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  1. Can someone send me a .crt file they know works with their EasyFlash 3? Using ndefpack or a Python2 script I got that converts prg to crt both work with RetroArch just fine but fail to upload to EasyFlash / EasyProg as it gives a file error. I really just want to make sure that has nothing to do with the issue. For all I know I'm running into some stupid driver error on Win10.
  2. So I used "ndefpack 1.0.1" to create a .crt from a single .prg file of "The Battle of Midway" for testing. The .crt works perfect in RetroArch but fails to upload with EasyFlash saying the file is to short. But I can't figure out how to pad the file correctly. Also starting the .prg directly with EasyTransfer 1.2.0 results in just a blank screen and nothing happens after that.
  3. The whole issue is there are no docs for what tool to use to get a proper .crt file and ones I've tried don't work. How do you upload .prg files? I only see "Start PRG" not "Write PRG" like there is for "Write CRT".
  4. So ordered a "1541 Ultimate" after looking into it more but would still like to get the EasyFlash 3 working if possible. Kinda ironic EasyFlash is the least easy to use Flash cart I have.
  5. I'm not sure what it expects as I can't find that documentation anywhere. If it does what tool would I even use for that? Also if you have the older EasyFlash could you share a .crt rom that works with it if you have one on hand? Is the 1541 Ultimate a cart that supports more rom types? Do roms load and run on the actual C64 hardware? When I looked it up it looked like a complete standalone mini PC.
  6. I for the life of me can't fine any .crt rom files that will upload to the EasyFlash 3 without some kind of error. Is there some tool I need to convert roms... the docs are pretty bad for this thing. What is the best Cart for a C64?
  7. Ya I've been looking for one but they're all out of stock.
  8. Pretty sure US tariffs only effect countries the US (which I'm a part of) have been having trade issues with and/or human rights / western value system issues... namely China which takes US technology, re-brands it, then resells it internally or re-exports it and the Chinese government doesn't stop it. The world is a pretty nasty place 1st world / western countries tend to forget... Wish the solutions to our global problems were more clear.
  9. Got the VecFlash yesterday. It works perfect while the VecMulti didn't as you know. So thats good news though as it means there should be a fix in there somewhere if Richard can find it. Also got a "Vector Patrol" that was released in 2018 to validate other custom carts work as expected (which they do) [awesome game too btw]:
  10. Well thats cool. How fast is accessing that vs main system memory?
  11. You might just go through the list of these: https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/solved-usb-device-not-recognized-in-windows-10-2/ Windows 10 power management can futs with some devices. I had this happen with an Arduino like Adafruit device before. One device I had would only work on my laptop but not my desktop or visa versa. So just check power settings and try to re-install driver. Sometimes that just works if you're lucky. Also updating Win10 to the latest version sometimes has legacy driver fixes.
  12. Did you mean VecMulti?
  13. Are "Vecram" still a thing / being made?
  14. Replicas are cool and should exist but at that point emulation isn't much different.
  15. I sent my VecMulti back to Richard so he could use it to help investigate. Still hasn't gotten to him yet (shipping) but tbh is probably going to be at least a month before any useful feedback can happen is my guess.
  16. Its pretty sad these aren't being made anymore. Really wish packrat could make them. If you only care about games and not development there is the C7061: http://packratvg.com/o2c7061.html Doesn't support custom games though.
  17. Any of these still exist for the WATARA? Any WATARA flash/multi carts around?
  18. O no its all good. I just was in the mood to play around with stuff. Interested in what you find out! I did replace the SD card reader with one I got off Amazon. Same issue as I'm sure you expected. However an interesting discrepancy I noticed was when formatting the SD card to FAT (not FAT32 on Win10) it causes the Vectrex to restart VecMulti and or "the system" over and over. When I format to FAT16 with GParted on Ubuntu 18.04 90% of the time the screen just is black and when it does load the selection screen games don't as others have stated. I re-ran the 'MenuMaker.exe' before each test. Reason I asked about firmware is because I was wondering what driver was used to read from the SD FAT file system. If it was a standard Arduino driver I was just going to poke at it to see if there was a software issue there. Anyway thanks for looking into this.
  19. Got a standard SD reader and used a micro SD converter. My personal 2gb SD starts to load but then the selector crashes but the one that came with the device just comes up with a screen saying no SD is detected. I'm getting some more micro SD card readers tomorrow and a 256mb (NOT gb) sd card to see if that changes anything. My thinking being something could be wonky in the firmwares SD card reader driver. If nothing changes will just wait for @mooshue to post back. Sorry everyone for the spam... just was taking a stab at it and sharing. Is the firmware source open source on GitHub or something for this device? Its also possible the firmware on the chip is corrupted. I had a brand new Arduino in the past have a corrupted bootloader upon arrival. Any many from Adafruit. Not sure how these are flashed before sent.
  20. Was able to check that there is a voltage shiftier on the SD reader and powering it from an external power supply doesn't help. Going to go buy a different SD reader and see if that has any effect. Yes I have tried a different 2GB SD card. As I said before I imaged the one that came with the device on Linux, then gave the original a drive name on Windows (which it was missing) and copied the files to new SD card (wish someone would share there files so I can validate hashes). Because the original models didn't have an external SD reader module I'm wondering why it was changed and why I started playing around with it. Here are my VecMulti files: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Alt5wRhQYKD7gegaR6cAJ1OYxOrlcA
  21. So just tested the voltage feeding into the micro SD card reader on the board. Its 5v but these card readers should only be feed 3.3v or you will damage the card reader. Because the sd reader is soldered at the bottom of the board can't see if it has a voltage shiftier on it (which I doubt it does).
  22. Also where are the SD card files on the web? I can't find them anywhere officially (I want to validate the latest '.img' file). * Plugged my SD card into my Win10 PC and found there was no drive letter assigned to the FAT partition. * So plugged it into my Ubuntu 18.04 box and 'dd' backed up everything as a '.img' file. * Brought it back over to my Win10 PC and added the drive level with the "Disk Management" tool. * Copied the files to my local disk then copied those files to a new 2GB SD card I had laying around. * Still no luck. I really need the official SD card files to validate mine are not corrupted. (Anyone else have files I can try that are working for them?) I may try to remove the LED as it looks like its super easy to reteach later if its not the problem. EDIT: disconnecting the LED did help the device to boot to the selection screen more often. Which makes me feel like there is a power issue on the board. Looking at older versions of the board online I notice they had the SD card reader built in. Wonder if this revisions card reader is taking to much power as the console seems to mess up when it starts to read data files is my guess.
  23. One red-flag I noticed on the VecMulti was the LEDs. On modern systems putting LEDs that draw a little current away from circuits the boards were not designed for (such as ram modules) can cause issues. Its possible some of these older revisions of the boards don't supply the same amount of current as newer revisions and thus fall short when LED's are attached. Kinda wonder If I removed the LEDs the problem might go away (wish there was a way to turn them off to test).
  24. Here is how my device is messing up. Messed up different this time. Video with VecMulti cart (doesn't work): https://photos.app.goo.gl/FV5mrhCqDwQGi73S9 Video with Solar Quest cart (works every time): https://photos.app.goo.gl/Z1BcV7adG4Hyyk7V7 Picture of back of device: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BAUAjDxyJvkNncfbA
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