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  1. Yeah but with theirs you have to buy another phone to use with your friends. CurlyQ just didn't show the second handset. Amico, bringing conversations back to the same room. 🤣
  2. If Night Stalker and Cloudy Mountain are using similar avatar themes, then I think Adventure should as well.
  3. Now if only the LEGO Harry Potter allowed dueling between players instead of just characters in the stages.
  4. On my Xbox360, I loved playing Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim. Easily over a hundred hours on Skyrim. Blasted that number away with the kids on LEGO Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and now on Marvel. We've bought Harry Potter for the Switch and are eagerly awaiting 31. December when the new LEGO Star Wars comes out. Oh and Minecraft. Fuck Minecraft. That game has taken more time away from me than reading the nonsense in this thread. 😛 And now that my daughter has learned how to use the Command Blocks, fuck, I never get to play anymore. Which leads me to ask, Tommy, are there any games in the pipe that deal directly with coding. I'm also two seconds away from getting Game Builder Garage for her.
  5. That one and Cloudy Mountain are on my day one purchase list.
  6. Yes, parents controlling what's on the system with simple tags. Like Razzie.P said, parents are going to have different standards for what content is allowable for their family. I'm not going to say the kids are going to age out of the Amico, but I think the Amico's restricted content will hold it back a little bit. We love playing co-op/competitive beat 'em ups and action games, so they'll be fine with Cloudy Mountain and Night Stalker. But like I mentioned earlier, we also play games like Golden Axe, Double Dragon, and TMNT. I have no problem with the retro, cartoony, pixelated violence. It seems like we we'll have problems getting games like that. So that's what I'd change. Let me parent. Give me the tools to control what gets into my house. Don't parent for me. I love what I see in Amico, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. If Intellivision delivers what's been promised, Amico will have a place in my house. And to be clear, I thought E10 was the line not Everyone.
  7. Woodgrain then a tie between Black and Red. The Black and White would blend well with either or my two main TV setups (living and playroom), but f*** me, that Red is Cherry. I'm not buying a third one to get the red though. Maybe.
  8. I agree. The lack of controls on the Switch is why it will be long time before the kids are able to go through the store themselves.
  9. Crap I hit submit before writing the next paragraph. Here it is. I know I mentioned sexual content, but it's also the violent that I'm concerned with. I am looking forward to the Grand Theft Auto remake heading for the Switch, but do I want my kids playing it? I don't have a problem beating up whores for cash, but I don't want my kids playing that mess. With Amico I don't have to worry. I wish Tommy wasn't so against pixelated or retro looks, because when I think of '80s Nintendo's library, there are few games I'd have a problem with. We've have a blast playing Double Dragon 2 and Mighty Final Fight together. I also don't have a problem with Golden Axe on the Genesis. As a parent, I'd love to see a game like a TMNT beat 'em up on Amico and find it completely appropriate. I'd personally have no problem with Street Fighter 2, but with Amico, I don't have to ever worry about content like Mortal Kombat.
  10. I don't want to come in and shit up your thread, but there is an easy answer to this thought. If people could get past the messenger/s and to the message, Intellivision wants games that are E10 or less, because they believe this will help market the system to Soccer Moms and Grandparents. Anyone can argue if it's a good idea or not, but Tommy and his fans have been perfectly clear why they don't want those types of games. I think about 500 pages back in the massive thread, Tommy was receptive to beat 'em ups that were cartoony or robots, I can't remember. Think '80s Nintendo taken to the extreme. It's all about saying that this system is safe for parents to trust with their children. I know people like to hold up the Swtich as already doing what Amico wishes to do, but over the weekend my family (Wife, Daughter 9, and Son 7) were browsing through the eShop looking for a couch co-op game. Don't get me wrong, there were some and we ended up buying two (I wish they had a separate genre tab that pulled those out because we had to go through about 700 games like fortnight that were single player on one switch), but do you know how many thumbnails were showcasing Anime tits? Now this experience wasn't as bad as people in the past have made it seem, but we also didn't go into those pages to see screenshots. I wonder what we would have seen and if it would be appropriate if my son was browsing around. And I'm not a prude. They have watched British TV that has no problem with nudity if it's appropriate. Sure they giggled and laughed when they saw their first bum on TV, but it was very easy to say that it's natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, the Anime thumbnails I mentioned earlier were the exact opposite--hyper sexualized. I have no problem with it existing, but I don't want it in my kids face. Amico promises to respect my wishes.
