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  1. Steve is kind of busy, but he does his on-line sales fairly promptly. E-mailing him is a bit tricky, good chance your mail is lost in his massive junk-emails..... I try to maintain the MyIDE-forum junk-free and that is not easy...... When you have MyIDE-related questions, you can reach me too. Best is to use the atarimax-forum and pm me there. I'm not that often on atariage. Cheers, Sijmen.
  2. All 4 OSS cartridges are done and working fine. Also: I fixed the problem with BASICXE. Was a nasty bug in the bankswitching-emulation.
  3. I'm working on conversing of the 4 OSS Cartridges. Found on the atarimax-forum: http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8348#p8348 BASIC_XL BASIC_XE MAC/65 ACTION! You can load them using the fatloader. Please note that some need 64k of memory, so they do not run with the -F2 MyBIOS. They do work on the stock OS (You need to work with SIO2PC / Atari-1050 for file access). For OSS with MyIDE-][ access you need to upgrade your atari with the (internal 16k) -R2 MyBIOS.
  4. Upload the schematics and code you have to share with others?
  5. Here you are My wife made it for me already many years ago.....
  6. From the Netherlands: Have some extremely nice seasonal days and a good and Atari-full 2014! Grtz, Sijmen
  7. Nice stuff to play with. This is done on a MyIDE @ 50 FPS 15.6 kHz sound
  8. Great job, even greater emulator Thanks for the ANTIC-DMA trick ! I hardwired a MyIDE to access D580-D5FF as the IDE-register. Later! Sijmen.
  9. Sandra (and Sijmen of course) here, glad you like it!! It was our first attempt with icing, and not a very good experience I must say, it didn`t go as well as we planned it...We did want to make a game and controllers, but making this and mixing the colors etc. already took over an hour. Next time (what next time? :-) ) we make them with marzipan or something.
  10. I'm ready when you are ready
  11. Ok, just dropping the question. Can you compile a version for MyIDE without the time-bar? Size is a issue too, as small as possible, best is below 8k. Like the SIDE-rom version you released long time ago. If not, not, if yes, thanks!
  12. Yeah, sorry, SIDE is used in the configuration for FAT32-access "as is" Creator is Candle and I used the first 8k rom version he released for SIDE and MyIDE long time ago. I added some small patches to make it work in certain situations. You can add his latest MyIDE XEX-version to your workbook. Pity it can't be added to the MyBIOS 4.8.05 configuration since it's larger then 8k. Also the TIME/DATE is not removed by Candle in this version. Perhaps he releases a better MyIDE-version in future. I did a small patch to start-up a CF in MyIDE-II So again, use "as is"
  13. I'm proud to finally release the latest MyBIOS. Thanks to all the testers, their input, remarks and requests. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1318&p=7346#p7346 Update to MyBIOS 4.8.05 for MyIDE-I, internal kits and homebrew-MyIDE users. Runs on any ATARIMAX cartridge and also drive MyIDE-II (you loose the D8:SRAMDISK). (Next is to adapt the new routines to compile R2 and F2 for MyIDE-II users to fully support their hardware)
  14. Wow, been 1 day on family-visit I have my TOOLDISK on a APT partition. Beside that I have MyBIOS as OS in my 800xl/256k. And some MyBIOS-partitions in SDX format with different CONFIG/AUTOEXEC, all drive-number-disabled . If I want to use SDX, I boot with START+SELECT+OPTION, select the SDX-bootpartition ESC/Y SHIFT (to enter the cartridge menu) select FAT32-loader and then the 256k version of SDX446. Takes, say what, 15 seconds? Very useful to have this flexible setup and I do not mind the time. I use SDX let say 5% of my sessions. For your WORKBOOK-request, you should contact Steve Tucker on atarimax.com Nice work you did on the SDX research and implementation! Later Sijmen.
  15. Because SDX446 for MyIDE-][ is designed to run from protected SRAM and thus uses bank-switching schemes to address SRAM banks not FLASH. Perhaps the SDX-guys can build one for you then runs from FLASH-banks. BUT you loose the workbook ability, since SDX wants run from bank #0 and upwards.
  16. The workbook requires that a "packed rom" must be check-summed and a multiplication of 32k. 4 byte check-sum. Program attached. Not sure, but the workbook only accepts 32k and 128k "packed roms", that was until 4.8.04 What the atarimax-menu does: The menu sets the last flash-bank in $A000 and JMP COLDSV Using the ATARIMAX fat32-loader gives much more flexibility. When you load a 64k ROM image, D8:SRAMDISK will be correctly setup to 448k. Loading only ASSEMBLER of 8k gives you 504k of SRAMDISK
  17. This is the version supplied upto MyBIOS 4.8.04 After #4 it was removed and the ATARIMAX Fat32-loader took over. Also the configurable D8:SRAMDSK was implemented. Anyhow, this version does not set the values needed for D8: under the current MyBIOS. Perhaps I can add this feature next Sunday.... If needed..... But it's not user friendly. You have to sign32crc the SDX-file, then add it as packed BIOS to the workbook. (So every time you change the ROM-file with the SDX-manager) The BOOT-SDX.XEX you can simply add. Well, thats about it. Succes, Sijmen.
  18. SDX446 for MyIDE-][ runs from protected SRAM and need to be copied there then coldstarted. FAT32-loader does this for you and sends the SRAM-bytes down to MyBIOS used to configure D8:SRAMDISK. Beside this, yes it it possible to load SDX446 from flash, but you need a boot-loader that does the above. I have one I can share, but it's for the 128k slim version.
  19. To work with APT and MyBIOS, you need to freshly Init your CF. Select MANUAL, AUTO CHS-detection and on the question APT?, answer yes. The next time you load MYIDE.SYS it will see the APT partition and use it for drives. Still need the toolkit (FDISK for APT/SDX) to create drives/partitions etc. Later, Sijmen.
  20. Are there copyrights to this game and who has them?
  21. Great Job, I will try them soon. Saves me some time in converting I was not able to do some more conversions, since I'm very busy with the new release for MyIDE-I Last XE-game I tried was Mario, have a lot of notes, but still not able to patch. This game uses nifty tricks to switch banks..... You are right, this MyIDE-II (beside the IDE-portion) is a mean little devil. Good thing Steve did my request to support these R16-files -yeah- You can do almost everything on a standard 64k ATARI.
  22. To my knowledge, MyIDE-II will not accept the signals from the 400/800 cartridge slot. I have tested it on my PAL & NTSC 800 but it will not switch banks. That was in proto-stage, I haven't tried the production model on a 800. Steve told me the CLPD can't see the strobed signals with are way off compaired to XL/XE-hardware. Shall I pop the question to Steve if this can be added or user flashed to support 400/800 or XL/XE? I know the CLPD can be updated using the ATARIMAX programmer Later!
  23. Update for MyIDE-I Some people prefer the -RE MyBIOS to be used with MyIDE-II instead of the -R2. Yeah, that should run fine too, except you loose the SRAMDISK linked to D8: Functionality of ATARIMAX cartridges are supported, so you are able to access MyIDE-II content. Anyhow, here you are. Enjoy the update! Version #4(b) -Fixed some issues with SIDE, made it compatible to run on systems with ATARIMAX cartridges inserted. -Added an extra patch to make SIDE compatible with the MyBIOS running from OSRAM. -Fixed the <mission impossible> boot-ability of external MyIDE with switchable cartridges..... -Compiled 18-jan for -RI -RE -DI -DE So, next are the flash-versions. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=7262#p7262
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