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  1. Wow what a great concept! Well done and keep up the awesome work 👋👋👋
  2. Hey mate - can you send me your latest source and I'll take a look.
  3. Hi guys - well the plan is to release Millie & Molly in the next batch of carts from AtariAge so I guess we'll see but no release date as yet. Vinnie did a review a little while ago now so I provided him with a copy. http://www.atari7800forever.com/millieandmollyr.html
  4. Well done gents!
  5. How did I not see this - I am absolutely gobsmacked the 7800 can do this. @playsoft this is amazing!!
  6. Thanks mate - it's a bit of a false/positive thing that pops occasionally within Windows Defender - if you just allow those as they happen it's all good. Frustrating for sure but nothing we can really do anything about.
  7. Love to see more horizontal shooters on the 7800 😁
  8. Awesome thanks for the pics - much appreciated!
  9. Cool - wasn't sure whether there was US 110v required. Thanks mate!
  10. Ah great thanks! The PSU is a switching power supply (110-240v) yeah? I've been tempted to try and get a NTSC machine for development purposes eventually so that is very helpful! The pins on my original PS are starting loose proper connection so I do need to mod the power soon. My last attempt to fit a temporary jack nearly ended in disaster for my spare machine!
  11. Very nice @juansolo and @marauder666 - really enjoy reading about these repairs. Can you explain a little more about your methods replacing the power jack? Also how does one power a US NTSC machine in the UK - do you still require a transformer/converter from 110v?
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