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  1. Great info guys, appreciate it. I'll see what I can find as far as tips in the HSC threads. Nice, it looks like I wasn't the only knucklehead with the idea. James, do you have your progress tracked on a spreadsheet / blog / thread on atariage I could peek at? I plan on creating a sheet for myself with "company set" goals for the rewards and personal goals for the ones without any official reward in place.
  2. It looks like I've been a member of this board since 2018, but I've mostly used this website to occasionally look up game information. I don't even recall registering, which is a clear sign that I'm... Confirmed greybeard, circa 1972. We recieved a VCS either Christmas of '80 or '81. I'll forego any more personal history, unless someone has specific questions about the time period, or the games we played. At any rate, these past few years I've noticed I've lost patience with recent games I've been playing, and delved into emulation as getting ahold of hardware isn't exactly in my budget (fixed income). Stella, on a unix-like system, and it seems to run well enough to feel authentic. Immediately I noticed I was having one hell of a good time playing these old games, much more fun than I should be having. My wife was a little concerned, to say the least, until I sat her butt down and she had a similar revelation. After looking up information on these games and so forth, we found out activision and imagic both had rewards set up for high scores. Patches, and medals, and so on. So I had the ridiculous idea of trying to attain those scores and "earn" those patches, obviously just bragging rights as that whole process is very defunct. All right, a few questions: High Score Club: Looks like it was started in 2005 or earlier, which means everyone has played to death I imagine all the great titles I had in mind. Recent topics include homebrews and rare games, on the face of it. Do the classics still come up, or is that a lost cause for me? Improving: I'd really like to get better, not at any particular one game, but in general. I started working on pacman and ms pacman, galaxian, and a few others. While I seem to improve a little here and there, I still hit a "wall" so to speak at some point. I can barely get past the 2nd or 3rd maze on the pacman games, for instance. Any other older folks out there try to improve, and did you have success? How did you do it, just practice a lot, or study methods? That's it for now, more questions later if we get some discussion going.
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