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  1. Okay, I finally found a way to support software that use [HELP] and [shift]+[control] combinations as-well as serving MyBIOS. These special keys are now activated after 1 second delay. When the user is typing, it is passed to the running software. When activated (hold down), the key is processed by MyBIOS and treated as bounce in the KEYIRQ. That suites me fine Now to polish of the edges and get a new beta out. APE-news: Steve has (beta-version) upgraded APE including a CAS-player with manual overwrite on baudrate and gap. MyBIOS loads tapes at 9000 baud, making fun to check-out these CAS-images!
  2. Ok, I can't remove posts. Hmmmm, funny way of maintaining a forum..... So I removed the download of the old FDISK.BAS Best is not to use it !!!! I f*cked up my CF-card testing the BASIC-changes and needed to restore my card. Luckily I had a fresh backup (image-dump). Just sended out a wip-beta by pm. BTW: Priority-sequence of IO (I had some questions): PBI->IDE->SIO. This to be compatible with PBI-users.
  3. Please forget my posts about the old FDISK, (How do I remove posts on AA?). Not safe to use! Even with the R/W modifications in the BASIC listings. On your ATARIMAX-][ cartridge after upgrading, the last stable version is present. Use that version for the missing MyIDE_MENU functions.
  4. !! IMPORTANT FOLLOW-UP !! O-O-O-O, I forgot, the old FDISK saves to LBA_0 This will screw up your FAT32-directory..... Before you RUN, change the save command too: It is on line 1250 1250 A=USR(1536,49,3,0,0) In the meantime, I have fixed the "M"-key and changed HELP to holding HELP for 1 second -> MAIN-MENU. You can p.m. me for an unreleased work-in-progress beta.
  5. After loading FDISK.BAS You need to change line 1130 to this: 1130 A=USR(1536,33,3,0,0) This will use LBA_2 for the partition information. Then type RUN.
  6. Oops, that is a good one, I added the M flag in one of the last versions. To make it possible to boot from images instead of partitions. ....... not a quick fix, sorry. MyIDE_menu (previous FDISK) is build-in and uses internal routines. ....... You can try the oldest version from disk. Not sure how it handles unmarked partitions, but is runs from BASIC. It's on the utility-disk that came with the 3 release from 1999. ......... Or go some beta's back (they are on the atarimax forum). But I'm sure already that you are going be annoyed by the missing new stuff
  7. Short update: I'm getting nowhere..... Changing [HELP] : not easy, perhaps [sHIFT+CONTROL+RETURN] I did find some issues with loading protected disks. My SIO-routines does it different, so I need to re-do some of it. More news later this year.
  8. Welcome to the land of compatibility-issues...... Or should I say: nightmare ?
  9. [EDIT] Just noticed: (debugger) Auto reload roms on cold start (with / without 'checked' shift detected) does not seem to work.
  10. Now on 2.60_test7 Blackbox now works, I can use my BB.DSK saved with atari800, nice! 512 bps works fully. When I select an image in 256 bps: I can read. Write gives a very long beep and then fails. (Yes, I have unchecked read-only). SHIFT-F12 assigned to the menu-button. (IRQ-level seems to be lower, correct? It does not always kick-in) Great, now I can continue first-line debugging MyBIOS /w BB on emulation. Saves me a lot of time flashing eeproms and using the real hardware. Thanks for the tip in the manual about shift+control+0 in windows_7 You are the best Avery!
  11. Now on 2.60-test_6. Still cant get the blackbox to work...... Sorry mates. I have bb141 (16k) and bb216 (64k) rom-dumps. with bb216 I get a dip-switch#2 warning on boot-up, system does not boot further. But no matter how I set them, my (working) BB.DSK image from atari800 does nothing. Cant read, cant save, I do see commands in the debugger. device: computer->blackbox->harddisk (attached to each other) Also I tried to map keyboard-F12 to the black-box-menu, I have no clue how. I did read the help-page and tried to map something, but no success. Is it me? Any help is welcome.
  12. Ok, 100+ downloads, nice....... I'm changing the menu-handling to support software that use HELP / shift+control also. Any cons for SHIFT+CONTROL -CAPS -ENTER -SPACE -INVERSE -BACKSPACE
  13. Nice "level-up". Some issues: -Somehow I can not get my BlackBox-image to work, mounted under BB in device. Can't read, nor write, in de debugger is gives commands, but nothing happens. -HOT-key for BlackBox-menu-button? Atari800win uses ALT-\ -Changing firmware now takes 2 menus, perhaps unfriendlier? I use this a lot. -MyIDE-I firmware (1mb cartridge) when loaded under firmware, does not boot. -Auto reload roms on coldstart does not seem to work.
