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  1. Hi Thomas, Thanks. First I try to do my own coverart for Caverns. I started in sketchbook which was not a succes so I moved over now to Inkscape.
  2. Thanks Karl G. Your Space Game 2K is so much fun and...even has 282 bytes left unused. Great work.
  3. Hello, After half year of not playing Caverns (was a bit burned out about it) played it again and did two small updates: -No flying sound when player is not active. -Restart game by pressing joystick button. Caverns 20191226.bin Also uploaded a video: (choose 720P60 for best quality) And here is the source code and the excel file with level editor, sprite editor, etc. for who is interested: Caverns source.zip
  4. When you see me play this it will give you proof that people make the same mistakes over and over haha. But I'm getting better. Really like this game! Also liked Knight Guy!
  5. Thank you mksmith. This is great great work. Can it already be used for a new homebrew project or is it better to wait?
  6. Thank you MemberAtarian. Your suggestion would make the game too easy. Give it a few more go's and study the path of the fixed-path-drones because it's always the same path even when they are off screen! Also look what happens when you shoot a drone and how much time it gives you.
  7. Hello CrazyChris. I used dasm and notepad. Stella to play/debug. Excel to make/convert the playfield and sprite data etc.
  8. Thank you Indcsion. Don't know what an fpga 2600 is. Maybe someone else can reply? I tested in Stella and a pal60 version on my Atari 2600 Junior and both worked fine. Strange thing though: Stella reports the pal60 version runs a framerate of 59.5Hz?
  9. Thank you Fluxit. Knowing how drones move is important in this concept. I will make it clearer in the next update of the manual. Or maybe I can do some warning signal when a collision is about to happen. Engine and motion sound should cease when player is destroyed yes. Will be in the next update.
  10. Hello, This is my first Atari 2600 homebrew game. It's an original game attempting to be a typical Atari 2600 shooter with simple graphics but interesting gameplay. Navigating the caverns may be a bit weird at first but when you play for a while it will make sense. Hope you like it! Caverns 20190529.pdf Caverns 20190531.bin Caverns 20191226.bin If you're interested download the source code and the excel file with the level editor, sprite editor, etc. Caverns source.zip
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