwares. At the end of the day, $100USD is pennies over the lifetime of the system if I'm getting good support.
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