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  1. Congrats on your release! Look forward to trying it.
  2. Oh yes that would be awesome - thanks @sramirez2008 for the tag 👍 I would definitely be interested @batari - My point of difference is I have 2 PAL units (one modded with a UAV and 1 stock - my harmony works fine with them). I can open them up if you require any additional info. I picked up a Ballblazer cart recently just for the pokey if required. @Synthpopalooza Bobby!!
  3. Thanks John - still awaiting arrival of the package. Hopefully not too much longer and very much looking forward to installing it 👍
  4. Great news James - dropped in for a bit and it was all stop/start. Glad its sorted and hopefully smooth sailing from here 😁
  5. Hi, yeah pretty much using this type of process. I don't believe you can do anything really advanced calculation wise ie. intersections etc. I have optimised it by using lookup and velocity tables to reduce the amount of loops required especially for when 3 balls are in play. Moving cells is the biggest hit for sure as you need to always do an initial determination and then lookup the cell so it makes it tough to get it absolutely perfect for every collision with the available processing/render time. I have seen some videos recently and ours is (clearly) visually and movement wise well above anything on comparable machines from the day. I just need to be not so 'perfect' as it does play well overall. Will keep working on it though!
  6. Sorry everyone been wanting to post an update but we have been working through a few development scenarios across various areas of the program. Saying that we have made some good progress adding the balls back in and Mike has been working though the various controller options. We are pretty much back to where the old version was but with optimized ball movement, speed changes and better controller options. We also have added more animations to the intro/outro (TBC) and fully completed the Doh level with much better Doh animation, bullet firing/movement and no slowdown. We've reduced the size of the vaus to better fit within it's surrounds, found more palette colors and improved many areas of the code. The ball collision could still do with some additional work but 95% of it is working great. Just want to thank the team publicly as at times I've not been happy with my progress. The ball movement/collision really gets me frustrated at times but they continue to lift me up when I get down on myself. It a fine balance between expectations and reality of available processor/render time and finding a balance that works well across the various controllers. Anyway we'll keep plugging away with the enemies next in line. I've already added the top gate open/close animation.
  7. Millie and Molly is going to use that configuration. 4k is being used by the DL, 3k for pokey tune playback and the rest is set aside for the rewind feature - though it's very efficient and most likely will never ever fill that (it's more than double the c64 version). Arkanoid is also going to use this format now but I'm filling it with a lot of additional things - I've also made the DL about 6k in this one.
  8. Congrats Lewis 👏👏👏 Looking forward to playing this 😁
  9. Thanks Funky - great to see some reviews for 7800 titles 👍
  10. I have Impossible Mission as well - the background (bricks) in the lift area sort of shimmers a little in my current configuration. Looking forward to seeing that cleaned up a little!
  11. With 160B first you only need to supply an index for each color used (including transparent). I use 0 for the transparent color and then from that point you use 1,2,3 (palette 0 or 4), 5,6,7 (1 or 5), 9,10,11 (2 or 6), 13,14,15 (3 or 7).
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