  11. Definitely check out the homebrews. There are so many that are exceptional. With a little hunting on the site, you should be able to find versions to put on a Harmony cart. Honestly, if you are new to the site, I'd recommend hanging out in 2600 programming to see what people are coming up with today. Following the development of these games is amazing. For example, if you like Defender, then look for Arcade Defender. Some brilliant programmer took the guts of Stargate/Defender 2 and demade it to match as close as possible the Defender found in the arcade. There are at least half-a-dozen playable revisions. One of my favorite games to play Dr. Who vs. the Daleks based on Berzerk. Another is Galagon, a remake of Galaga that is amazing. Star Castle, Arcade Wizard of Wor, and Venture Reloaded. All amazing. And holy crap if you like Warlords, track down Medieval Mayhem. If you fell in love with the 2600 and its original library, homebrews will make you fall in love all over again. And because you can follow the development of so many of these games, it's like a long-lasting honeymoon. Something to match Solaris is going to be hard though, because it was one of the latest and most complex games. I remember I got mine when I bought a replacement Jr. somewhere around '87. As others have mentioned, Beamrider, Moonsweeper, and Star Master would probably be the most similar that I've played. If I wanted just the space combat, I'd go with Star Master. Radar Lock will probably look the most similar to Solaris since they were released around the same time, but I don't remember playing it much. Another space combat game I like is Tac-Scan. I'd watch a video or play a rom before buying it though since its gameplay is a little different.
  12. Try being a life-long Oriole fan. Or having a complete set of Original broadcast Star Trek TOS episodes on Beta tapes recorded in a PBS studio.
  13. I would think so. I haven't counted yet, but it seems that there are far more games geared to me and my likes than the presumable 3 billion casuals. I could be wrong but I'm not seeing the 20% splits that have been mentioned in the past. Now that I think of it, have there been many games like Candy Crush, Cross Words, or the like that are more geared towards casual play?
  14. Brilliant, just brilliant. Sounds like you really wanted it to succeed and are just heartbroken. I too know the feeling of being let down. The pain and sting of love lost. The challenge of waking up everyday with the thought that it might be the last. And to have never had the Playdate in my hand.
  15. Some are. Some are managers and some have families. Some might want to play games with their kids and grandkids. Some of them could be crying in their basements alone because they are secretly afraid all the cool 11 years-olds cursing and tea-bagging in fortnight are going to leave for them for Amico. Otherwise why are they paying so much attention?
  16. Seven punks slapping quarters on Ms. Pacman in the back corner where all the cool kids smoked Captain Jacks.
  17. Another rhetorical question for everyone to help put the marketing into perspective. Even though he rubs some people in our community the wrong way, how well would Amico do with Tommy and half-an-hour on QVC or HSN? Or a five minute spot on the Morning Network Shows like, 'Today, Good Morning America, etc...'? He says things now and sets off people's bullshit warnings. We've been burned before in this industry--lots of over-promising and under-delivering. But imagine he puts Amico on these shows and channels, and it works as designed. Hosts play the games and comment in real time. My mother-in-law watches and calls my wife, 'do you have one of these new Amico videos game things?' I mean sure we'll see ads in Game Informer for Amico, but why reach for millions when you can aim for hundreds of millions. Watch for ads and articles in places like Good Housekeeping, AARP, People, Entertainment Weekly, and maybe even places like Reader's Digest. What about a Costco Bulletin? If they put kiosks in GameSpot, you'll see them in Target. Does anyone want to guess know how many times my kids stop to check out the Switch displays in Target. Anyone want to guess how many times we go in a Gamestop? Or what about a Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Now there is a big question about whether any of their marketing--whatever it ends up being--will be successful. That's how marketing works. Look at all the failed marketing campaigns from the past. It's failing with some of us for a multitude of reasons. One reason I think is that Intellivision has sent out conflicting messages about this system and who it is for. They had been specifically targeting the retro-game crowd. Tommy is hanging out in an Atari forum. So some people put out videos that say 'I don't see why I should buy this, nor why anyone else would.' Tommy comes out and directly says that those people are not his target market. And then shit escalates. I understand why there is confusion. Tommy tries to clear up the misconceptions but it's too late for some in our community. But in the hopefully near future I think Intellivision will not be primarily targeting us. I think they've started with things like the Crayola experience. They will be targeting the 'not us'. They are going after the people no one else is going after (with respect to the console makers). The Wii did that years ago and was successful, but here we are more than a decade later and nobody else has succeeded. Some people think Nintendo has continued their casual market