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  1. I did some rework on the MyIDE/SIDE BIOS. The flasher contains the original SDX/SIDE setup and MyIDE. Also I added 8 standard atari 8k games like starraiders, pac-man etc. Since there is plenty of room left in this 512k flash-rom The new version can use FAT32+APT/MyIDE formatted cards. The tool for initializing a CF-card in dual-format is not yet supported in the IDE-menu. But the BIOS will detect FAT32-cards and when in MyIDE-mode uses space at the upper half of the CF-card. But only when a valid MyIDE 4.7 partition is found/made on the media. Tested and debugged on Altirra, "the best atari-emulator ever!" Enjoy. Merry X-mas!
  2. Found some issues with shift+control+number. Fixed in this version.
  3. Hi all, Thanks for Candle uploading the programming specs of the SIDE-hardware and some requests of MyIDE-users I took the liberty to compiled a MyBIOS for SIDE. The flashfile contains SDX4.45, SIDE-loader and MyBIOS for MyIDE-formatted CF-cards. At powerup you can select what you want to boot. The SDX4.45 and SIDE-loader are the same as you have now. Basically the support for MyIDE-formatted CF is added to the cartridge. I have included the user-manual for MyBIOS Manuals etc for SIDE/SDX can be found at the appropiate sites. The MyBIOS version is 4.6.11 beta (pre-release). Read at the forum what it supports: http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5574#p5574 Here you can also read further about MyBIOS/MyIDE. Instructions how to flash: Download and unzip, use it as D1: Powerup and type COLD /N follow the instructions on the screen. Instructions how to flash back: Download the flasher you want, use it as D1: bootup. hold SHIFT and select "R" follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. I have enough knowledge of the Atari-OS (I think), perhaps we can help eachother? Also I could inlude a fat32-loader in the BIOS im writing..... But need some backup in accessing the source of fat-32 allocation. Anyhow, drop me a Pm or mail me on my homepage. Later, Sijmen.
  5. Okay, that works like a charm :-) Nice job! Why am I always late in getting new stuff...... I do need to tweak the 4.6BIOS not to load when SIDE is selected. There are to many conflicts making lots of com/exe/xex not to load. You can download the latest 4.6BIOS with SIDE from the atarimax forum. It will be present in beta#9. I'll try to upload a pre-beta#9 (atarimax 1mb+MyIDE only) today. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewforum.php?f=7 Is there any development/progress in loading ATR's with side? Later, Sijmen.
  6. Hmmm, interesting stuff here. I'll try to include the fat32-loader (MyIDE-external-slave) in the flasher-file for the atarimax 1mb+ide cartridge. There is enough room for other EXE stuff beside PicoDOS :-) This is new to me, so it will take some time for the quarter to drop Later, Sijmen.
  7. Here is link to a testcartridge that can tell you what bit is bad. http://www.atarimax....hp?p=5932#p5932 It worked for me most of the time, If ALL bits are bad, think about looking at the signal-generating chips. Success.
  8. http://commodore-gg.hobby.nl/agenda.htm 20 augustus is er ook een club-dag, maar dan heb ik geen tijd ...... Later, Sijmen.
  9. When you are dutch, drop in at the atari/c64/msx clubday in Maarssen. (next one were I am is 15 october) and I'll have look at your 600xl, perhaps fix it :-) Later. Sijmen.
  10. Yeah, I bought one from his site directly. Really a supurb peice of hardware. An extremely (portable) handy device and all disk you want at hand It works on any atari. Firmware 3.0 HSIO set standaard at 4 (80kbps), great! http://www.lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=23 Big horay for Lotharek. Sijmen.
  11. Just take a clear one out of a crappy 800xe or 65xe BOUGHT @ HMV LONDON: Atari headphones, black. for 20 UKP
  12. Legal reasons...... Bob: You can send me an email if you want a copy. Or wait for the PDF version IRATE is working on.
