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  1. ParanoidLittleMan - Of course that all makes sense. Big Thanks for your help!! I just wish there was some kind of diagnostic tool/method to use since this is such a beautiful machine. Thanks again
  2. I assume you mean the PSU in the computer and not the monitor, right? I also tried using the television/rca output to a old TV and also go nothing. I checked the power supply and only one capacity had a swollen top, even though it still powered on. Should I only replace that capacitor or the whole power supply? thanks
  3. I just acquired an Atari STFM with a SM124 and SC124 monitor. When starting it up for the first time, the monitor does power on as well as the computer, it accesses the floppy drive, but the video output is not working. See attached photo and video. The SM124 monitor has the white line but the SC124 has no video at all. Not sure if it's a monitor problem or an internal video card problem. Any ideas? thanks AtariSM124monitor_problem.mpg
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