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  1. I'm trying to use Visual Studio v0.7.1 but I can't get it to compile and run. It opens up a browser window and tries to connect to the place I have my source code using http://localhost:8080/ . The error message says it can't connect. I did a search for port 8080 and it's not in use. Any ideas?

  2. A new release (v0.7.1) is now available with the following changes: Updated Stella to v6.5.3 (Windows, Linux [Deb], macOS). Note: Linux 32-bit is currently v6.2
  3. Good stuff Andrew - thanks! All very interesting!!
  4. Sometimes the best part of coding is doing something different or using some new technology that you haven't before. If this leads to another awesome project down the track then that's great news too! Theoretically, I'd be interested in your thoughts around your chess engine and what type of speed benefit something like CDFJ might make to that?
  5. You love your t-shirts Steve! Looks great!
  6. @newtmonkey Hi thank you so much for your kind words. Of course most of the credit goes to our illustrious devs such as Mike, Fred, Stephen and others for coding and maintaining all the tools ADS pulls together. I, like you are very happy to be able to just install the extension, type some stuff and push some buttons and know I can see my efforts straight away and now we also have carts such as Dragonfly, Concerto and Harmony to see it on the real thing. I love the community here for it's openness to share experiences and tools to help each other and ADS is my little contribution to that. Happy coding!!
  7. Thanks for the update mate 👍 The .h file is clearly tricky due to the association - would it eventually be best to have that restored to the 'C' file association for editing purposes? I think allowing the VS Code to keep it's base file associations for languages might be best and then have the ability to override/set the compiler quickly might work nicely. I'm thinking of adding a sidebar tab to manage the basics for ADS so you don't have to access the settings to select the compiler. I'm surprised it's not finding the root/parent makefile as that's what I intended but nice job getting that working.
  8. Hi Andrew, Been doing some checking on this. The base dasm association contains the .h reference, so by default if you select the 'Make' compiler for dasm then it will search for the appropriate make file (at least I does for me on Windows). It may be that VS Code is not always associating .h with dasm (or that VS Code on macOS is slightly different than Windows in some manner - my virtual environment is not up and running currently) as you are finding with mixing c/dasm. The first part of the compile validation is using the file association to determine which 'language' to use then in the case of dasm validating whether to use the default, custom or makefile so the message does seem a little odd in that regard. The whole file association thing is great in theory but is really not working for how I have configured/hack-in the makefile process. I have again been considering the 'project' process we had previously discussed so that it doesn't use the file association when you use the ADV build/rum hotkeys. I'm going to take a bit of a look over the next few weeks but am thinking of having a settings option to select the following: * use a 'project' file (containing the base config) * use the makefile/shell/bat process * use file association (existing) The first two options should/will allow the user to 'take over' the editor and select a compiler/build process to use for any file currently open.
  9. Mike can probably answer more scientifically!! than me but whilst developing I've found that side of it very accurate showing even partial images as it would. It's definitely very helpful when you get very close to the DL limits.
  10. Must admit I'd love one !
  11. Been following this in twitter. Fantastic job 👏👏👏
  12. Glad you enjoyed it Bob! Unfortunately missed it live but very looking forward to watching on replay 😁
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