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  1. http://uk.gamespot.com/news/documentary-aims-to-unearth-millions-of-et-copies-6409193
  2. Hi all. Im not sure if im ment to ask this question in here. If not then i am sorry and will delete this thread. My fav game of all time on the ST was IK+. I cannot find a working disk image for Steem no matter how hard i try. I found a crunched version on a compliation disk but it came up with a message about crashing in midgame and then suprise suprise, crashed! Can any one direct me to a working version or send me a disk image? Thank you all.
  3. Thanks for that. Does it make a difference to anything what formatting i pick? Do some games only accept certain sizes of disk? Thanks all
  4. I use Atari800Win PLus 4.0. I cant seem to find an option to make a blank spare disk but i will keep looking... thanks all
  5. I would be very greatful if someone could send me a blank .atr disk image so i can save my progress in games like Alternate Reality etc... Much appreciated. Thanks all!
  6. Thanks all for the links. Space Harrier looks good and moves soooo fast!. Erm... i got rid of my Atari a long time ago. I noticed Lemmings etc on one link. Are their any other games that i may have missed that i simply MUST play? Also, I need a blank disk to play Alternate Reality so that i can save my game. Could anyone supply me with a blank .atr so that i can copy it as many times as is needed for all my gameing needs? Thanks all. Nice to come back to this class machine after all these years!
  7. Well as the question asks i guess! Are their any games or demos that use the awesome power of this machine or memory? I would love to try some out in .ATR format. Thanks all!
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