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  1. Hmmm, it seems that I also have a hardcopy of that document. Not sure how I got it, but I have scanned it to 5 TIF-files -many- years ago..... Very usefull except that the remarks are cut. Quality is to bad for OCR I guess. Later, Sijmen.
  2. Sarcasm and rhetorical in one sentence?
  3. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5574#p5574 Here is the latest beta 5, seems to be stable @ myplace. Not sure what it brings, but let me know. F and D users can only use MyDOS. D users have 1 time access to the MyIDE-menu (called FDISK, sorry) when the disk is booted. The HELP-key or START+SELECT+OPTION will not bring you back...... The 4.44 SDX-images are with permission modified to run on the MyIDE-BIOS. SDX-team: thanks! Please note there are 2 version: 1mb atarimax and 1mb+ide atarimax. You MUST have the MyIDE-BIOS in ROM to make this work. versions F and D (which are in RAM) will not work. Example: 1/ Internal-MyIDE + SDX-on-1mb_atarimax works. 2/ MyIDE4.6E-bios + BB + SDX-on-1mb_ide_atarimax works. For now, the BIOS has fried my brain out, so be kind and enjoy. I'll be at the Xchat later today.
  4. Yeah! (just tested my purchase); IDE-to-SATA also works on the 4.6-BIOS. The only problem is the CHS 33 Gb barrier for logical partitions. Images can fill the whole disk. SATA is slightly faster then CF or DOM (not that I need that) :-) Cheers, Sijmen P.S. The adapter has a empty spot for soldering a second SATA-connector!
  5. Yeah, the same source where I bought it. Somehow single-CF-adapters cost double.... Pfffff. 1 euro including shipping. Minus ebay-costs, how do they make a profit? I bought a IDE-to-SATA interface including cables for less then 2 euro. Must be old stock, can't possible see they make any profit there. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320658648038 Later!
  6. Yeah, you are totally right! master/slave programming is not easy. That's one of the main reasons I didn't touch it for the BIOS. Both drives accept the command when send, only the selected drive respond. 2nd pitfall is the absence/removal/lock-up of the slave-drive, the master-drive then takes over...... Beside that, I use my PC to draw backups (raw sector dumps). So basically I see no urge (for now) to support master/slave configurations. Later, Sijmen.
  7. Hi Guys, Just found this tread... :-) Adding attract-mode to the BIOS? That can be done. Relative simple request. master/stave is a thing i'm working on behind the scenes for my own usage. I bought a 2 CF-card adapter (to IDE) 2 weeks ago from china. Still waiting for it to arrive, than I can do some testing. One app I have programmed: clone CF-master to CF-slave. Not sure how to implement this in the BIOS. How do you see this? If a drive is not on master, look for it on the slave? Anyhow, drop me a pm is you have ideas, the new BIOS is user-build and I can't create it all by myself. Later, Sijmen.
  8. Ok, I figured something out like that. In fact I do the same in some apps Can I check a byte in ram to see if format is running? So I can program a work-around. Thanks, Sijmen. P.S. SIO.SYS works as it should. Thanks for the fix!
  9. Thanks for the update, I'll check it out Sunday! I want to point out that I'm posting here as requested on your site, because I've found issues with SDX. That I'm also working on a BIOS that supports MyIDE is not relative here. Just to set things 'straigh'. Later, Sijmen.
  10. Just for the fun of it :-) I guess people forget this. B.T.W. MyDOS was the only dos that worked on the atarimax_IDE cartridge with the BIOS stored in OSRAM. Spartados works on the internal IDE and since Steve sells these too, there is some demand for it. Talk to you later.
  11. Ok, I need to do some digging here and let you know later. I'm indeed testing on the beta-version of the MyIDE-BIOS and the Spartados X 4.43rc works fine. So until now, I didn't check further, I will do. Later, Sijmen. [edit] I checked on my stock 800xl, atarimax 1mb cartridge, file downloaded here: http://sdx.atari8.info/index.php?show=en_download Unfortunately I get the same errors with SIO.SYS /A or /C See screenshot What do I wrong? [edit]
  12. Thanks for the reply(s). about: ATARIMAX 1Mb cartridge. I did use the latest version . The plain cartridge as downloaded gives a error: "No binairy file" Typing SIO.SYS /C gift "error in CHDIR" and it loops for ever. Can I ask (perhaps a stupid) other question? The build-in format uses stack-area, I use it too in my apps, garbaging up the screen. The format-function still works tough. Is there a file version of FORMAT.COM too? Later, Sijmen.
  13. 1 Just a short question if SpartaDOS X 4.43 supports densities higher then 512 bps? Let's say if the percom-drive reply says: 1024 bps, does sparta work with this? 2 This command do not work and I need them to support the internal MyIDE-BIOS. SIO.SYS /A 3 I'm missing the image for my atarimax_1mb_ide, also this one I need for my internal MyIDE-BIOS. Later, Sijmen.
  14. Ok, here is my finding. Cartridge now works btw :-) The eeprom was correctly soldered to the PCB, so I examined the rest closely. Here I found a drop of solder stuck between to contacts that go into the cartridge-slot. After removing, vidgrid started , yeah! Saving and loading is OK now. Later, Sijmen.
  15. Hmmm, I bought a MT (defective) and that has the same issue. Selftest: OK, but black screen on VidGrid. Most likely the memory-chip isn't soldered 100% to the PCB. (I had this problem years ago on a other MT). With a flashlight, you can shine under the chip to see if a pin is not soldered to the PCB. You need a small soldering tip (SMD....) and just press it on. I'll try mine this week and let you know if I can find the problem....
  16. I'm using altirra to debug the new 4.5 MyIDE Great emulator, thanks! Later, Sijmen.
  17. Nice to meet you!

  18. Hi Noland,

    Nice to meet you on atariage.

    Here is a nice job I did last year:



  19. Nice to meet you on atariage :-)

    This is some work I did last year.

    superb electronic design for the 70's !

  20. Thanks for the info, I just got 1 jaguar back to life (with sound!). Replaced all 3 parts and it works great. 2 more dead jags to go..... Sijmen.
  21. If nobody asks, I do not know..... The latest 5.0 beta version of MyIDE has percom support. But is not compatible in anyway with the older versions. Current plans are to write a new OS based on the feedback I got on the MyIDE forum, were I always read posts.... The OS is not near finishing. Compatibility with 400/800 as wel XL/XE is the mayor problem. I do it on my own, in my spare time. I've been reading the thread, but am missing the point I guess. Is it correct that the new sdx can be flashed into a 1mb (128k) atarimax cartridge? Cheers, Sijmen.
  22. Hi everyone, We had a great time, organising this was lots of fun and a great experience! A big thank you to you all for making it a fantastic weekend. Pics: http://www.mr-atari.com/eurocon2007.htm Looking forward to next year!! Sijmen & Sandra
  23. Hi, Nice to see you are so looking forward to it! We are too and getting nervous by now....... 7 days! Cheers Sijmen and Sandra
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