  13. http://www.atarimax....hp?p=5574#p5574 Just to keep you up to date on AA as well. And some youtube stuff: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mr-atari+myide&aq=f Later, Sijmen.
  14. Not on ebay, but on the retro-börse 11-may 2011 in Germany: http://www.retroboerse.de/fotos.htm upgrade your german http://www.lust-auf-...52011_video.htm White JAGUAR casing Now to find me some time and put a jaguar-PCB inside!
  15. Ok, here it goes. Used winzip, and added .zip to the end of all files. Otherwise it wouldn't upload So, download, remove the extra .zip extension and unzip. Enjoy the code, A pitty that part of the writers comments are cut off. Later, Sijmen.
  16. Ok, no problem then. How do I upload the rest? The files are larger then 2mb (upload limit AA). Is there a way to devide the pages from these other 4 tif files? Later
  17. Big THANK YOU for altirra. Live is much easier coding a BIOS on the emulator and first line debugging :-) (My)IDE emulation is really supurb! Even RGB-movies run flawless (and I have only an [email protected]) Keep up the good work. Later, Sijmen. Any chance of porting altirra to the Wii as homebrew?
  18. Well, this is what I dug up. It was OCRed by me in 2004 and converted to mac65 later. The mac65 files are edited so no use for anybody. These zipped TXT files I used to make compiled working disk. To make them fit in atari memory I had to cut the line-lenght. (yeah I did all my coding on the atari back then) Not sure how much, but I could be wrong and the whole -original- listing is in the zip. Later, Sijmen.
  19. Yeah, 5 files, 14 Mb total. We had a XEROX copier at work that did scanning + sending to a receipient on the network. So I just trowed in a pile each time, pressed scan and went back to my office. The mailbox did the rest :-) Hmmm, that was in 2004, how time flies. Before sharing, are their any legal issues? I for sure do not want to get into trouble by 'not having' this document...... Later, Sijmen.
  20. I could have a OCRed version and converted to MAC65. Once I wanted to use the file to create a tinyDOS for inside the OS (like C64), but never came to it. The sources (5.25 disks) must be somewere @ myplace. But I need to dig.... deep.... continue? Later, Sijmen.
  21. Hmmm, it seems that I also have a hardcopy of that document. Not sure how I got it, but I have scanned it to 5 TIF-files -many- years ago..... Very usefull except that the remarks are cut. Quality is to bad for OCR I guess. Later, Sijmen.
  22. Sarcasm and rhetorical in one sentence?
  23. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5574#p5574 Here is the latest beta 5, seems to be stable @ myplace. Not sure what it brings, but let me know. F and D users can only use MyDOS. D users have 1 time access to the MyIDE-menu (called FDISK, sorry) when the disk is booted. The HELP-key or START+SELECT+OPTION will not bring you back...... The 4.44 SDX-images are with permission modified to run on the MyIDE-BIOS. SDX-team: thanks! Please note there are 2 version: 1mb atarimax and 1mb+ide atarimax. You MUST have the MyIDE-BIOS in ROM to make this work. versions F and D (which are in RAM) will not work. Example: 1/ Internal-MyIDE + SDX-on-1mb_atarimax works. 2/ MyIDE4.6E-bios + BB + SDX-on-1mb_ide_atarimax works. For now, the BIOS has fried my brain out, so be kind and enjoy. I'll be at the Xchat later today.
  24. Yeah! (just tested my purchase); IDE-to-SATA also works on the 4.6-BIOS. The only problem is the CHS 33 Gb barrier for logical partitions. Images can fill the whole disk. SATA is slightly faster then CF or DOM (not that I need that) :-) Cheers, Sijmen P.S. The adapter has a empty spot for soldering a second SATA-connector!
  25. Yeah, the same source where I bought it. Somehow single-CF-adapters cost double.... Pfffff. 1 euro including shipping. Minus ebay-costs, how do they make a profit? I bought a IDE-to-SATA interface including cables for less then 2 euro. Must be old stock, can't possible see they make any profit there. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320658648038 Later!
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