dominance with the Switch and I think they'd be right with respects to Sony and Xbox. And yeah, ok, three billion people play casual games on their phone. But are all of these companies missing out on a massive segment of the population that isn't being served, and more importantly, are there enough people playing games, who would throw down some significant cash to play a console with their friends? Tommy and Intellivision think so. They believe they have a Unique Selling Position regardless of how people compare Amico to phone-gaming or the Switch. Their primary marketing will be focused on that and those people. They haven't started that marketing yet. There is no need. They are not ready for prime time for whatever reason. So they delay allocating their resources until they can be used most effectively. And just because there is no active campaign doesn't mean a target market doesn't exist. It's just called Untapped. And to take that market thought one final step further, when Intellivision did their SWOT analysis, you who is in the 'not a threat box' yet? Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Because for the last time (in this post), the market served by the big three is not the market Amico is aiming for. Their marketing will reflect that. (I hope I cought all the typos)
  18. To be fair, there seems to be at least two separate marketing campaigns that seem to be targeted to specific markets. One is for us, the retro gamer crowd, and that started a long time ago. They have spent time, money, and energy on it. You are and others are absolutely right. Another campaign seems directed to a larger segment of the electronics gaming community (places like E3). They've obviously spent time, money, and energy on that campaign as well. It seems here is where more of the failures of that campaign are glaring. But I link these two segments together because these two markets are closely related compared to the last major market. That major market is the one that doesn't follow the electronics gaming industry but play or may play games--soccer moms, grandparents, etc... That's where Intellivision is going to find its million in sales if they are there. Not us. That's what I believe they are talking about when they say the marketing hasn't begun yet. I suspect that the amount of time, money, and energy invested in us will be peanuts compared to what they have planned for their largest target market. Remember that retrogaming is only expected to be about 20% of their library. Most of what they have shown has been directed to us because that's what we talk about. We get the videos of gameplay. But you know what the commercials on TV are going to show? Not videos of gameplay; we'll see people playing this system together. That's the Unique Selling Position for that market. Fuck, we won't even get the original Intellivision games on or near launch because they don't want to confuse their major target market. So my point is that I think Intellivision is trying to have their cake and eat it too with regards to the different markets they are targeting. They just seem to be pissing off people that don't want to hear they are one of their target markets but not the largest or most important. Because we are not. I think Tommy has implied that regardless of what happens in the retrogaming community (negative videos and reviews), Amico will succeed or fail in the larger market that specifically doesn't follow us or the larger gaming community at large. Again, two separate markets. The funny thing is that while we are the much smaller market, we are the most likely ones to become what they call Rabid Fans in the sales and marketing world. I think that's why Tommy is directly interacting with us. One Rabid Fan is worth more than a hundred sales off a shelf at Target. Especially if they have a social following. I can't wait to see who they use. Here is a rhetorical question to all. If you were Tommy, would you rather a good showing at a virtual E3 or good showing on Oprah or similar show (does she even have a show anymore?)?
  19. My comment wasn't directed to anybody in this thread. It was directed to all the people that have been saying that Intellivision should have started their marketing campaign already. And if my comment was snarky, then I learned it directly from the concern trolls. Rev: What are you talking about? My comment reinforces what mr_me posted.
  20. Can you imagine how much time, money, and energy would have been wasted if Intellivision followed the directions of all of the concern trolls a year ago?
  21. I've been using both the individual and large (shown in Curly's video) buckets from Dollar Tree. A year of using dishwasher and they are still great. Also I think I got all of the Chinese carcinogens out of them by now. 😎
  22. I'm willing to bet that it's not his first post. 😎
  23. What if the Amico physical media connects to the internet (authentication servers, whatever..) and is unlocked to a specific Amico forever? EDIT: I think I like vongruetz's idea better after further reflection.
  24. Hey, do you all remember a few years back when Adobe accidentally made Pro 8 available for download because they were taking down their activation servers? Well I have a physical box, disk and legal key. But its useless to me now. Where do Amico games and physical products fit in? Do we need a third term to accurately describe these products?
  25. Looks like Yellowstone. The only thing that blows a lot of hot air with more regularity are the Tommy haters.
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