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  1. Ya i emailed too and no response (its why I asked here). Sad as this is the only one I can find.
  2. Ok I have a good chunk more work I need to get done on my transpiler (going well) and will use this as a starting point. Making an agnostic API that will make it easy to target almost any graphics, audio or input pipeline (so in terms of Atari lets say, you could write an app that targets 2600 and it would for the most part just work on the Jaguar etc).
  3. Any existing 7800 carts made that can play 7800 roms? Don't care about 2600 as there is already a cart for that. As others have said 2600 rom support isn't worth the effort as 7800 is lacking support in this area from what I can find.
  4. I also need a Lynx flash cart. If there is a list I want on it.
  5. @Dragonstomper Where are you listing your Atari Lynx flashcarts? Or are those still in pre-production as well? Also anyone know of a good 7800 flashcart? One that actually can run 7800 roms?
  6. Well I just bought a Atari Lynx so fingers crossed
  7. So for 3D graphics lets say, the recommended way would be to use the gcc which targets the Motorola CPU and control the GPU from there using BCX or referencing the original ASM / SDK demos? You know of any pros or cons for vbcc over gcc?
  8. Is this forum the best place to follow for updates and planned availability?
  9. Well he is all out, so signed up to be notified.
  10. Epic Now if they're still available is the question... Emailed this guy: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/230666-skunkboard-sillyventure-edition-how-to-buy/ Pretty old post though.
  11. Are there any C or C++ compilers and tools for the Atari Jaguar? I'm making a C# transpiler that can target C89 and am looking to target some old cool Atari hardware with it. Anything like CC65 for 2600/5200 or SDCC for ColecoVision etc that will work for Jaguar?
  12. Lol I wish, I'll take that as a no? Its just the only flash cart I find is: http://www.vector-labs.com/index_jagcart.html That requires the "Xeltek SuperPro 610P IC Programmer" which isn't cheap and isn't as practical as and SD system. I bought a Atari Jaguar and am looking for a way to test homebrew games on the actually hardware.
  13. Without going through 64 pages of forums posts over two years. Was the Atari Jaguar Multicart/Flashcart SD2Cart released? Anywhere to buy it?
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