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  1. What if the Amico physical media connects to the internet (authentication servers, whatever..) and is unlocked to a specific Amico forever? EDIT: I think I like vongruetz's idea better after further reflection.
  2. Hey, do you all remember a few years back when Adobe accidentally made Pro 8 available for download because they were taking down their activation servers? Well I have a physical box, disk and legal key. But its useless to me now. Where do Amico games and physical products fit in? Do we need a third term to accurately describe these products?
  3. Looks like Yellowstone. The only thing that blows a lot of hot air with more regularity are the Tommy haters.
  4. If the controllers are around 70-100 ea then maybe its better to just get a second Amico for the two controllers and systen. It begs the question though: where is all of the technology. In the Controller or Main Unit? It seems to me the main unit might be more like my switch dock with LEDs.
  5. And I though Night Stalker or Cloudy Mountain would be my favorite. Then Flying Tigers comes along and looks amazing. That will learn me to pick favorites this far out. I'm just going to wait patiently for the goodness that is coming.
  6. I had so thought you were responding to this post immediately above yours. I chuckled.
  7. You just go on pluging your game. That is some amazing work.
  8. Non non, Mr. Grindypants. After 4 hours of Penult? Non Non.
  9. Microsurgeon Demon Attack Beauty and the Beast IMBerzerk nailed it on these.
  10. Yes. Quite clearly there is something wrong with you. Berzerk is a metaphor for life man. Every step is a one way ticket closer to death. There's no going back. The maze is unsolvable. Like life. All that matters is your score at the end. You dig? 🤫 This post courtesy of me listening to a band from the early 70's called Pluto. 🤣
  11. I LOVE the retro stuff, but seriously, if I'm going to pay for and walk around wearing a Nike swoosh, why the fuck am I going to wear one from thirty years ago? Now to be fair, I wear my black-distressed-running man hat, but I am ready for the new.
  12. I can't possibly upvote or like this post enough. This Venture hack shows what the original hardware is capable of. This Venture hack is amazing, and something I would like to have on a cart. Look at what is possible with this little 6502 system we have been dicking with for the past 40 years. And that's not even talking about what is possible with ARM.
  13. A few points. I bought Wizard of Wor Arcade and Galagon for myself for Christmas. They are in a box with many other retro game carts that I am not currently using. When I want to play either game, I play the demos on my Harmony Plus Cart. I do not regret my purchase, but this has lowered my chances for purchasing other full productions. I don't need boxes or printed manuals, but I do enjoy the physical carts. My son also loves the carts, so I have now all of the carts for the roms he likes to play. He loves the visceral feeling of changing the carts to change the game. He's six. He likes the agency. The look on his face when I took a cart of Battlezone out of a bubble mailer was priceless. What neither of us needs is a box. I enjoy physical carts so much that I am tempted to get custom carts of a few games that I hacked (Canyon Raid, Night Raid, or Pittsburgh vs. Montreal/Ottowa/San Jose/New York Islanders/Philadelphia/Toronto/Vancouver/Washington in Ice Hockey). I also want one for a Berzerk/Dr. Who hack, but I think the author fell off the face of the earth. But back to the roms. A while ago, I had seriously considered reaching out to some developers here to offer to pay for full roms with Venmo or another cash app. I'm glad to hear that that may soon be in the offering here, because I also don't mind supporting this site. I don't mind rewarding the developer, the publisher, and the distributor for games that I enjoy. I don't want to side-track the thread, but I think Amico has it right. I don't think I will have any problem paying $10 for a digital download game. I will almost certainly buy a few physicals if they are around $20 or so. I'm glad to see AA may possibly offer something similar. You know what would make physical purchases so much easier for me? The digital copy for free to put on my Harmony.
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