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  1. Found one! Mods, please lock this topic.
  2. I know I'm late to the party, but is this card still available? :-)
  3. Hello all! I'm looking for an Atari STE: either a 520, 1040, or Mega. I'd need it in excellent working condition, except for the floppy drive (and, in the case of the Mega, the hard drive), which I can replace using parts from other systems that I have. (Physical condition isn't as important to me, so we can talk about that ) I'd prefer a U.S. system, but I might also consider a U.K. system. I'll also consider other regions, if I can easily swap in a U.S. or U.K. TOS. (In the case of the Mega, a corresponding keyboard would be a bonus, but is not required.) Must be willing to ship to the U.S. (specifically, zip code 65721), since that's where I'm at If anyone's interested, feel free to post in here, or send me a PM. Thanks!
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