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  1. Was watching a video of the Amiga version to review some things - sounds better than that as well.
  2. Thanks for the report - will be looking at the ball movement soon 👍 Sythpopalooza has definitely done a great job on the sound and music - very much arcade like.
  3. So @Defender_2600 has been doing some very nice work to make the Doh level a worthwhile achievement to reach. We've taken the available brick colors and used them to provide a multi-color background as well as the giant Doh breaking through with the pipes and edging visible. Looks great but still more work to do and additional stuff planned! We've also taken this opportunity to push the vaus down lower to provide some additional space between the bricks/doh and vaus.
  4. Thanks Al 👍 The setup currently requires a joypad/joystick in the left and the paddles in the right. The title menu ATM need you to select options using the joystick but once the paddle is selected you can push that button to start.
  5. No all good! Great you are loving playing!! I've had a bit of a look at the slowdown issue and think it may be related to the sound - make a change to a setting and after a good play it appears to no longer happen. Will continue to watch out of it though. Enjoy your holiday!!
  6. Soon hopefully! I'm looking at variable space to store those and the additional balls later tonight.
  7. @sramirez2008 Haha well done! Great staying power! Adding the ball speed and flying objects will hopefully provide that extra challenge expected. Update: Actually the score is very similar to a video play-though on YouTube of the arcade release - nice! Ah interesting about the slow-down - will take a look 👍
  8. Hi everyone, uploaded some gameplay and DOH WIP videos to the first post.
  9. @NRV great ideas! Had a quick think about it today and really hadn't come up with anything as yet - sound like a plan 👏👏👏
  10. Thanks @sramirez2008 - with the big changes around the cart format was hoping I hadn't stuff up something! Thanks guys for the suggestions - will see what I can come up with!
  11. Does show up better definitely! The enemies are on the list, along with the hole opening and with the final ball movement/collision. The movement patterns are interesting...
  12. Sorry was going to do one today @Jinks Thank you @Trebor for putting one together!
  13. Hi everyone, please find a new build attached with the following changes: Added DOH level - though missing the spewing objects but otherwise complete. Thanks to @Defender_2600 for the DOH head (in 6 colors!) Added a new controller option: joystick (for one button controls). The button will now both speed the vaus movement and fire the laser as required. Updated the joypad controller to restore the previous button configuration (button 1 - speed move, button 2 - fire laser) Updated the ball to match the arcade (cyan centre) Change of cart structure to remove the additional RAM requirements Bit of internal restructuring to centralise some core functions for access across multiple banks With the large internal change to remove the RAM requirements if you are using A7800 to play the game you will need to activate the XM Expansion Module cart to hear the POKEY sound for the time being: command line: a7800 a7800 -cart1 xm -cart2 arkanoid.bas.a78 20190716.arkanoid.zip
  14. @CPUWIZ Mike has worked his magic and we have removed the extra RAM requirement 👍
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