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  1. Short update: I'm getting nowhere..... Changing [HELP] : not easy, perhaps [sHIFT+CONTROL+RETURN] I did find some issues with loading protected disks. My SIO-routines does it different, so I need to re-do some of it. More news later this year.
  2. Welcome to the land of compatibility-issues...... Or should I say: nightmare ?
  3. [EDIT] Just noticed: (debugger) Auto reload roms on cold start (with / without 'checked' shift detected) does not seem to work.
  4. Now on 2.60_test7 Blackbox now works, I can use my BB.DSK saved with atari800, nice! 512 bps works fully. When I select an image in 256 bps: I can read. Write gives a very long beep and then fails. (Yes, I have unchecked read-only). SHIFT-F12 assigned to the menu-button. (IRQ-level seems to be lower, correct? It does not always kick-in) Great, now I can continue first-line debugging MyBIOS /w BB on emulation. Saves me a lot of time flashing eeproms and using the real hardware. Thanks for the tip in the manual about shift+control+0 in windows_7 You are the best Avery!
  5. Now on 2.60-test_6. Still cant get the blackbox to work...... Sorry mates. I have bb141 (16k) and bb216 (64k) rom-dumps. with bb216 I get a dip-switch#2 warning on boot-up, system does not boot further. But no matter how I set them, my (working) BB.DSK image from atari800 does nothing. Cant read, cant save, I do see commands in the debugger. device: computer->blackbox->harddisk (attached to each other) Also I tried to map keyboard-F12 to the black-box-menu, I have no clue how. I did read the help-page and tried to map something, but no success. Is it me? Any help is welcome.
  6. Ok, 100+ downloads, nice....... I'm changing the menu-handling to support software that use HELP / shift+control also. Any cons for SHIFT+CONTROL -CAPS -ENTER -SPACE -INVERSE -BACKSPACE
  7. Nice "level-up". Some issues: -Somehow I can not get my BlackBox-image to work, mounted under BB in device. Can't read, nor write, in de debugger is gives commands, but nothing happens. -HOT-key for BlackBox-menu-button? Atari800win uses ALT-\ -Changing firmware now takes 2 menus, perhaps unfriendlier? I use this a lot. -MyIDE-I firmware (1mb cartridge) when loaded under firmware, does not boot. -Auto reload roms on coldstart does not seem to work.
  8. Anycase, I can drop back to SHIFT+CONTROL+TAB as used in MyBIOS 4.8 No idea anymore why I moved to HELP. "my brain hurts" "how to arrange beautiful subroutines in a BIOS" "SIO, DIO, PIO, CIO, get in!"
  9. I had SHIFT+CONTROL+HELP in mind, but that code is not seen by POKEY.... There are 16 SHIFT+CONTROL-keys not seen in total. I have send this info to ALTIRRA, together with the new CPLD-core that has MyVIDEO enabled. Shall be included in the next test-version of 2.60 I assume. In theory, the HELP key-usage is stored in the HLPFLG-register. (I catch HELP in NMI or IRQ, with ever is first and handle accordingly.) So HELP/ESC should invoke the HELP-fucntion of the software below. Although I mask-off all traces when exiting the menu, that any key was pressed. Anyhow, I had some feedback, some issues with $3x usage and CRITIC-flag, fixing that at the moment.
  10. Latest MyBIOS for MyIDE-][ is 4.8.06 Did you had a look on the ATARIMAX/MyIDE-forum about similar issues? Grtz, Sijmen.
  11. ATARIMAX / MyIDE-forum is the place to get your downloads since day one. You also find lots and lots of questions/answers to many MyIDE-related questions. When people ask me for firmware I always point them out. My computer is not a centralized place for updates. I'm sure you all understand. I'm going to check-out the new altirra again.
