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  1. You just go on pluging your game. That is some amazing work.
  2. Non non, Mr. Grindypants. After 4 hours of Penult? Non Non.
  3. Microsurgeon Demon Attack Beauty and the Beast IMBerzerk nailed it on these.
  4. Yes. Quite clearly there is something wrong with you. Berzerk is a metaphor for life man. Every step is a one way ticket closer to death. There's no going back. The maze is unsolvable. Like life. All that matters is your score at the end. You dig? 🤫 This post courtesy of me listening to a band from the early 70's called Pluto. 🤣
  5. I LOVE the retro stuff, but seriously, if I'm going to pay for and walk around wearing a Nike swoosh, why the fuck am I going to wear one from thirty years ago? Now to be fair, I wear my black-distressed-running man hat, but I am ready for the new.
  6. I can't possibly upvote or like this post enough. This Venture hack shows what the original hardware is capable of. This Venture hack is amazing, and something I would like to have on a cart. Look at what is possible with this little 6502 system we have been dicking with for the past 40 years. And that's not even talking about what is possible with ARM.
  7. A few points. I bought Wizard of Wor Arcade and Galagon for myself for Christmas. They are in a box with many other retro game carts that I am not currently using. When I want to play either game, I play the demos on my Harmony Plus Cart. I do not regret my purchase, but this has lowered my chances for purchasing other full productions. I don't need boxes or printed manuals, but I do enjoy the physical carts. My son also loves the carts, so I have now all of the carts for the roms he likes to play. He loves the visceral feeling of changing the carts to change the game. He's six. He likes the agency. The look on his face when I took a cart of Battlezone out of a bubble mailer was priceless. What neither of us needs is a box. I enjoy physical carts so much that I am tempted to get custom carts of a few games that I hacked (Canyon Raid, Night Raid, or Pittsburgh vs. Montreal/Ottowa/San Jose/New York Islanders/Philadelphia/Toronto/Vancouver/Washington in Ice Hockey). I also want one for a Berzerk/Dr. Who hack, but I think the author fell off the face of the earth. But back to the roms. A while ago, I had seriously considered reaching out to some developers here to offer to pay for full roms with Venmo or another cash app. I'm glad to hear that that may soon be in the offering here, because I also don't mind supporting this site. I don't mind rewarding the developer, the publisher, and the distributor for games that I enjoy. I don't want to side-track the thread, but I think Amico has it right. I don't think I will have any problem paying $10 for a digital download game. I will almost certainly buy a few physicals if they are around $20 or so. I'm glad to see AA may possibly offer something similar. You know what would make physical purchases so much easier for me? The digital copy for free to put on my Harmony.
  8. So at 550+ and possibly slowing, is it safe to say that they will sell about the same or a little more than the best sellers here? If they sell more or even significantly more over time, where would those sales coming from? What market are they hitting that Atari Age isn't? I mentioned it in an earlier post that I thought they might be trying to grow the market. Any thoughts on how they may be doing it? Or are they selling to the same crowd but getting more sales because they are rock stars? Does Circus Convoy look like such a superior game to the homebrews we have now to explain greater sales? I'd really like to know if they can get 1000+ sales, how could they possibly do it? Who are they selling to that Atari Age is not? I wish them all the best; these questions I think of are not meant to disparage anyone. I just see this as a Sales and Marketing exercise. A little bit of SWOT and Market Analysis.
  9. I'm not the one who mentioned that one of them might have had a condescending attitude. I am not trying to stir up drama. I am saying that I don't appreciate anyone coming here and crapping on this community and the hard work that these people do. If they weren't jerks then awesome, I'm looking forward to what they produce. I'm looking forward to what they add to the community. I love this place, and I started getting strong negative vibes from some of the posts in this thread and posts in other recent threads. I can understand that stuff happens in the TACO and Amico threads, but there seems to be spill over now. I've never said that I thought they were boo-boo to the community. If it isn't clear, I have not seen the video so I do not have an opinion of any of their behavior. That's why I assumed that if multiple people had concerns, then there was probably something there. I reacted to other people's concerns and not anything I had direct contact with. That is my bad and even though I threw an IF in my original comments, I see how my comments could be taken the way you and others had. Again, not trying to be part of the problem, just trying to stand up for the community I like to call myself part of. I'm sorry if I've cause any strife in the community.
  10. I'm guilty of reading these posts and feeling a very strong negative vibe from people. I'm a passionate person and as you can see from my posts in this thread I love this place. Others are mentioning concerns and I am stepping up running my mouth when maybe I don't have a place to. I do not intend to start crap, but am being proactive in defending the community if some person or group wants to imply the people here are not as good as them. I did not accuse anyone or anything, I just registered my displeasure with them if they ever did. You know, because what people earlier in the thread were either saying or implying. Again not trying to start anything, but anyone that doesn't respect what we have would lose my support and business, and I don't think I am alone in that. We have a small community and we need to stick together even if we have different ideas on how to maintain our community or in the case as I suspect with Audacity, grow our community.
  11. And then you have a bunch of people trying to get Albert to sell the roms on the store so people can pay the developers (and distributor) for their work. Not everyone wants a $50 box, manual, and cart, but some people want to reward the people that make our scene possible. Now I don't follow the homebrew or programming threads nearly as much as the general so I can't speak for people being bitches or special snowflakes during the development of these games. The only hostility I ever see is in the Taco and Amico threads, and with careful moderation even that has died down. EDIOT: Now I read the programming threads when I find a game that interests me, and maybe it's because I haven't been here very long, but for the most part I don't see negative. One of the threads I have been following is Andrew Davie's Chess thread. That looks like a thread where Andrew shows us the development as it occurs and where the community offers input and questions. The progress that has been made in that thread is amazing. That's what I see.
  12. I was going to draw a cupcake analogy but I like beer just as much. I can go into my local Grocery store in Virginia and buy the same beer that someone can buy in California. I can also buy local brew in the same store or the bar down the road but its local only. I can't get it in California, or Pennsylvania for that matter. Brews like Sam Adams started as 'homebrews' and grew to cover the country and possibly beyond by this point. And then there are the local brews that can only be bought in one bar. I have one of those type of bars three minutes away. To me, that last one is Atari Age. Galagon could very easily be sold in any local retro game store. It's professional from start to finish. But it's boutique. As far as I know it's sold in one location and no one makes a profit on it. Atari Age is for the love of the game. Is Galagon or Atari Age really a commercial enterprise? I think that's the difference. Intention. I don't think anyone here is using the profit motive to drive their production. Games are not developed using a production schedule. Albert makes the physical product when he can, not to a distribution schedule. As far as I know, you can't buy any Atari Age games at retail. I get the impression that Audacity is looking at our market (and other retro game markets?) in a completely different manner. That's what will make them different, not necessarily successful, but different. But I'll say it now. EDIOT [Poo-poo] to them if they ever denigrate Atari Age or the people that make our niche possible. I'd like to think we are happy with the community we have, and if they try to come around and bully us with any holier-than-thou attitude they can just piss off. We didn't need that attitude before and we don't need that nonsense now. All we need are fantastic games to buy from people that respect their market. Atari Age is that right now. I love this place.
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