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  1. He is working on a newer version. Sometimes he posts about it on Twitter.
  2. Ok tested new VecMulti with my system that had major issues with old version and it now works perfect! Loads very fast. Totally awesome! Nice work @Richard H.
  3. Is this the final revision of the new model or are you still doing testing?
  4. Whats the best place to be updated for when orders from 3rd parties will be setup? Forums or Twitter? Or is there a mailing list that could be setup for this so I don't miss it? I sometimes have a lot of stuff to keep track of and I would hate to miss what sometimes is a short Window for such things. @SainT
  5. I hate Facebook as well and don't use it but you're conflating things. Random people who are paid to interpret the doctrine of Facebooks policy through their own biases are responsible for policing others unfairly on the platform. Good practices for Facebook: #1 use Ublock-Origin. #2 don't learn about reality through the lens of Ads. #3 its not Facebooks responsibility nor the governments to dictate one political side vs another and babysit the intellectually confused. They're there for money. Anyone who pays for an Ad that isn't against the law or Facebooks policies should be able to pay for it (politics lean on propaganda in general and if its people are so fragile something else is wrong)... #4 Stop using social media that deletes decanting points of view.
  6. On my console the menu and also the games would not work correctly, sometimes nothing would come up on the screen. Yet VecFlash works perfect. Of course because the menu is launched first before games, whatever its doing wrong could trickle into effecting the game. So maybe the fix is the solution for both in my case? When you're ready to test your new revision of the hardware for VecMulti, I would be happy to buy and make sure its working on my console if it sounds like a more extreme case.
  7. Seems like someone should make a SD to CD drive replacement board instead. That way you could just use original CD expantions with .iso / .img files on an SD card like others have done with other consoles.
  8. Got the "SD2IEC" + "EPYX FastLoader Reloaded" and everything works perfect using .prg files. I can even run the Mario Bros port someone came out with this year.
  9. Where can you get on the list for Ditto mini?
  10. What is stopping a cart from acting like normal game carts that came out back in the day but one that just loads up a navigation screen to in turn load stuff off its own SD card? So EasyFlash SD basically.
  11. Just a simple item list of .prg or .crt files that can be read from an SD card and launched (take the EverDrive approach). I only care about the C64 as a legacy game console. Its not like people are using them as actual work computers anymore.
  12. Well got a SD2IEC so I can program the EasyFlash. Man what a nightmare. Really wish there was just a basic SD cart for C64.
  13. Looks like I'm running into the same issue others have had here: https://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=63356&sid=358166cd6d88649c1d2d58f9a86d6fc0 I bet its some driver issue with Win10. Wonder if I use some old WinXP computer the issue might go away. Sounds like if I get an SD2IEC I can flash the cart from that... but if SD2IEC works what is the point of EasyFlash lol.
  14. "GhostNGoblinsAndCommandoArcade_EF_N0S.crt" starts to copy then gives error "This file seems to be too short." on the C64 screen. Also tested with a .crt @carlsson sent me with the same issue. I've also tried multiple USB cables and different USB ports. B/W Mini TV is what the C64 is connected to for testing.
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