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  1. Thanx for the fast answer! Does it just switch composite from black/white to color or does it switch composite to lumina? On a PAL 800XL at this position the HF modulator is placed. Does it mean the SECAM 800XL in general does not have a HF modulator?
  2. One more question about the 800XL SECAM: What is the function of the switch right to the monitor connector with the title SWITCH BOX?
  3. The new firmware is great after some trouble I was able to instal it on my 800XL+U1MB+S3. Thanx to FJC and tf_hh. If you like stories about trouble, how to get over it, and what tf_hh has to do with it then you can read further. The news about the new firmware arrived at my desk on late Sunday afternoon. Great time to try it imminently. I had downloaded everything and start flashing U1MB but the update progress indicator stops at „Erase“. I waited 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. All the time reading the bottom line: Do not reset or switch off the machine. Eventually I switched off the machine already knowing something really bad must be happen. I toke a deep breath and switch it on again. My worst worries came true: The dark red screen of death. What to do now? No booting, no prompt, just dark red. After the first shock I started to think. What could be broken? Usually I get the dark red screen if the main memory was bad. So maybe it just got broken during flashing? At this moment I reminded myself of a handy tool: SysCheck 2 (thanx to tf_hh). I mounted the board to the PBI and check the main memory. Everything OK. The main memory ist good! Light on the horizon. After RAM check the ROM check was done with error wrong check sum. OK, main memory is good but the flash memory of U1MB seems to be corrupted. How can I flash the U1MB if the flash memory is bad and the machine won’t boot? I switched the SysCheck to external OS via PBI. Eureka! The machine booted and was working. Next: How can I flash the U1MB? I just started UFLASH but received the error message that there is no extended memory. Ok, I thought by myself, the SysCheck has 512k extended memory via PBI. I also switched on the 512k extended memory of SysCheck. After restarting UFLASH it recognized the extended memory from SysCheck and the U1BM. Now I was able to select the flash slots and flashed the whole memory of U1MB. Everything went well now: Erase, Flash, Verify. Wow, I was happy! After flashing finished I crossed fingers and restarted the machine. Everything works as expected! Now I can enjoy the newest firmware by FJC with the help of tf_hh. OK, this was my little Sunday afternoon story. It is always nice to see great and robust software working! Thanx to the whole community Holger
  4. VARIUS The objective of the game is to slide color tiles on a grid to combine them to create tiles with color of higher level. After every slide a new tile of lowest color appears. the game ends if the highest color is reached - VICTUS, or no free space for new tile - EXITUS.
  5. This is really a great BASIC Compiler. It is fast and slim. I love it for fast prototyping. THANX A LOT! GREAT WORK! One wish: Could I get a FBC with SpartaDOS command line support, e.g. FBC source.BAS executable.COM ?
  6. Yes, I will have fun. My wife likes to solve jigsaw puzzle und I like disassembling 🙂 As json as I have new results I will post them.
  7. Thanx. Unfortunately I could not reach the author. I have only a postal address in Prague from the 90th. I like BW-DOS because it does not touch the OS and Extended Ram. It is my favorite Disk DOS. I thought it is hard to disassemble because the parameter to subroutines are passed like PRINTF in SpartaDOS. If I find time I will work further on it.
  8. The original BW-DOS 1.30 does not work on 16k Ataris because it uses memory above $4000 at boot. I did modification (some changes in commands: credit -> cd etc.) and change to boot up. So the version 1.31b runs on 16k Ataris but most of the external tools (e.g. copy) does not work because they are using memory above $4000. I will work on that, too, if I will find some time. For more info (initially I changed it to support The!Cart) : https://github.com/HolgerJanz/RAMCART/tree/master/BW-DOS XBW131B.DOS
  9. Fast Assembler is Public Domain. I wrote to the author. I translated the documentation, disassembled it and did some fixes: https://github.com/HolgerJanz/FastAssembler Disassembling still contains some technical labels. Fast Assembler now is able to assemble itself. I will further work on it to improve the source.
  10. Hi Peter, I cannot start any ATR menu entries since the update to The!Cart Studio 2019-11-04 00:17:37. If I choose an ATR entry then the Atari just boots from drive 1. Anny idea? CU Holger
  11. Visitors from US are welcome 😉 It was a dream of my youth. My first computer was an 800XL. Now I am a collector.
  12. Bought a 1200XL at Ebay in March 2019. Almost mint condition (even a Reconditioned sign on the back). No extensions and no obstructions but with Mylar repair. 83S DA 79484 143 Holger, Heidelberg, Germany
  13. Where can I get a Revive1017? Is there a current order list? My 1027 just blow the old rubber and I would like to get it work again. Regards Holger
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