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  1. I’d be interested in some of the SNEs and NES stuff
  2. Bought six genesis games from Ben! Got them, and were in great shape and perfectly packed!! Thank you!
  3. Yeah this is amazing looking. The NES controller bit is sweet too, as the controls on the Lynx (not matter how much I want to love them) just feel odd Does sound just come out of the handheld then? Or can you inject it into a video signal I wonder?
  4. Id be interested in that NeoGeo Pocket lot possibly! What is the cost of ship to USA?
  5. Will do! I can respond tonight when I get home. Have a another 15 or so 3DO titles (in standard jewel cases) as well that I can send you!
  6. Helping one of my best friends sell some of his systems, games, and controllers/accessories! He has some longbox 3DO games for sale as well as some 3DO games in jewel cases both complete and some loose discs. The longbox games are all working, and the discs are in good shape. The boxes are in ok condition, although they aren't perfect and have some standard wear. All of the games as far as I know are complete. Below are the prices without shipping. I am located in the ConUS. Can provide more pictures and details upon request! Will be posting additional 3DO games later! Space Hulk $20 Road Rash $30 Mad Dog II $29 Sherlock Holmes $28 Shockwave $11 Quarantine $22
  7. Somehow I’ve ended up with loads of CDi games haha. I have a lot of loose, many in cases and a handful of long boxes. All in all probably 150 games, or well... is Compton’s is a game lol
  8. Which CDi longboxes do you need? I have some dupes I think, although not many exciting ones haha.
  9. What is Nuon Homebrew ? I've never heard of it having a Homebrew scene!! I'll have to check it out!
  10. What is your method of formatting as FAT32? Guiformat? I've had so many problems with my Samsung's in (mostly) portable/handheld flashcarts.
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