  12. And one more, what is what,,,,, MyIDE-Software and MyIDE-Hardware is free of copyright-license fees when in domestic use, for private build-MyIDE-units or bought from ATARIMAX (the ONLY licensed source). Please report if you encounter pirate copies MyBIOS is designed to be downwards compatible. The MyBIOS is a completely rewritten Atari-OS that complies to all official released 400/800 XL/XE documentation. Except for relocate-able-drivers and cassette related routines (No room for it, sorry). The new BIOS is coded to be seen as stock REV_02 (XL/XE) and also patched for OS_B (400/800) programs. If you have a program that does not run on this BIOS, please zip and send me a copy for evaluation purpose. What is MyIDE? MyIDE-II is a interface to connect a CF-card (IDE-device) to the Atari parallel bus-system. Due to the parallel data-transfer it’s extremely fast, at least 10 times faster then standard SIO. In applications it can reach data-transfers up to 100 Kbytes/second or 200 sectors/second. 3rd Party software. In the today’s world users upload there MyIDE-device with command-line driven “myidetool” and the windows-overlay “MyIDE Drive Manager LBA2”. These three fabulous 3rd party programs are downloaded together with this update. All 3rd party software is included. FAT32 and ATARIMAX FAT32-loader. The BIOS supports FAT32 entry in the MBR on your media for PC-usage. On this FAT32-area you can copy .XEX .ROM and .ATR files, which you can load with the ATARIMAX FAT32-loader. APT and SDX support.The BIOS can create APT entry in the MBR, to support SDX IDE-driver called “MyIDE.SYS” or “MyIDE2.SYS” made by FJC. You need to customize the SDX-rom to make it work with MyBIOS and/or APT The SDX.ROM can simply be loaded with the ATARIMAX FAT32-loader. Please consult the SDX homepage for manual and SDX-customizer. MyDOS. With this download you also find MyDOS. This is a popular DOS version used on the Atari platform. Direct IDE-access. Device D255: is the device to directly access any LBA-sector on the CF. RAMDISK. MyBIOS has a configurable D8: RAMDISK mapped to the internal SRAM. The PERCOM-command will give the usable sectors, depending on loaded ROM/BIN-files. 4086 maximum due to atarimax/mybios-uasge.
  13. Yeah, I forget not everybody is a member of ATARIMAX. There are always pros and cons to a new BIOS. But I take the time and effort to get one as close as compatible with 400/800 XL/XL and 1200XL. With added support for MyIDE-][, when the cartridge is inserted. ALTIRRA: You need MyIDE-][.bin as firmware for your myide-2-device. The R2.ROM is the firmware for your A8. The rest are for customizing your MyIDE-][ cartridge. WITHOUT THE MYIDE-][ ATTACHED: You get a stock OS, No menu's but with enhanced 400/800-compatibility, HSIO, PBI and cassette-loaders. :-) New zip attached, I found some mistakes in the manual......
  14. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7228#p7228 I use it for Altirra all the time :-) Enjoy, Sijmen.
  15. BlackBox, both original and 2.16
  16. Nice change to a enhanced system-configuration. I tried 2.60_test3 today, can't use my custom_Roms. (myide-][ etc) I can find them, add, but can't use them..... MyIDE-][ cartridge emulation, seems not working too. Also my BB.ROM does not seem to boot with ATOS. Switched back to 2.50_final. I'll wait for the next test :-)
  17. ???? -> sold for 375$ Hmmm, I have a BB with casing here at my place :-) I use IBM SCSI ripped out from old apple-computers....... BB is a great device. But the noise is a big minus. Time for an arcade-switching power and SSD module.
  18. Asked for the update for APE by email (for registered user), got a reply within 24 hours. :-) Nothing wrong there.
  19. Pop over to the atarimax-forum and read the MyBIOS post about the last stable version. That should make things clear. Beside that, knowledge of the standard ATARI-manual is needed too. Cheers, Sijmen.
  20. Steve is kind of busy, but he does his on-line sales fairly promptly. E-mailing him is a bit tricky, good chance your mail is lost in his massive junk-emails..... I try to maintain the MyIDE-forum junk-free and that is not easy...... When you have MyIDE-related questions, you can reach me too. Best is to use the atarimax-forum and pm me there. I'm not that often on atariage. Cheers, Sijmen.
  21. All 4 OSS cartridges are done and working fine. Also: I fixed the problem with BASICXE. Was a nasty bug in the bankswitching-emulation.
  22. I'm working on conversing of the 4 OSS Cartridges. Found on the atarimax-forum: http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8348#p8348 BASIC_XL BASIC_XE MAC/65 ACTION! You can load them using the fatloader. Please note that some need 64k of memory, so they do not run with the -F2 MyBIOS. They do work on the stock OS (You need to work with SIO2PC / Atari-1050 for file access). For OSS with MyIDE-][ access you need to upgrade your atari with the (internal 16k) -R2 MyBIOS.
  23. Upload the schematics and code you have to share with others?
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