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  1. 👍 Very nice, well done. I like it very much ! 🙂
  2. Thanks for all the replies and help. Fritz442 could identify the exact broken Chip with help of minimem/easybug This was U31. Piggyback did not work in this case,I tried several times. As suggested by Fritz, I replaced the bad U31 with a new one and the card is working now.👍 Happy to have the 32Ko working in the PEB 🙂
  3. Thank you. I was able to load memwrite with the TIPI and the 32Ko in the PEB. I though the TIPI would not work with a broken 32Ko but it worked to load the program. I just have mistakes pushing "1" (only tried with 0,1,2,4,8) Here is a screenshot
  4. Just tried the piggyback trick without success 😞 Thanks for all the explanations and the files. I have some C64 Floppy disks.... Those can be used with the original PEB floppy drive ? If yes, I could format and write a disk with the file with help of TIPI+external 32Ko. After I could be able to load the file in Mini memory from the floppy drive PEB + only internal 32Ko in PEB..... Does it sounds OK to do ?
  5. Thanks for the help but I am afraid I can't do this..... If I understood good, I should install "256k MINI MEMORY" into the FG99 and then load from it the memwrite file ?? I could not find the 256K mini memory.zip in the FG thread.... Where can I find it ? But, my main problem should be how to transfer the file ? I am new to the PEB and still have no floppy disks for it. I could maybe load that file with the TIPI if it's possible but the tipi need the 32k to work if I understood... I have another card in the PEB, rs232 I think but I do not know if it's working nor if it's possible and how to transfer file with this connection..... Surely complicate to start with this... I just now the PEB is working OK with a tipi card inside and a 32K outside attached to the speech Synthesiser. The PEB is connected in this case through a PCB adapter on the external 32K expansion port. (of course without the broken 32K inside the PEB)
  6. No, no Mini Memory cart here. Only a FinalGrom99. Can I do something with the FG99 ? I ordered some rams ICs to try the piggyback trick.... I should received them in the next days.
  7. Thank you for the information. Could you tell me which IC ram are in Bank2 ? I looked at the schematic but honestly I could not understand which one are parts of bank2. Thanks
  8. I bought a TI PHP1260 last year and just tested it in my PEB today.... The test give me errors. See picture. I suppose one or more ram IC are broken... Is there a way to easily know which one on the card are bad ? Thank you very much
  9. I got 8 the new memory (TMS4164-15LNJ) and solder 4 of them. I want to change them all but I have to wait to receive 4 sockets I ordered. It's already working. At least, I am getting the bootscreen without graphics corruption. For a complete test, I have to wait to receive the last sockets and put the TI all together again. Unfortunately, I can't confirm 100% that this was the number 2 broken. I did a mistake and removed the wrong one at first (Nr1). And as I cut the legs from IC, I could not test again with the old chips and I removed directly after a second one (Nr2) without testing. So, it's the Nr.1 or Nr.2. But surely Nr.2 as mizapf could reproduce almost the same problem on the emu. Here a picture of the actual status. Waiting the last 4 sockets... Thanks to all of you for the help.
  10. Thank you very much, I will start with that Chip. I should receive new chip this week. I will report the result. I just want to ask, one modified 4164 will work with the other 4116 well or should all vram be changed to 4164 ? The chips I ordered are 4164..... I saw here I could use 4164 with a simple mod :
  11. @mizapf Done, thanks to a old Samsung LCD TV ! I hope this picture is ok for you. The TI is connected on TV by Scart cable. It's a french TI.... I will start replace the vram one by one and see if it's the problem.
  12. Thanks, I will have a look in the FAQ. It's connected on a old TV and I can't do a better picture with what I have here..... I have somewhere a LCD TV that should work. I will search for it and try to post a better picture.
  13. I was assembling a finalgrom99 and unfortunately I got a broken CPLD from China..... The TI with the not working finalgrom99 started with blue screen and strange noise when flashing the CPLD for the first time. It's maybe a coincidence but after this, the screen from my TI was broken. See picture. I replace the FG99 CPLD with another one and it worked on an another TI-99/4A. Problem is, my first TI was my best one 😞 What can be broken ? I do not really know where to start.... I never repaired a TI, it's the first problem I have on TI....
  14. I am looking for 2 Finalgrom99 sticker for my cartridges.... Can someone sell me this ? Thanks
  15. Thank you very much. I received my packet :-)
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