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  1. Just a short post to let you know: -TODAY IS THE LAST PRE-ORDER DAY- If you want a MyIDE + 1MB Flash cheap, order one now...... http://www.atarimax.com/myide/documentation/ Cheers, Sijmen.
  2. I have the same problem with my 1200XL. They need TLC :-) When you don't use it for a few month, keys are starting to fail. But when I press them repeatedly, they start working again. Doesn't a 800XL keyboard fits into a 1200XL? Cheers, Sijmen.
  3. It's the XL-upgraded SIO protocol. 4F is a poll 3 command: "are you there?" The device should answer back and download its (relocate-able) driver. For as I know it's a delevopment upgrade, not applied in (new) devices. Read the 1200XL addendum for explanation of these new command. Cheers, Sijmen.
  4. Some pictures of a real cool XE with CF-card :-) Thank's to Nir Dary (Mini-IDE connector to 2.5" IDE drive or CF adaptor)
  5. Hi Guys, Since most of you read posts here, I just wanted to mention there is a new version of MyIDE-flasher on Atarimax's forum. What is new? -removed the 'copy between partitions'-bug ! -extended vectortable. E483 = JMP HDINIT E486 = JMP HDWRI E489 = JMP HDREA -BYE / E477 coldstarts the OS and keeps it active! -Fully compatible with 'standard' XL/XE-software. -Holding OPTION during reset and then release it: Restart Flash-cart. -It runs on EVERY 64k machine with ANY OS installed. -CBFA = reserved for image-density. 0=128 bytes/s 1= 256 bytes/sector. (Flash-OS only!, Not implemented by the drivers ---yet---). This to make MyIDE-routines more 'open source' for programmers. See you at atarimax. Cheers, Sijmen. P.S. Copy the file bootrom to the folder \MyIDE in maxflash-kit. P.P.S. Read the technical manual from my site, drivers&manuals-page
  6. Replacing the MATH-OS (2k: D800-DFFF) by a other routine called FAST-MATH ROM speeds up standard BASIC too. Perhaps there are more math-rom upgrades, I don't know. This one was released to be exchanged with the separate 2k-IC inside the 800-OS ROMcartridge. But in a XL/XE-system this requires burning a new OS in EPROM (2x8K pre-600XL/800XL, 16k XL/XE or 32k XEGAME) and soldering it in. But could be a option. If you need this FAST-MATH, I have a binairy image of it (somewere). Drop me a mail on my page and come back to you. Cheers, Sijmen.
  7. The internal version work in any A8. But it's called a XE-kit, because it actually fits inside a XE. In a XL, you need to use a 40 pins CPU-ribbon cable to support the interface away from the keyboard (there is no room beneith it). I.E. Any 6502 CPU will do fine. Even a 400/800-CPU-board (if you had room for it) Disadvantage is, that this cool internal interface required soldering most of the times. I'll ask Steven Tucker if you can add the option -BOOTROM in a flash- cartridge other then the MyIDE+Flash. If yes, you can flash-in the latest OS-version for a internal-interface !!! :-) This would be great for beta-testing also! I'll open a new topic about this later. Cheers, Sijmen.
  8. Where did you get that cute little 800XL toy? Did someone make it for you? 860227[/snapback] It's paper cut-out of a basic manual :-) Shown are the graphic-keys. Cheers, Sijmen. Did you checkout the matrix-demo. It runs on a MyIDE-interface. Click on it and you get a MPG captured from my 800XL. Data-rating is 60 kbytes / seconds with 6kHZ IRQ for sound !!!! (this is 200x sio-speed compaired to a stock 1050)
  9. Pre-orders at 49.99 USD (ONLY) are taken until 31-may. go here: http://www.atarimax.com/myide/documentation/ Cheers, Sijmen.
  10. Hi Guys, Stevens MyIDE+flash is cool, but have you seen this??? Just to let you know this is a real cool gadget for XE-users. 2.5"HD or CF-card inside your XE. I even have pictures of a CF-card inserted on the right-side of a XE-console :-) See here for more info: http://home.wanadoo.nl/mr.atari/XE-IDE-KIT/XE-INSTALL.html For questions and how to get one: [email protected] Cheers, Sijmen.
  11. >Ive got a CompactFlash IDE hooked into my internal MyIDE board. That is a great setup. >I had some issues and am going to start from scratch again formatting it - Could >you give me some suggestions on the best utility to use to start over again - Will >the 'sector/head' utility report back correctly with regard to setting my sectors >and such? Ok. best is to use Util32.ATR you can download from my site. Follow the quickguide for the 3.2F interface. This is a fast and clean setup. Images (or ATR's). Check the number of cylinders of your card reported by Fdisk. To enable images, you need 512 cylinders minimum. In this case cylinder 256-512 are reserved for images. Now, If you have gargabe on cylinder-0, forcing the OS to start the HD and crashing the system you need to do this: power up without CF-card. When running plugin the card (do not press reset) and run fdisk. Do a autodetect (if not asked) and save&exit. This will clear the bootarea of the card. Cheers, Sijmen.
