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  1. Ok thanks. Did I miss this in the forums or you get that from external / other URL? Wondering if firmware update will only be listed here or some other site as well.
  2. Just got the cart today. What is the cart input power requirements? Volts & Amps? Also what is the power supply polarity? Are there diodes to protect against this if DC voltage is reversed?
  3. I email "[email protected]" (no reply yet) as I didn't see an order forum so hope to get one at some point soon & plug it in when POKEY testing is more ready.
  4. Same but if the original all have cracks in them, the fake ones that don't last longer. Of course that doesn't sound like its the case with these I just have no frame of reference with POKEY chips to know. I did have to replace the SID chip in my C64 though. 🤷‍♂️
  5. PokeyONE is 40$ and original (which I didn't know before asking) is 20$ Also like the C64 & C16 have audio/video chips that go bad sometimes the newer stuff / clones are a better choice. So you can see my concern based on that in short.
  6. The composite cable I have is very clear (at least enough for me). Its just my camera doesn't sync well with the old 60hz tube TV for pictures. Plus shrinking the image in MS paint only does raw point-sampling or something so makes stuff look bad. Also do you have your console sitting on top of a Macintosh LCII or something ?
  7. You mean wont fit in with the case on correct? Nothing different about the pins I'm guessing.
  8. Ok thanks this is kind the answer I was looking for. Are there modern replacements like PokeyONE BUT support all features original did? Sorry for the shop questions, just want to make sure what I get has best compatibility and I do like clone hardware if its 100% feature complete.
  9. Do you have a picture? Wonder what the quality is vs the PokeyONE on Ebay.
  10. Was testing some games today. Cart works great and looks good too!
  11. I feel like something changed in the driver sub-system at some point in Win10 but can't remember when. Around the time they made it so if graphics drivers don't have special flags, Windows will replace the driver you just installed with their old ass one in their DB.
  12. Any suggestion on where / what POKEY chip to get / use? Is this a good price or better shop for these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/PokeyONE-Atari-POKEY-Chip-Replaces-Atari-P-N-C012294-137430-001-NEW/124343070444
  13. Starting to test some stuff with mine. I updated from 0.92 to 0.93 then 0.94. Ms Pac Man working for 7800 & 2600 (first game tried). 0.94 is the latest firmware correct and I didn't miss one? Like others I saw in the form had issues with SD compatibly. I did as well on the first two SD cards I tried. Sharing the one that worked for me.
  14. So for my Apple /// with FloppyEmu I did the mod so it didn't touch the hardware and modified custom ribbon cables to swap drive-enable lines. You can see that here: https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/60583-apple-iii-floppy-emu/?do=findComment&comment=651569 Now I'll have to decide if I want to use the same method for my Atari STF but that might be harder on this computer because of the external cable.
  15. You can use the UnoCart for that: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-2600-SD-Card-MultiCart-works-on-2600-7800-plays-most-2600-ROMs-/283495262047
  16. Do some games like Bubble Bobble, etc require it to be launched from disk-drive A? Bubble Bobble launches fine on my Atari ST 520 as it only has an external drive (which is drive A) BUT it fails on my Atari 1040 STF when I launch it from external drive B. I can make a A/B drive enable swap switch like I did for my Apple /// but want to confirm this is actually the issue first.
  17. And tur-la-de-da its done!!! I added a switch for Color and B/W modes as you can see in picture. Now I got the color video signal a WAY more stable by tweaking some stuff even more on the mixer. * No resistor on HSync-Pin-12 * 10k resistor on VSync-Pin-13 * 10k resistor on CSync-Pin-6 * No resistor on Pin-5 Also added a 10k resistor on the audio GND as it seemed to help interference noise.
  18. Have full color working now! I may look into adding a VGA Mono switch option for the box I'm making. So I had to modify the mixer diagram a little and got much better image stability. Remove the resistor from PIN 12 & PIN 6 (leave resistor on PIN 13). Will test on my Atari ST 520 but got way better image on 1040 doing this (I wonder if this holds true for others). Didn't know this level of 3D was possible on a 16bit computer of this age.
  19. Finally getting back to this. (Have to many projects). So only have the green color channel hooked up in this test but its working.
  20. Ya think I'll probably go with red but would be cool to see close ups of the purple/pink color in the same lighting.
  21. Man I'm torn on what color to choose lol. I like the "red" but also like having special carts extreme colors so the "pink" is cool too. Do you have pictures at different angles of the cart?
  22. Welp can't help ya there.
  23. What does kickstarter have to do with gauging the value of doing another Rikki & Vikki production run? (Please consider this question rhetorical)
  24. How to gage interest & guarantee production costs are met I love computers, they're sure good at keeping track of queryable lists and automating the gathering of plausible interest...
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