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  1. Push reset to restart the game or hold reset for a few seconds to restart the menu. Goto the settings screen to determine where in the menu the Flash restarts. There are many options to customize to your taste.
  2. Does not work with the UNO cart on real hardware
  3. Mail call! Just got back from the post https://m.imgur.com/gallery/Fe376IM
  4. Is this a proper setup ? https://imgur.com/gallery/R1B4vI1
  5. Is galaxian available as a finished game? Is it for sale?
  6. Works now. Thanks. I didn't want to complain about the first upload since it was free.
  7. The main foam is pretty good but the insert foam is rough
  8. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/tQnjLsl My RadioShack Tandyvision 1 carry case
  9. I went old Skool and mailed Joe a bank draft.
  10. This is my RadioShack Tandyvision 1 with matching RadioShack hardcase
  11. I will do a walk around video today and post it to my channel with a link here.
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