  12. Hello all, Just to let you know that I'm online for remarks, questions and tips. http://www.atarimax.com/flashcart/forum/viewforum.php?f=7 Not only for MyIDE + flash, but also for general MyIDE-topics. See you! Sijmen.
  13. The first retrocomputerdag will be organized! 10 September, 11:00 - 16:00 Kayersheerdt, Apeldoorn Close to the A1, Nice location, with drink/snacks! info: www.retrocomputerdag.nl -Free for visitors- Small charge per tabe for sellers/hobbyists Mr.Atari
  14. The ST-mouse works also as a track-ball. Fun to play missile command on your 8 bit, with a ST-mouse attached. (do not forget the: press ctrl-t) Cheers, Sijmen.
  15. buzzing sound: mostly because of bad capacitors in the PSU-circuit. Or due to bad shielding of the computer / RF-wire. But knowing the tank inside the 400 this will not be the case, even a nuclear blast won't disturb this baby Cleaning the cartrige contact with a toothbrush/cleaner does miracles too. Best is to clean the contacts of the cartridge AND atari-slot. Cheers, Sijmen.
  16. When you are toalking about saved BASIC programmes, you can simple load tape and save them to disk. Same goes for binary files. Just enter DOS and copy from C: to D:name.ext Bootable cassettes can be saved with a multi-boot menu. But multiple stage cassettes are difficult. There is a program called transdisk, than can do most of these tapes. Kind regards, Sijmen.
  17. First try the (2) 4051 chips. They are used as isolator to the pokey-chip. If that doesn't work, the pokey could be bad. Check the paddle(0) value in basic with paddle attached. If the value doesn't make sense, your pokey is (almost) dead. Happened only once at my place in a 5200. I thought the joysticks were messed-up, but instead it was the pokey-chip. Cheers, Sijmen.
  18. If CPU replacement does not work (if it's socketed) you are not able to fix it. You need the electrical drawings + scoop for trouble shooting. The drawings.... I have, but I can't tell you were to start. sorry. cheers. Sijmen.
  19. I did a dutch translation years agoo and found the text something like: "Do not steal" But in game-play I have never encoutered this. Perhaps has this to do with it? Cheers, Sijmen.
  20. This will not be easy / impossible. You need to patch the mac65-code and make banks A and B to run at address 8000-8FFF and 9000-9FFF. Bank C and D can stay at A000-BFFF OSS-switch: This is the simpler one of OSS schemes. It uses only A0 and A3 address lines: A3=0, A0=0 - $A000-$AFFF: bank B, $B000-$BFFF: bank A. A3=0, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank D, $B000-$BFFF: bank A. A3=1, A0=0 - disable cartridge. A3=1, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank C, $B000-$BFFF: bank A. A other option is to burn the mac65 diskversion. It's 12k and runs from 'cartrdige-space'. You only need to set the cartidge bytes in your eprom and perhaps make a little patch of the content that was there. The DDT option is not present in the diskversion. Good luck, Sijmen.
  21. Could be simple: defective PSU Or not: Looks like a dead CPU or GTIA-chip. But could also be failure in a standard IC . 1st release 130XE has CPU in a socket = easy replacement :-) Cheers, Sijmen.
  22. Try turning the potentiometer for color-adjust. A wrong setting give B&W picture. You need a little screwdriver. It's located on the bottem. Aproximate under the left shift key. Cheers, Sijmen. http://www.mr-atari.com
  23. Looks like RAM failure. The 800 has 3 x 16 k boards? Try only 1 board of 16 k in bank 1 each time. If the problem stays for all 3 boards, you are facing a hardware problem. Not easy to fix. The 400 has also 1 board of 16k (or 8k) under the hood. Remove and replace with a good one from the 800. Hope to be of help. Sijmen.
  24. If I remember correctly, the resident part of TBASIC is in low memory-area. This means free RAM is different. So when you have put players/missiles in the area normally safe for your standard basic-listing, it could be unsafe using TBASIC. I think your players/misslie overlap your listing, erasing parts of it. Try moving up your players/missiles 8K. cheers, sijmen.
  25. T34 runs on a 130XE minimum. Contact me on my homepage. www.mr-atari.com CU, sijmen.
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