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  1. Hi Peter, I cannot start any ATR menu entries since the update to The!Cart Studio 2019-11-04 00:17:37. If I choose an ATR entry then the Atari just boots from drive 1. Anny idea? CU Holger
  2. Visitors from US are welcome 😉 It was a dream of my youth. My first computer was an 800XL. Now I am a collector.
  3. Bought a 1200XL at Ebay in March 2019. Almost mint condition (even a Reconditioned sign on the back). No extensions and no obstructions but with Mylar repair. 83S DA 79484 143 Holger, Heidelberg, Germany
  4. Where can I get a Revive1017? Is there a current order list? My 1027 just blow the old rubber and I would like to get it work again. Regards Holger
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