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  1. So, the UAV will not solve an audio issue, I've learned. I'm still tinkering, and I'm thinking that TBA's IAB may solve it. Either that, or attempt to replace L201. I just find it odd that it needs tweaking when cold. I've replaced the oscillator caps and transistor. There's not much else.
  2. You're right, I shouldn't have had to. But in going ti MLCC caps vvs the poly's that were in there, some tuning is necessary. I even consulted with an analog engineer buddy of mine to confirm the same. And as far as the UAV kit - I have one en route from Brewery academy as we speak. I'm PRAYING that solves my issue.
  3. I have traced back to pins 12&13 in the TIA IC, and I hear audio there. Doesn't sound like it's dropping off, but it's hard to tell with such weak output. At this point, aside from the inductors, the IC, and RF Module, I've replaced everything else in the oscillator circuit, and it persists. I've considered the possibility that the slug in the inductor has deteriorated, and I'm using a plastic adjustment tool to tweak.
  4. Good thoughts, and I've done about all of that, including cleaning all of the switches. I've got a brewery kit en route. Right now, my frustration is with the sound. While is SOOO much better than it was, I can figure out why it keeps fading out. Here's what I noticed this evening: Turned it on after not having it on for a couple of days. Sound was GREAT....... for about 3-5 minutes. While playing Donkey Kong, I heard it fading, but it never fades completely. I put in Raiders, and it's the same thing. Tweak L201, and it's solid. So, I turn it off, unplug it, and go back to it after a few. Same thing. Good sound for 3-5 minutes, and then slowly fades. Like I said, never fully dies off anymore, but I can't keep the level up. I've had to leave the cover off just so I can tweak L201 constantly.
  5. Nothing like that, man. My light-sixer is old, and needs help. I'm doing what I can. Just frustrated. I love this damn thing.
  6. Hey all.. Been lurking here for a minute or two, and finally dug into the light sixer I picked up last year. Initially, it had a good picture but the sound would drop off after a bit. Did some reading here, and got the cap refresh kit from Console5, and replaced all of those including the VR, chiclet (C103), and the styrene caps. Did the new IC chip (A203), after installing a socket there first. Here's the issue: No sound. None. Nada. Tried tweaking L201 a little. Nothing. I did notice that the 'ribbon cable' gets a little squirrely if you touch it, causing red or green screen, but if I don't screw with it, everything else is find (except, still no sound). What have I missed? I promise I did do some searching before I asked, but I am not getting a clear answer. I'd really like to get this back up and running. Wasn't planning on doing any kind of sound/video mod, as this was an original, in-the-original-box sixer. Was trying to keep it as much stock as possible. I'd really appreciate some help.
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