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  1. Ending tonight get your butts there and bid high. lol...
  2. have a look see my good stuff thanks for looking
  3. It's a differnt one. Do you by chance remember what it went for.
  4. I finally put it up for auction so please BID away,lol Atari folding chair thanks for looking and check back for other items.
  5. there ending tomorrow night. Bid away,lol... my ebay auctions Thanks
  6. old thread I know, but im trying to get some info so I can list it on ebay. thanks so much
  7. Still looking for info about this item. can anyone help?
  8. Hi all. I just picked this up and cant find any info about it. I would like to list it on ebay but would like to know about it's history before I do. What should I list this under on ebay? Any help would be great. . Thanks
  9. Do you have an Atari 2600 to test them with? only have 1 heavy sixer left and no power supply.
  10. Heres what i have and they havnt been tested ! Heres what I can read on the proms. kaboom, grand prix, golf 2 , river raid, yars revenge, space cavern and the rest do not have labels, total of 9 proms and 3 carts to go with it PM me with offers might even list on Ebay Thanks
  11. anyone seen one of these before??? gamecube on ebay looks nice any ideas what it will go for?
  12. i have 2 that are boxed with instructions, theres some play ware on them but are both in great condiction games are Donkey Kong DK-52 theres alittle tape on the box its the yellow box asking $125 Mario Bros Mw-56 some play ware but looks great box is in great shape too asking $200 everything is OBO thanks
  13. spammer i have 30 games pending with one person will get the list updated after we make the deal thanks for all the PM's
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