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  1. Yeah I wish that were the case (just inserting the cartridge problem), but I sent the system out for a diagnostic test and fix. Even the professionals couldn't find the issue. The same games I had an issue with still didn't play for them and they simply couldn't figure it out. So it's definitely something internal. And for now thankfully it's just the 2 games. It's just unfortunate those 2 games are 2 of my favs so... oh well.
  2. Definitely going to be playing those next then! Thanks for the info
  3. Thank you Serguei2! But no actual ending cut-scenes though right?
  4. Just to give an update... I sent my Atari Jaguar off to be fixed at estarland.com and they couldn't figure it out either (they were able to fix my Sega CD Model 1). So... it's still a mystery. It seems play every single game but those two I listed. Crazy.
  5. I'm a big ColecoVision fan. In fact, I've almost finished my complete in box collection (only 8 to go!). My question is... are there any ColecoVision games that have an actual ending? Are any of them winnable? Of all the games I have, I have never come across any. And I don't mean flipping the score back to zero or breaking the code by getting super far... I mean a legitimate ending. I understand that ColecoVision came out during the golden arcade years where getting the high score was the ultimate goal and not "finishing" a game, but surely there has to be at least one original release that has an ending, right? Does anyone know?
  6. I appreciate your assistance though. You were very helpful. Much appreciated.
  7. After multiple unsuccessful cleanings with 99.9% Isopropyl on both the cartridges AND the system itself, I am almost 100% certain it is an internal problem much like the one you described above cubanismo. Like I said, I have multiple copies of Cannon Fodder for example, and they ALL stop at the EXACT SAME PLACE when booting up. And they still do. It feels like the system is trying to get code/data it simply can't get or read (or something thereof). I'm guessing there is no fix for that.
  8. I may do just that! Thank you. I'm open to try whatever it takes to get these games working.
  9. Really appreciate the info cubanismo! I think that's my only resort at this point is to really scrub it down with isopropyl and see where that gets me. I just found it odd that all 3 copies of Wolfenstein stopped at the very same spot. What are the odds, right?
  10. Thanks for the info Is650! Yeah I'm just going to clean them over and over until I get them to work or my hands give out. Ha!
  11. Thank you joeatari1! Yeah I generally do. I figured I could rule that out since the games were literally brand new and the console was brand new. I will definitely clean them though just to be safe.
  12. It was the Troy Aikman Football game which I edited out of the original question. So the tip was putting pressure on the back side of the cartridge at start up so the pins are all touching, etc. Someone even suggested stuffing a shirt behind it, but I didn't need to do that. Cannon Fodder and Wolfenstein are definitely the problem games. ALL of the copies I have for those games (3 for CF and 2 for W3D) do the same thing at start up.
  13. Good morning everyone! I'm new to the Atari Jaguar world. I just bought my first unopened brand new Atari Jaguar system about 3-4 months ago. I have about 10 games (all were factory sealed or in mint condition), but only about 8 of them work (and they work perfectly). The other 2 give me the red screen of death or won't fully boot up. The 2 that WON'T boot up are Cannon Fodder (gets through the development logos then freezes before it gets to title screen almost every time) and Wolfenstein 3-D (sometimes gets to title screen before it simply shuts down). I have bought 3 different Cannon Fodder games -- all do the same thing. I have bought 2 Wolfenstein games -- all do the same thing. Are there known problems with these games? Are there any fixes? Is it the system? Thank you in advance for your help!
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