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  1. I have this problem with newer systems including the 360 and Wi with a lot of times within 5 minutes of getting the same thing that you are experiencing. I am thinking it’s age or being on the computer too long. I have had this problem for two to three years and I am 48 right now. It doesn’t bother me in the games I play on the 2600 or the 800 XL. I can play those systems all day without a problem.
  2. I just need the console and the coaxial cable attached. Nothing else. Prefer it to be made in Sunnyvale CA as well. Please let me know. Thanks
  3. So if I get a Linux computer, I would have no problems downloading the updates.
  4. Can I update Fujinet with a Chromebook? Please let me know. Thanks
  5. @skr I sent my information over though the website to get a membership.
  6. I might be interested in one. Does the save feature works with the Ultimate Cart?
  7. I am actually in the middle of moving and everything is still packed. Sorry
  8. I think I have Centipede and Space Invaders complete at home. If you are interested.
  9. I have one that has the switch. Thanks for information.
  10. What games can I use this trackball on?
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    Thanks. I heard that was probably the best one. I just never had one.
  12. lmich391


    I understand that. I like I said I never owned one. I was thinking about a 5200 or computer. I more thinking about a computer since I saw a topic about that. But their are so many computers for Atari that I was not sure want one to go with.
  13. lmich391


    I am thinking about buying an Atari computer. I have never owned one. I would like recommendations to what one to get. I would prefer it to come with some games as well. Please let me know. Thanks!
  14. Video Game Repair offers it on Facebook. He does a hdmi mod as well
  15. If you don’t work anything out with Quickie, I would be interested in it
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