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  1. Thank you a lot. <3It's just a picture but that's the first time I can see Maria running on real Intellivision. :')
  2. Haha, what a good start. Thanks for your replies. I tried to run my rom with the command you copy/paste in your post. And it seemed ok. I guess my game has something wrong but I don't know what it is. PS: sorry, I deleted the linked rom when I tried to update my previous message... I uploaded it one more time. Maria v0.0051.rom
  3. Hello, I'm the one who's "making Maria". Thank you Nanochess for sharing, and thank you guys for your comments. ^^ I would like to share with you a short demo of my game project. It would be great if somebody could give it a try on a real Intellivision because I don't know if it will run correctly. :3 Maria v0.0051.rom
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