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  1. and, eventually, the real hardware will stop functioning - remaining operational units that have been pampered for longevity (replaced capacitors, heatsinks on chips, acceleration, etc) will cost more, even more for those in near-pristine condition. The chip-based cartridges should still hold up a lot longer than disks or tape ever would. Well, hopefully... If nothing else, buy the original titles - they're kinda cool as artwork too - and play the games on the emulator. Emulators have some occasional accuracy and lag issues but have come a long way - which is terrific. But the original equipment and experience are as irreplaceable as they are wonderful.
  2. Apart from cleaning the contacts, I recall the 2600 adapter is essentially the innards of an 2600 that just piggybacks on the 5200's video circuitry to send the video generated by the 2600 module to the TV, as well as taking power from the Supersystem. If all 5200 games are working on their own without static, then the 5200 is probably fine - or is being overloaded by the additional power requirement needed by the 2600 module. Could the power supply be waning, unable to handle the power load? Is your 5200 modified to send video directly to composite or is it using the RF Modulator? Otherwise, there could be a capacitor (or more) on the 5200 (and/or on the 2600 adapter too) that's going bad.
  3. ^^this I installed four and then repainted my A800 chassis with gold sparkly paint they work marvelously. Surprisingly easy to do... I also kept a couple of potentiometers from defective sticks in case the current ones wear out as well... Also, most of the "defective" joysticks on eBay are due to the flexcircuit's contacts having oxidized and otherwise work great. Apart from the few that have crinkled start/pause/reset strips due to someone botching a repair, but with the new gold kits it's a moot point.
  4. Does this happen to any other games? If so, chances are it's a hardware problem in the SNES. If not, then does that cartridge get warm to the touch? (Even then, chances at this point are that the issue is with the ROM chips in the game cartridge...) Is the SNES connected directly to the TV or is a receiver doing the audio amplification? (Depending on which notes and sequences, if they're the same ones, maybe there's a filter that's stripping out that frequency?)
  5. The front-loader has the better appearance, and another mechanism to deal with the card-edge securing than just cheap pins would have saved a lot of problems... true, it would have cost a lot more and introducing the thing to America was risky venture... My NES has Blinking Light Win - it's a bit tight so game removal is a bit rough at times, especially for Tengen or other 3rd party cartridges that don't have the indent for easier grabbing, but the toaster makes for a more compact unit when placed in a shelf, unlike the top loader that requires tons of wasted vertical space. Wish the 5200, 7800, and others had a 90 degree adapter too...
  6. In no order since trying to do an ordered list via random number generator didn't work: SimCity SimCity 2000 StarFox (not "FireFox", my bad 🤪) Super Tetris 3 Super Metroid Super Star Wars (all three from the original trilogy - they're not the 1983 arcade game but they're pretty cool nonetheless) WordTris Road Runner (feels like the cartoons except it's interactive and is worth playing just to see Wile E Coyote's facial expressions alone) Bugs Bunny (not the greatest but robust enough) Super Pitfall (the last halfway decent incarnation of the venerable Atari 2600 game that became legendary)... there are probably lots of others, but the nerd in me recommends that list the most.
  7. Current is always running through it when plugged into a live outlet, regardless if the device attached is powered on or not. All the PSU does is ensure power is converted into something the device attached to it can use. Most of my PSUs run cool, but one does warm up after a while regardless if the 800XL powered on or not. When not in use the power strip goes off and the PSU doesn't have to do any work to convert 120VAC to what the device needs. Some components age faster - especially if there are manufacturing quality issues above and beyond general usage. If you can find a replacement (original or compatible), it's worth doing at some point. The effects of time and entropy, it's simply wearing out. At least it's not the Atari ingot adapter. 🤪 Those things fry computers like fish after reaching a certain point...
  8. None at the time. Was enamored with the Amiga. While looking up Tengen Tetris videos, saw one for the SNES Tetris 3, promptly drooled, and promptly bought a recapped SNES Jr. Simcity and SimCity 2k were nice to get... Starfox is said to run faster on the Jr, and that's back when 3D was in its infancy and every CPU cycle counted... Super Metroid is arguably the best sequel of all time; the first was "okay", later ones "meh", but SNES Super Metroid floored me. (I generally prefer sci-fi over fantasy, yet for the original NES Zelda seemed more of a fun quest than Metroid (which was decent but Zelda just seemed more solid...) On the SNES however, it's by far the other way around - Super Metroid was far superior. )
  9. What about the ambidextrous? I resemble that remark. 😁
  10. MULE, Ninja, Alley Cat, Rescue on Fractalus, World Karate Championship, Panther, Alien Garden (despite still sucking at it), Hard Hat Mack, Bandits, Shamus, Pac-Man (though the 5200 has the more iconic edition)...
  11. Probably a few dozen online being auctioned somewhere, complete with fuzzy and non-distinct images of the label and lots of proclamations of "It's an original, pinky-swear!" Except it's not the pinky being waved in your face... 🤪 A shame, since LucasFilm Games was one of, if not the best trendsetters of the day with gameplay originality and hardware-pushing. Fractal-generated landscapes in real time, antialiasing, etc... a shame the 8-bit stereo sound chip never got released for the 65 XEM...
  12. I'm going to second that request. If Frogger showed a splattered frog back in 1982, then a flattened chicken should be just as okay? The game tries to be realistic in other ways, anyway...
  13. My first thought was that they're a group of teriyaki sticks. :9
  14. Would you consider looking at the old prototype of Freeway, where they used the other old joke of using a human figure, complete with red spot once it gets hit? The nostalgic kid of my past loved this game, playing with mom, but the Gen_X adult in me found more out of the prototype... which was a real thing, apparently... http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/freeway/bloodyhuman.htm
  15. I saw an 815 on eBay a couple months ago. Listed at only $10,000, there were at least 8 people interested in it...
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