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  1. Yeah - pretty sure I can take it from here. Previously uneducated about the unit and its value, yes - unable to catch on after the prior 3 inputs spelled it out for me, no.
  2. I appreciate this. And wow, what a beautiful unit. That thing is CLEAN.
  3. Take it easy. Yes, I'm a new member. No ill will intended. I was sincerely asking for information not as ammunition, but for education. I'm not here to disrespect your website/forum. And FWIW, there wasn't too much given in terms of value, which if advised, I would have tried harder to convince my partner to start out with a lower opening price. But, it's there at $18K OBO. Not keen on $18K? I get it. As mentioned, serious offers are welcome.
  4. I get it. Not everyone has $8-10K (much less $18K) laying around to purchase a hunk of plastic and outdated circuitry/technology - however, this is a rare piece and it functions. TBH, I expected this type of response and understand the viewpoint. As noted in my original thread about this item, I'm a newbie in this world so I'm just trying to learn more than anything else. I accepted the undertaking of helping my partner sell this item so I appreciate the viewpoint.
  5. Your viewpoint is understood. I actually advised my buddy to list it for less based on what I had seen - but, I felt the $18K was okay for two reasons. One being that we expect to it to be negotiated regardless (ie. list it for $8K, it will get challenged to $5K) and two being that it does say OBO. Any offers are welcome. He is motivated to sell this, but doesn't want to be shortchanged at the same time. The intent is for this to be a win-win with both parties happy. This piece deserves to have a good home.
  6. Well, my garage sale partner has finally made the conscious decision to part with this wonderful piece of Atari history - the elusive CX-2000, otherwise known as "VAL". This unit not been cleaned, disassembled, and/or modified in any shape or form. Since its recovery, it's been stored securely in a temperature controlled environment. In fact, the only thing that has been done to it, was to test its functionality just yesterday. Low and behold, IT WORKS!!! As for asking price, he wanted to start with $18K OBO. Yes, I know it's not chump change (to most people anyways), but this is for a functioning piece of tech gaming history - 1 in maybe 10 worldwide to be in existence. And you can actually play with it!!! Due to the nature of this item, only serious buyers are welcome. The transaction will only be done in person at a bank - whether it be in cash, cashier's check or wire and full inspection of the unit, including functionality can be arranged prior to the official exchange. ********* Edit: Let's go with $11K OBO. I know it's not as reduced as some believe it's worth and that's fine. As mentioned in the thread below, ALL SERIOUS OFFERS ARE WELCOME. Looking to broker for my partner a win-win transaction that leaves everyone happy. I promise it will be an efficient, professional, and safe process for all parties involved. Here is the original post I made not even a month ago in order to discover more about it: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/285249-atari-cx-2000-val-prototype-information/
  7. Thanks, Joe - while I would hope it was worth $50K (or even $25K was it seems the old eBay listing was reduced to) to someone, I highly doubt even the most anxious of collectors would be unwilling to throw down that kind of dough. It would be nice, though! And while there is some great information in the first atarimuse link, I was hoping for maybe a schematic someone may have and/or some first hand experience with this operating this unit.
  8. First post and Atari newb here! A few months back, we were running the garage sale circuit and my buddy and I happened to come across something that may be "special". The prior owner made mention that his friend was a former Atari employee and was integral in the early day development and testing. This particular unit came in a dusty box that looked like it had been sitting in a dark garage for years - included was an Atari 1200 along with some other run of the mill controllers and cartridge games. Fast forward about 3 months and we finally dug this out of the same dusty box and are trying to understand functionality, hardware/software compatibility, and maybe even a guesstimate as to value. The attached pics are of the actual unit - no cleaning, dismantling, or tampering of any kind was performed. With some research yesterday, we've come to understand that this is a CX-2000 prototype, otherwise known as VAL.
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