  14. Anycase, I can drop back to SHIFT+CONTROL+TAB as used in MyBIOS 4.8 No idea anymore why I moved to HELP. "my brain hurts" "how to arrange beautiful subroutines in a BIOS" "SIO, DIO, PIO, CIO, get in!"
  15. I had SHIFT+CONTROL+HELP in mind, but that code is not seen by POKEY.... There are 16 SHIFT+CONTROL-keys not seen in total. I have send this info to ALTIRRA, together with the new CPLD-core that has MyVIDEO enabled. Shall be included in the next test-version of 2.60 I assume. In theory, the HELP key-usage is stored in the HLPFLG-register. (I catch HELP in NMI or IRQ, with ever is first and handle accordingly.) So HELP/ESC should invoke the HELP-fucntion of the software below. Although I mask-off all traces when exiting the menu, that any key was pressed. Anyhow, I had some feedback, some issues with $3x usage and CRITIC-flag, fixing that at the moment.
  16. Latest MyBIOS for MyIDE-][ is 4.8.06 Did you had a look on the ATARIMAX/MyIDE-forum about similar issues? Grtz, Sijmen.
  17. ATARIMAX / MyIDE-forum is the place to get your downloads since day one. You also find lots and lots of questions/answers to many MyIDE-related questions. When people ask me for firmware I always point them out. My computer is not a centralized place for updates. I'm sure you all understand. I'm going to check-out the new altirra again.
  18. And one more, what is what,,,,, MyIDE-Software and MyIDE-Hardware is free of copyright-license fees when in domestic use, for private build-MyIDE-units or bought from ATARIMAX (the ONLY licensed source). Please report if you encounter pirate copies MyBIOS is designed to be downwards compatible. The MyBIOS is a completely rewritten Atari-OS that complies to all official released 400/800 XL/XE documentation. Except for relocate-able-drivers and cassette related routines (No room for it, sorry). The new BIOS is coded to be seen as stock REV_02 (XL/XE) and also patched for OS_B (400/800) programs. If you have a program that does not run on this BIOS, please zip and send me a copy for evaluation purpose. What is MyIDE? MyIDE-II is a interface to connect a CF-card (IDE-device) to the Atari parallel bus-system. Due to the parallel data-transfer it’s extremely fast, at least 10 times faster then standard SIO. In applications it can reach data-transfers up to 100 Kbytes/second or 200 sectors/second. 3rd Party software. In the today’s world users upload there MyIDE-device with command-line driven “myidetool” and the windows-overlay “MyIDE Drive Manager LBA2”. These three fabulous 3rd party programs are downloaded together with this update. All 3rd party software is included. FAT32 and ATARIMAX FAT32-loader. The BIOS supports FAT32 entry in the MBR on your media for PC-usage. On this FAT32-area you can copy .XEX .ROM and .ATR files, which you can load with the ATARIMAX FAT32-loader. APT and SDX support.The BIOS can create APT entry in the MBR, to support SDX IDE-driver called “MyIDE.SYS” or “MyIDE2.SYS” made by FJC. You need to customize the SDX-rom to make it work with MyBIOS and/or APT The SDX.ROM can simply be loaded with the ATARIMAX FAT32-loader. Please consult the SDX homepage for manual and SDX-customizer. MyDOS. With this download you also find MyDOS. This is a popular DOS version used on the Atari platform. Direct IDE-access. Device D255: is the device to directly access any LBA-sector on the CF. RAMDISK. MyBIOS has a configurable D8: RAMDISK mapped to the internal SRAM. The PERCOM-command will give the usable sectors, depending on loaded ROM/BIN-files. 4086 maximum due to atarimax/mybios-uasge.
  19. Yeah, I forget not everybody is a member of ATARIMAX. There are always pros and cons to a new BIOS. But I take the time and effort to get one as close as compatible with 400/800 XL/XL and 1200XL. With added support for MyIDE-][, when the cartridge is inserted. ALTIRRA: You need MyIDE-][.bin as firmware for your myide-2-device. The R2.ROM is the firmware for your A8. The rest are for customizing your MyIDE-][ cartridge. WITHOUT THE MYIDE-][ ATTACHED: You get a stock OS, No menu's but with enhanced 400/800-compatibility, HSIO, PBI and cassette-loaders. :-) New zip attached, I found some mistakes in the manual......
  20. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7228#p7228 I use it for Altirra all the time :-) Enjoy, Sijmen.
  21. BlackBox, both original and 2.16
  22. Nice change to a enhanced system-configuration. I tried 2.60_test3 today, can't use my custom_Roms. (myide-][ etc) I can find them, add, but can't use them..... MyIDE-][ cartridge emulation, seems not working too. Also my BB.ROM does not seem to boot with ATOS. Switched back to 2.50_final. I'll wait for the next test :-)
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