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  1. You've previously said you may look at producing a custom controller after launch. Any updates on that ?
  2. Pat and Ian can address me publicly here if they have an opinion. Where have they expressed that ? This forum however is not for opinions on each other - it's about our common interests. I've reported the post on the basis on Pat and Ian's behaviour.
  3. I found the original post: Q Will you show off more modules you have in the works ? A Yessir. Did I interpret the posters meaning wrongly? Did Polymega interpret wrongly. Not sure I spose, but that's the question and answer ........
  4. E3 seems to have gone well for Polymega. I like the light gun design. To me the orange version looks camouflaged - quite cool really! I want one! Before E3though, they said on Twitter that they had "huge announcements" at E3. The gun was announced before E3 - was that the "huge announcements" or have I missed something ? Also on Twitter, they were asked if they would be announcing new modules at E3 - they said yes. They've shown the 4 we knew about - where are the new ones ? It's looking promising but I've wanted to be fair on these points and wait till E3 was over before posting.
  5. I skipped over the original Intellivision (Atari VCS to Coleco) but this concept does does look interesting. I'm watching......!
  6. Their original sell was FPGA in the base before they switched to emulation only, although they claim future individual modules may have FPGA - I'll believe it when I see it. Which has reminded me about Genesis J Cartridges (contoller ports for player 3 and 4 built into the cart). They claimed back in FPGA/Hybrid emulation days thay they would work - but of course they wont as there's no active cartridge reading. So they won't be playable "properly" but maybe will work with 2 cordless and 2 wired controllers. E3 will tell - it's boom or bust for them - they either blow my socks off or I'm gone.
  7. I completely agree with that view.
  8. Re rapid Fire, I wonder whether the Sega Master System rapid fire adapter may work. I have one in my collection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y8UEWIb3YU
  9. Now that they've switched to an Emulation PC, the door should be easily open to emulating older consoles. For me that would be Atari 2600 VCS and the Colecovision/Adam. And a proper version of Pong!..... These and others had official threads - created by Polymega themselves - in their now closed forums. Both had the same pad socket as a Genesis/Megadrive so that might be a way to allow connection of original controllers. Why not have an SD slot in the dust cover/blank module that comes with the system for these old Roms ? Are you reading this Playmaji ? It's a PC - just like the one I'm typing on now which is 7 years old and plays roms of EVERY game I ever had.
  10. Should we have received any kind of email acknowledgement after signing up? I haven't. Thanks
  11. Looking at your image I got the impression that your thumb stick screwed into the middle of the d pad. If not could that be a solution?
  12. Sorry if there's been any offence caused by me mentioning the 'P" word in this thread. Consider me smacked! The Phoenix is a dream come true. Collectorvision have previously mentioned they may develop a proper contol pad. Is the Opcode pad now going to be that pad, or do Collectorvision have a seperate project of their own still in mind ?
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