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  1. Could be simple: defective PSU Or not: Looks like a dead CPU or GTIA-chip. But could also be failure in a standard IC . 1st release 130XE has CPU in a socket = easy replacement :-) Cheers, Sijmen.
  2. Try turning the potentiometer for color-adjust. A wrong setting give B&W picture. You need a little screwdriver. It's located on the bottem. Aproximate under the left shift key. Cheers, Sijmen. http://www.mr-atari.com
  3. Looks like RAM failure. The 800 has 3 x 16 k boards? Try only 1 board of 16 k in bank 1 each time. If the problem stays for all 3 boards, you are facing a hardware problem. Not easy to fix. The 400 has also 1 board of 16k (or 8k) under the hood. Remove and replace with a good one from the 800. Hope to be of help. Sijmen.
  4. If I remember correctly, the resident part of TBASIC is in low memory-area. This means free RAM is different. So when you have put players/missiles in the area normally safe for your standard basic-listing, it could be unsafe using TBASIC. I think your players/misslie overlap your listing, erasing parts of it. Try moving up your players/missiles 8K. cheers, sijmen.
  5. T34 runs on a 130XE minimum. Contact me on my homepage. www.mr-atari.com CU, sijmen.
  6. If you are using a 3.5" drive, you need a external PSU. One from a old PC will do fine. But with a 2.5" drive, you only need 5 volt. This can be drawn directly from your Atari. But be aware, you need the older 1.5 amp Atari-PSU then. The same goes for CF-cards, then any standard Atari-PSU give enough power. My post from Monday apperently got lost due to the transition to the new forums. It was about how MyIDE-works. Better download the manual from my homepage. www.mr-atari.com Cheers! Sijmen.
  7. Nice to see a new game for the A8 in a while. Great fun. Keep it up!
  8. Hi guys, Steve Tucker and I have made a new production of MyIDE-interfaces in a cartridge. The cartridge also has a 1 Mb (megabit) flashrom. The flashrom will be sold standard with MyIDE-3.2F, basic rev_c and assembler. This setup makes the cartridge 100% plug-and-play. When you don't need the boot-OS, you can flash the cartridge with any other software to you liking. Pre-orderprice is set at 49.99 USD (40 euro). www.mr-atari.com Kind regards, Sijmen (aka mr-atari) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- google forum: At powerup, the cartridge switches on. -loads the MyIDE 3.2F from flash (F=flashload, 3.1 based) -asks if you like to boot with 0 no cart 48k 1 basic (rev-c) 40k 2 assembler 40k 3 flashcart (*) (*) I do not know if this will be supported by Steve. The myide-part uses banks 0,1,2,3 of the flash, leaving banks 4 through 15 free for others. This option justs switches on bank 4 and jumps to it. My idea was to give Steve the freedom to adjust his flash-program to pack any type of exe into this part of the flashrom. MyIDE-status will be permanently shown on screen. Just for you to see if the drive is powerup and ready to go. Then press 0,1,2,3 to start your atari-session. holding OPTION will bypass the flash-rom, for easy reprogramming. No warrenty how the end version will be, since I'm working on the program MyIDE supports standard IDE-drives and CF (zip not tested by anybody yet). CF needs a CF-to-ide-adaptor. Theoretically all devices following the ATA-protocol will work. Kind regards, Sijmen.
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