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  1. XBox S Series plus RetroArch in Developer Mode vs PolyMega Now that's got my attention !
  2. I say Tom-A-tow You say Tom-R-tow Lets just agree the whole things off..... ☺
  3. It seems to have become a pyramid scheme although not originally intentional. I suspect its now collapsed. Glad I never paid them anything and sympathy to those who have lost money.
  4. They have gone quiet on Twitter. They often seem do so after an announcement attracts flack as the streaming one has done.
  5. I do think though that had they stuck to the original FPGA vision but within the modules not the base and minus the hybrid emulation failure, maybe with delays, they would now have a monster hit on their hands. Analogue have proven FPGA is the way. That would have been more costly but would have created more custom. The overly high price now is to recover wasted spending.
  6. Zero commitment from Polyflop to further retro consoles support is an epic fail from my pov. Once the community gets hold of it sideloading roms will likely happen. Polyflop said somewhere that while they do not support that they will not seek to block it. But homebrew and side loading really needs a big install base. All very catch 22. The opening pages of this thread read much like the latest ones as do Polyflops posts on TwitFace. I will check in here in a years time when Polyflop launch will be just a month or two away as usual.
  7. All the delays have made me re look at the PS2 homebrew scene recently and it has developed well over these last 4 Polyflop years. I had overlooked it I suppose in expectation of RetrobloxFPGA then the Polyflop. So PS2 homebrew is where I am heading. No costs really. I have all the kit. It plays PS2 games oddly enough.....
  8. I have followed RetroPloyMegaBolx since early 2016. I was on their original forums. Streaming but no commitment to additional retro consoles and a stupid price..... It's finally over now. I am done with it. It might be interesting to check on it in year or so to see how long the launch delay is though. I don't do TwitFace or others but we know Poly read this thread. Bye bye to them.
  9. Makes me glad I have an original Megadrive and Everdrive. The prices make RetroGamePloyBolx a non starter though at this time.
  10. I truly want this to succeed but I'm getting dejavu. 4+ years ago the chatter was about extra modules. Atari 2600, Coleco, 3DO etc. There's chatter again now on Twitter about PSP and 3DO modules from new joiners many of whom are also asking questions that have long been answered. Hard not to be worried when I've seen all this before over the last 4 years of Polyretromegablox.
  11. I have to wonder if the 6 they've sent out are the "pre-production samples" that they were "focussed" on some time ago. Other than any prototype / development stuff they have at their base, does any other hardware exist I wonder? MVG comments on his video today that the beta system he's received has clearly been used..... I'm sure I first came across the Retroblox website in Jan / Feb 2016 (sixteen...) That does tie in with their Twitter join date. Can anyone confirm that Retroblox web site date ?
  12. You've previously said you may look at producing a custom controller after launch. Any updates on that ?
  13. Pat and Ian can address me publicly here if they have an opinion. Where have they expressed that ? This forum however is not for opinions on each other - it's about our common interests. I've reported the post on the basis on Pat and Ian's behaviour.
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