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  1. QUOTE: "Ferrari's are still made. So if you have the money you can buy a Ferrari." -- Can't buy one of these carts if they're not for sale. I'm thinking about other people besides myself that have interest and share similar interests as me. I'm guessing there was more demand that copies. I'm not sure I have a huge "want" but a cool idea might be in the future allow a reproduction cart with the permission of the creators of the game. Which I'm sure 5-10 years from now wouldn't be out of the question. Or with the permission of the creators a MiSTer reproduction would be interesting.
  2. Ferrari's are still made. So if you have the money you can buy a Ferrari. The binary is different. The value is the technology. A Win32 binary isn't special. Why does anyone still love their real retro hardware vs emulation? What it represents makes all the difference and is why a huge volume of people are even here I would imagine. I don't have a complaint. I'm simply making a conceptual point. No reason to read what I said as negativity. For me its about the interest in preservation of cool technology. I own the cart & bought it day one. Here is my copy. Still smells new.
  3. The point is it can't be played on Atari 7800 without that cart. Which is the coolest part about it IMO. If it stops being made the highly specialized cart dies off over time in any meaningful sense for the majority of people as the practicality of obtaining a copy becomes less and less likely. Maybe MiSTer can handle such hardware changes in a cart and things become preserved forever that way in a sense. Speeking of I really need to get a MiSTer at some point.
  4. Well at this point the value of the cart is a lot higher as they're not made anymore and the ROM can't run on a FlashCart. Seems like you might be able to keep making them if a pre-order bulk was generated and the assembly was outsourced to people who take a cut. Sad to see such cool & highly specialized creations just die off.
  5. So am I right in assuming that the Concerto cart will only have one POKEY & the Dragonfly might have two (which is whats being tested now)? Allowing the Dragonfly to have up to 8 channels? Also do only "some" POKEY chips support a 16-bit-rate mode while others only 8-bit? If so I'm assuming both the Concerto & Dragonfly will support these.
  6. Interesting... well ya I brought it up having a development cart in mind. So your idea of just loading stuff from a PC into SRAM or something over USB would be awesome (if I got that right?). Personally don't actually care about the SD part while it is cool & ideal. To me dev carts are what keep a system open to future possibilities for homebrew thats far cooler than emulation etc. Or even just the general ability to add new cool future homebrew for general entusists.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something but whats the purpose of multiple POKEYs? Advanced Multi-Core audio processing? One for music and one for sound-FX?
  8. Unless they just realized they would rather have the money over the game I agree. If you look up RTX 20XX cards they're being scalped like crazy right now and I had plans to get one for D3D12 Raytracing dev. Scalpers are becoming an increasing problem for sure and XMas time is always the worst for it I think.
  9. Looks like there is a copy on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rikki-Vikki-Atari-7800/233454635498?hash=item365afb09ea:g:PCAAAOSw5wVdrIYk Bit pricey there but if you own any game on the 7800 it might just be the best one. Its a very well made cart.
  10. I know how to get around it all but I prefer going through the right channels if possible and didn't expect to have this issue. If I need to give feedback on the FlashCart I will create a new thread or a new account if its critical & there is no new support thread. I'm expecting everything to be fine but it is nice to share if the need arises. I'll probably leave my Atari 7800 out while the beta firmware is going on. Excited to try it out with my goto games: Mario Bros., Pacman & Frogger of course.
  11. If we all had the same cards here that analogy might make sense. I have zero cards here asking those with all the cards if I can get back in the game. The game is rigged if you can't even pull up your own history to explain yourself or PM someone to privately have a civil explanation and come to a resolution. English is a messy language and people tend to be unaware of the biases that come along with it hinged largely on association fallacies, character projections and false group identity associations. I would say its related to the difference between how & what to think. Interestingly the same part of your brain that associates bad taste, rot etc with negativity is repurposed as a mental tool in cultural differences and tribalistic tendencies for right vs wrong / bad vs good. Its important to remember we're all human and not without flaws and baggage. If only apathy exists here then to your point 'walking away' is the inevitable outcome. However I'm hoping on the better side of humanity to play a role here.
  12. So only the arbiters of moral authority here get to collectively ridicule someone but can't be called out on it? Does that seem right to you?
  13. Tribalism is a fascinating topic I must say...
  14. I would be fine with the cart only if it comes to that. Also fine waiting while you confirm things about your print shop. Hopefully your Tetris sales get a bump if you offered it a little cheaper without box idk. Also side thing but out of curiosity what would it take to make a MultiCart into something that loaded ROMs off an SD card? I feel like those have the most value and I would be very interested in such a device if one was ever made.
  15. I'm confused... is something wrong with me trying to correct my error? Where are these odd moral superiority complexes coming from? You have never been in error? Moderating from a hospital bed makes you better than me I guess is your point? I'm sorry you're hurt I would never wish that on anyone but Oppression Olympics seems like an odd form of reasoning. Yes I was lazy & assumed a 90 page forum I hadn't been keeping much track of didn't offer the solution I was hopping for. My bad I guess. This however is getting a little ridiculous for something so minor. If we can't all be adults here whatever I guess. I'll just follow the thread signed-out if its that emotionally compromising. I'm a bit disappointed in humanity right now... sniffle sniffle :(...
  16. You can straw-man me if you want but in here the answer is no. I've been perfectly civil in these forums until we had our misunderstanding. I'm sure I missed something in the forum we had our disagreement over and I'm sorry for that. I don't take kindly to be attacked for a simple suggestion though and maybe I didn't grasp the context you were coming from correctly. Regardless of fault I would like to make peace. I think the minor issue we had is just that... a minor issue and I have no animosity towered you. There was clearly a misunderstanding and I'd like to move past it.
  17. I've been sick dude and had extra time to benge on things. IDK why you feel its your need to judge how I delegate my time or determine whats going on in my life? Your projections of me seem a little self-righteous and unfair at this point. I've done nothing to warrant this level of behavior from a mod and frankly its kind of unexpectable to constantly be ridiculed here for simply expressing a view regardless if I lacked context or not. I'm happy sacrificing my ego to get along. I'm hopping for a little understanding and less middle-school level bully projection of my character.
  18. My money would be on caps too. Just make sure you don't rip out traces when you remove the old caps. Most frustrating thing ever.
  19. Is there a more expensive box printing option you might have to opt into? I remember the intellivision LTO Flash! box being pretty good. I wonder who he used.
  20. Hypocrisy is so funny I know, but in all seriousness @CPUWIZ or whoever mods this area is this ok.
  21. Can I get unblocked from "sd cartridge for 7800?" thread? I bought one of the concerto pre-production carts & would like to have access to the thread if needed to report feedback or bugs if they come up. I would like to correct any mistake I made to get blocked on that thread.
  22. How do we see where we are on the list? I always forget or am confused on this.
  23. If there is an pre-order / interest list you're keeping I would like to be on it. This looks awesome!
  24. I'm not actively doing homebrew but would like one of these for future homebrew. If there is a generic list we can get on that would be great as I have to many things to keep track of and would hate to miss out in the future.
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