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  1. 7800basic is such as great language - hopefully we'll see more people joining the fun and creating new games and your contributions to both 7800basic and Arkanoid have been tremendous. I've said it a lot, such a great community here - very thankful for all contributors!
  2. Hey everyone, I'll be putting out a new build with the update to Stella some time this week. Been busy getting Arkanoid ready for the PRGE event the past couple of weeks but there may be a couple of additional little changes coming in Atari Dev Studio in this build also. You'll be notified here and via VS Code when available.
  3. So the game has gone off to Al and CPUWiz for the PRGE event - can't wait to see the feedback 🤞😱 [Update] Cart has been built and tested 😁
  4. Wow this project has really taken off - lots of music and graphics being produced! Great stuff 👏😁
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry it's been a bit a little quiet in the past few weeks - had a few things on my plate and some issues cropped up getting the multiple balls working in the game (had to leave it for a few days as I was pretty annoyed with it all 🥵). A build released for testing last week was really bad too (balls getting stuck!) and the over the past 4-6 weeks test builds using paddles and multiple balls really slowed-down the game to the point that I thought we were in some trouble 😱 Thanks to some further great work from @RevEng we've managed to work through our paddle and rendering issues, fixed the ball movement and added a level selector. We now appear to have a really quality release coming for PRGE attendees to play next weekend 👏👏👏 I've also added a high score entry (into RAM for now) so any champs can enter their name for the day. This has also allowed @Synthpopalooza's awesome high-score entry to be finally heard in full. Thanks also to @Trebor and @sramirez2008 for their continued testing on real hardware over the past few months - very much appreciate your help pin-pointing issues and suggestions! Over the weekend I'll be finalising the Doh head (thanks @Defender_2600) and intro animations, and tuning the ball speeds once they start to speed up (way too fast). So there won't be a new build available until after PRGE at this stage as we race to complete something for Al. Thanks again to everyone at AtariAge - we have such a great and supportive community here and the game wouldn't be at the level it is without the support of you all.
  6. Hey @Lillapojkenpåön I think I asked the same question at one stage to RevEng in my early days of bB - that from memory would be a reasonable change to the compiler. More likely a pre-processor would be required to merge the separate files together and then send through the result to the compiler - that is something to consider adding to Atari Dev Studio one day down the track but would be outside bB (or 7800basic as well).
  7. mksmith

    no color

    Actually I can sort of confirm what @SmittyB and @-^CrossBow^- are saying there. The first PAL 7800 I bought has the same problem so I bought a second one! After tuning in the second 7800 the first does now show colors once it has warmed up (still B&W on cold start). I guess the signal is quite weak. I've got a UAV ready to go into it so hoping that will help in some way.
  8. You can use now use Paint.Net on Windows. Used it just a few days ago for Arkanoid 👍
  9. The epyx fast loader is available here https://www.thefuturewas8bit.com/shop/commodore/eflr.html with some extras. Bought one a year ago - works great with a real 1541-II
  10. @ZeroPage Homebrew James was just watching the last zeropage stream and the 2600RGB you have has a US distributor page here: http://etim.net.au/shop/shop.php?crn=207 if you need to purchase another.
  11. No probs 👍 It was a little confusing initially but is straight forward once you use it 😁
  12. @Karl G They appear to export whatever number of colors are used - for these up-to 16 (remember 3+1 transparent for each palette still). Probably what is lacking in Paint.Net is the ability to set a palette so you can match approximately to the 7800 - which is what I've added to Atari Dev Studio. So what I've done in Arkanoid is set the palette and then match the indexes for each image - a bit more work but as we use every color a mix of single palettes, palettes 0-3 and 4-7 it was the best way to maximise. This is the base palette (which I then adjust in various ways for things like the title, intros, doh level): rem Palette 0 - font/sprites/playfield/brick P0C1 = $0f ;White P0C2 = $08 ;Grey P0C3 = $06 ;DkGrey rem Palette 1 - font/sprites/brick P1C1 = $34 ;Red P1C2 = $37 ;Orange P1C3 = $00 ;Black rem Palette 2 - sprites/brick P2C1 = $a8 ;Cyan P2C2 = $c8 ;Green P2C3 = $00 ;Black rem Palette 3 - sprites P3C1 = $54 ;Pink P3C2 = $1b ;Yellow P3C3 = $92 ;Blue rem Palette 4 - brick P4C1 = $0f ;White P4C2 = $09 ;Grey P4C3 = $00 ;Black rem Palette 5 - brick P5C1 = $1b ;Yellow P5C2 = $f6 ;LtBrown P5C3 = $00 ;Black rem Palette 6 - background (adjusted per level) P6C1 = $00 ;Black P6C2 = $00 ;Black P6C3 = $00 ;Black rem Palette 7 - brick P7C1 = $93 ;Blue P7C2 = $54 ;Pink P7C3 = $00 ;Black Then for images I match up: rem vaus incgraphic gfx/vaus.png 160B 0 3 2 6 7 1 5 9 rem vaus (trans to laser) incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser1.png 160B 0 2 3 7 6 1 9 5 incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser2.png 160B 0 2 3 1 7 9 6 incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser3.png 160B 0 2 3 7 1 incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser4.png 160B 0 3 2 7 1 incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser5.png 160B 0 3 2 7 1 5 incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser6.png 160B 0 3 2 7 1 6 incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser7.png 160B 0 3 2 7 1 9 6 incgraphic gfx/vaus_trans_laser8.png 160B 0 2 3 7 1 6 5 rem background incgraphic gfx/background5_1.png 160A 0 1 3 incgraphic gfx/background5_2.png 160A 0 1 3 incgraphic gfx/background5_3.png 160A 0 2 1 3 incgraphic gfx/background5_4.png 160A 0 1 3 I have a separate program I compile which just loads and displays the images and I work through the indexes to then match them. So for example above I set the index to 0 (transparent in palette) for each color then work my way through. It's a process definitely and if you change the image the indexes may also change but it offers a lot of flexibility. When you plot the image you then set the palette - for 160A (0-7) or for 160B (0 or 4). Hope that helps??
  13. Hi everyone, Just updated to the latest version of Paint.Net (v4.2.4) and upon reading the release notes (v4.2.2) noticed that you can now save .png images to 4-bit. Just tested and these are compatible with 7800basic! There is no transparancy for the background when saved but you can just set that to 0 in your incgraphic call. Nice!
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