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  1. I love the white, black, cyan, and magenta colors. They bring me back to my CGA days.
  2. I'm ashamed to admit it; I suck at Megamania. My high score went from 6,840 in December 2018 to 9,770 in August 2019. I'm going to take my Harmony out and play on the cart and see what happens. 45,000 for the patch... there's something I'm missing there like in Dolphin. For ages I hovered below 10k and I figured out a technique that got me in one game to 60k. I assume there's something like that in Megamania. Now I'm going to go and try to find it. Actually, it seems to me that most Activision games are like that. I sucked at Enduro for a long time and then figured out how to deal with the fog. River Raid, Chopper Command, the same. I just find techniques that work. Edit: I got 9,810 on my first try, which is my new highest. I keep losing all of my lives on the damn Pink stage, so my score keeps hovering around 9,000. I can't seem to get the leading down and my dead shots on the other difficulty are even worse. I just can't get the rhythm. And it's not like I get hit by the missiles, no, I keep getting crushed by those bastards. Now I'm going to get mad...
  3. Beat me to it. I was going quote just this because it sounds awesome. Someone make this please.
  4. It's been almost two days; where is everyone? Atari has been saying for half-a-year, 'wait it's coming, it's coming.' What did the Abox finally release and no one tell me? I know, you'all are playing it and don't have enough time to come to the forums and tell the rest of us how great the system is.
  5. So right around when the box releases in retail.
  6. Sorry. You posted this in the wrong thread. You meant this one: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/278810-the-new-atari-vcs-faq-and-info-thread/?do=getnewcomment
  7. Now that I think of it, I wonder how hard it would be to have a graphic visualization like a fire that moved with the music. I did like the visualization you had Pat.
  8. I too have a video problem like this. Luckily I use another Vader, but I would like to be able to repair my original. I would be sad if both failed--which they will of course--and I had to hack my Flashback 2. While I can Retropie all day long, there is nothing like playing Space Shuttle on a legit machine.
  9. But the Atari logo sold 3 millions dollars worth of dogshit cat litter boxes. Crack one open and you have two litter boxes. See if I'm not right. On the flip side, the Atari logo is also responsible for the loss of 3 million dollars in sales of tacos. I want some enterprising young nutter to open up an Ataco box and fill it with tacos. Sorry, I'll show myself out.
  10. Weren't the Witless Wonders over in Youtubeland claiming that Amico was just a Banana Pi?
  11. Just told Wifey about Burgertime and she was like cool and all that, but she said that if you all got Kool-Aid man, she would be super happy. Like happy enough she wouldn't be mad that I bought a second Amico--when I tell her I bought the second one that is...
  12. RCA 27" with unmodified Vader. It also has a Retron 3, PS1 slim, Nintendo 64, and PS2 fatty. I used to have an original NES, SNES, and Genesis but got the Retron because I needed more room. I'm not telling you all about my NES Classic, SNES Classic, Atari Flashback 9, Genesis Flashback, Genesis Classic, or Playstation Classic that I connect to my 24" widescreen on the otherside of the room.
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