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  1. My theory is that Analogue leans almost exclusively on Kevtris to handle the software side of their entire product line at this point, so they can only realistically have a product launch every 8-12 months without burning the man out. Given that there are a few things that would need to be implemented to bring a theoretical Analogue 8 in line with the feature set of the SuperNt and MegaSg (eg, the Nt Mini doesn't support interpolation, have the same menu system as the other consoles, no DAC support, etc.), we probably won't see anything about the 8 until well after the Pocket is released.
  2. Excited to see where Stella on the R77 will go in the future.
  3. There are beta firmwares of AVS 1.40 that might fix the issue with that cart, but I haven’t checked myself. Also, installing custom palettes through the Scoreboard app is on the roadmap, but the timeline is kinda foggy right now.
  4. I hear ya, and I don't disagree; the DE-10 is a crazy value for what it is. It's also subsidized by Intel though, so it's kinda hard to think of its value in an objective sense. That aside, I have a romantic connection to something that reminds me of the consoles I used in my childhood, so loading up a cart and sitting back with an original controller gives me the warm fuzzies.
  5. I love my AVS+N8 combo and if you’re looking for NES/FDS gaming then you don’t really have to go much further than that. It is a terrific combination and plays very well, IMO. That said, it lacks several important features worth mentioning... - 1080p output - Custom pallet support (coming to AVS in new firmware, release date TBD) - Analog output - Music player - ROM playback without an Everdrive - FPGA core support for tons of 8-bit consoles and handhelds That said, when it comes to NES/FDS gaming there are two killer features that I prefer the AVS+N8 for: horizontal interpolation and save state support, which I don’t believe the Nt Mini has. Still, to each their own.
  6. Thanks for chiming in Kevin; I’m sorry you have to suffer through that kind of needless hostility. If it’s any consolation, my friends and I have been having a really good time with the Super Nt and Mega Sg over the holidays and I’m super grateful that you put in the work you did. Thanks man.
  7. On paper it sounds like a spectacular idea, as I'm sure literally everyone involved wants better dither blending and knows that it is possible. That said, if I had to deal with what Kevtris deals with then I'd probably do exactly what he's doing--keeping any code remotely related to MiSTer at arm's length from whatever I was working on. Yes, it's profoundly frustrating how the politics of projects like these work but I doubt Kev or Analogue want to get bogged down in the kinds of backlash that Hyperkin gets. For the record, those screenshots look boss and I'm super jealous. I wish I could toggle blending like that on and off for certain games.
  8. The newest build for the Retron branch of Stella has some software in it that attempts to smooth out jitter when using paddles on the native R77 inputs. The unfortunate thing is that those inputs are governed by firmware written for those boards, and there's only so much the Stella team can do. You'd have to get Hyperkin to write new firmware to fix those issues, so until they do all that's possible are band-aid fixes. I personally just use a USB adapter plugged in to the back of the console and it works EXTREMELY well. It's not tremendously elegant, but it is functional.
  9. Hopefully everyone on the Stella Team is having a great summer! Was just curious if development has continued or if everyone is taking a well-deserved few months to chill out and focus on other stuff. Apologies to everyone who saw this thread jump to the top of the queue and thought there'd be new news! 😬
  10. New firmware being tested that allows you to use save files from other sources! I can finally transition to using the MegaSD for the majority of my games!
  11. Likewise. The new patch that fixes a few lingering issues and adds SVP support makes it just about perfect. Still think I'm going to use the MegaSg jailbreak for SMS/GG/SG-1000 ROMs but for Genesis and SegaCD the experience is flawless, as far as I can see.
  12. While this might be outside the scope of this thread, it's worth mentioning that the EverDrive N8 will apparently be getting updated mapper support back ported from the N8 Pro. I only bring it up because I think those carts have FPGAs in them too... http://krikzz.com/forum/index.php?topic=7811.msg70298#msg70298
  13. I mean, context is king here. No one asked him to comment on it, and the OP aim that twitter thread was about the SuperNt jailbreak, so why even bring it up if you didn’t have SOMETHING to say?
  14. I see it getting worse TBH; I think when SM said “no comment” about 32X after bringing up special chips for the SuperNt jailbreak, a lot of people assumed that meant 32X jailbreak support.
  15. New Super Nt Jailbreak. SPECIAL CHIPS BEGIN! - Everything from v4.9, plus: - DSP-1, DSP-2, DSP-3, DSP-4 support - OBC1 support - ST010, ST011 support - CX4 support - Sped up file loading New Mega Sg JAILBREAK! - All fixes from OFW v4.6: - Added DAC - Genesis & SMS Light guns with DAC - Fixed boot audio level - Fixed left side green line when HQX scalers active - Bubble Bobble SMS fixed - Fixed CD BIOS replacement - Sped up file loading
  16. I have tried this btw, and it didn't work. Gonna keep looking for other options. If anyone here still has any ideas, I'd love the help.
  17. I've always imagined that this was exactly what they were doing and the hold-up was probably because they encountered some kind of a compatibility snag. I mean, re-designing a motherboard isn't exactly child's play; something tells me they wanted to get the SuperNt and MegaSg out the door before they did anything else. My bet is we'll see a plastic Nt Mini once they release the Sg cartridge adapters and the ADC.
  18. My AVS+N8 combo works, as far as I can really tell, flawlessly. The horizontal interpolation introduced in firmware v1.30 solves the judder issues (confirmed with the 240p Test Suite) and every game I've cared to boot has done so without a hitch. The only issue remaining is that the included palettes are a little out of date, but RetroUSB is updating the Scoreboard and AVS firmwares to allow you to load your own. The only things I'd like out of an AVS v2 would be features that are already out in the NT Mini: - Cart and save dumping. - 5x 1080p scaling - Jailbreak Firmware/cartless ROM loading Otherwise, I think the majority of users would be more than satisfied with the AVS as is if they have a ROM cart or just plan on playing their original library.
  19. Just got my Mega SD in and it works PERFECTLY. Really tremendous experience once I finally got the settings right. The only thing I'm having problems with right now is transferring saves from my Mega Sg to the Mega SD; the Sg stores saves in a .sav, whereas the SD stores them as a .SRM file. If anyone knows how to convert between the two on a Mac OS computer, I'd love to hear a solution.
  20. Are you playing games on your SuperNt from an SD card or the cartridge slot? For SD card games, the Nt should just make a "saves" folder on the card. Back it up with your computer! For cartridge games, I'm pretty sure the CopySNES tool on the Nt backs up save data.
  21. I'm glad it's more accurate too! Not like I ever noticed one missing line of pixels but I love the attention to detail.
  22. Cant wait for the jailbreak writer to get their hands on this!
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