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  1. Could anyone hack Video Olympics to increase the AI of the computer player, and enable a computer player on more than games 1 and 2? I think it would be a good idea.
  2. I recently got a harmony cart from the maker, sent to Ireland. It was sent with NTSC firmware installed, and upon plugging it into my PC (I have tried 2 PCs, one with Windows 8.1 and one with Windows 7) I found that it was not recognised. I tried 4 different cables and eventually one of the cables let one of the PCs recognise the device and install it. I had also installed the recommended drivers. This is the info showing what USBDeview can see, and that at the same time the cart is seen in it, it is not seen by the Harmony cart software. I then noticed that the latest NTSC firmware could be loaded from SD and that ability arrived quite a few years ago, which made me wonder if the same facility existed for PAL? I can currently see the menu, but it is in greyscale and not great to load from, as it causes the TV to flicker for 2 seconds everytime it changes mode from NTSC in the menu to PAL in the games. Any ideas on what I might do to change the firmware?
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