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  1. I got 8 the new memory (TMS4164-15LNJ) and solder 4 of them. I want to change them all but I have to wait to receive 4 sockets I ordered. It's already working. At least, I am getting the bootscreen without graphics corruption. For a complete test, I have to wait to receive the last sockets and put the TI all together again. Unfortunately, I can't confirm 100% that this was the number 2 broken. I did a mistake and removed the wrong one at first (Nr1). And as I cut the legs from IC, I could not test again with the old chips and I removed directly after a second one (Nr2) without testing. So, it's the Nr.1 or Nr.2. But surely Nr.2 as mizapf could reproduce almost the same problem on the emu. Here a picture of the actual status. Waiting the last 4 sockets... Thanks to all of you for the help.
  2. Thank you very much, I will start with that Chip. I should receive new chip this week. I will report the result. I just want to ask, one modified 4164 will work with the other 4116 well or should all vram be changed to 4164 ? The chips I ordered are 4164..... I saw here I could use 4164 with a simple mod :
  3. @mizapf Done, thanks to a old Samsung LCD TV ! I hope this picture is ok for you. The TI is connected on TV by Scart cable. It's a french TI.... I will start replace the vram one by one and see if it's the problem.
  4. Thanks, I will have a look in the FAQ. It's connected on a old TV and I can't do a better picture with what I have here..... I have somewhere a LCD TV that should work. I will search for it and try to post a better picture.
  5. I was assembling a finalgrom99 and unfortunately I got a broken CPLD from China..... The TI with the not working finalgrom99 started with blue screen and strange noise when flashing the CPLD for the first time. It's maybe a coincidence but after this, the screen from my TI was broken. See picture. I replace the FG99 CPLD with another one and it worked on an another TI-99/4A. Problem is, my first TI was my best one 😞 What can be broken ? I do not really know where to start.... I never repaired a TI, it's the first problem I have on TI....
  6. I am looking for 2 Finalgrom99 sticker for my cartridges.... Can someone sell me this ? Thanks
  7. Thank you very much. I received my packet :-)
  8. Very nice video with a lot of interesting things
  9. Yes, I didn't know but it was written in upper case in the wiki... Just looked at a youtube from jonecoole and loaded some dsk image extented basic games with tipimap, dir.... the same way he is doing in the video. It's working well. I wonder if it's possible to play the dragon's lair demo bin file loading it from TIPI ?
  10. Oh ! I feel stupid :-) This is working now. Thank you
  11. Hello, just tried my TIPI. The password and ssid are saved and its shows the IP address received when I do a call tipi in basic. In a browser on my computer, http://my_IP:9900 can access the page. SSH to the pi is also working. Problem is when doing a call tipi("tipi.net.telnet") in basic, the ti-99/4A reboot to the TI intro screen. Should I set something special on my wifi at home ? Thanks
  12. Thanks to the help from jedimatt42, my TIPI is working now. I have to learn how to use it and enjoy.... Thank you very much.
  13. Thank you very much for the reply. I'll check all again. Testing more before your reply, I discovered my 32K did not pass the ram test when the tipi is plugged on it. Also, if the 32k+tipi are plugged on the speech synt, then basic freeze when CALL TIPI instead "bad name"... EDIT : the .jed are the same...
  14. Thank you. I just tested "CALL TIPI" and the TI reply with "BAD NAME". I also cannot hear the three beeps at the TI start. I put the last TIPI.BIN on a AM27C256-150 Eprom. I compiled the .jed for the xilinx from the source code with ISE. No jumper set on crubase configuration pins. Maybe I messed up by the compilation..... Could someone provide me a well known working .jed ? I could post a picture from the board, but it won't help at this point because it's not well cleaned. I should put it in the ultrasonic bath but can't do this before Monday.... I tested the CPLD for short and there is no bridge. Thanks
  15. Is there something I can try to see if the Tipi is working, if I did no mistake by assembling the board while it is still not connected to the raspberry ? I am just missing the right angle socket to connect cables to the PI and would like to see if it's possible to see a sign of life without the PI. For exemple, see the version of eprom or something else... The 32Ko sidecard is set to EXT and is powered by its own PSU. The Tipi is just plugged on the sidecar. Thank you.
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