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  1. I have it set to 125hz using a Spintrak spinner and that works great, If you're using something else you might have to try diff settings to see which works best. And as always Noproblamo, Happy to help!
  2. He has me edged out in survival but I have him beat in pure and I'm way out front in classic by 3,000,000 points... I wonder what the high scores are for the playstation??? THANKS for posting those high scores!!!
  3. Hey can you show me the high scores for pure and classic Xbox One?
  4. now all i need is the PS4 score....
  5. What's up with the Atari-Forum??? It seems to be undergoing maintenance for a long time now???
  6. Can anyone tell me what the top score is in survival more is for the Xbox and the PlayStation?
  7. Well let's see.... for me it was Tempest 4000 Tempest 4000 And Tempest 4000! lol
  8. Do you know where I can still get t2k_0.06c.zip?
  9. No but it looks great, Maybe some day I can play a port of it on my PC using my spinner? I can dream...
  10. Thanks, It's the only game I play! But I'm always looking for another great game I can use my homemade spinner with, The game just needs to have mouse support because if it can be moved with a mouse I can move it with my spinner!
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