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  1. I would take a copy. I have 2 ECS intv setups
  2. still mstuck in cave B. I dropped a boulder onto the brick but it did not do anything. Anymore hints?
  3. I just noticed some odd behaviour with the controllers So, with roller controller plugged in ( like i always do) and Gemini controler in port 1 of roller controller and standard controller in port 2 of roller controller the game works with controller 2. with Gemini unplugged from port 1 of roller controller, controller 2 still works. Neither controller works when plugged directly into the Adam without the roller controller Not sure why the cointrols work when using the roller controller joysticks but not when the same joysticks are plugged in without the roller
  4. Not sure if this is by design or not but only controller port 2 seems to control my miner guy. No big deal since I have a Gemini controller in port 1 and am used to it not working with all games
  5. i saw that but just ignored it. I will be home in a bit and try it again
  6. lady was super nice. She said she owned it since new. Her kids are grown up now and did not want it. Intellivoice was boxed and she had all manuals and overlays for the games I am near Hamilton so it was 45 mins for me
  7. I just picked up an INTV2 with intellivoice and 35 games from market place. They were asking $100 Canadian but took $80. Everythng works great Seller was about 1hr away from me. Gave me an excuse to drive to Niagara Falls
  8. VCF East 2021 – Reschedule to October 8 - 10 When I go to VCF I always bring my TandyVision 1 with brown ECS and INTV2 with grey ECS. The ECS add on is a perfect excuse to do some Intellivision gaming there since they are now a 'computer'
  9. Good game play. I finished cave A. cave B does not have any diamonds to mine.
  10. WORKS !. Can you post what you changed to make it Adam compatible. Thanks
  11. The win10 laptop would not lauch the LTO prigram but it worked perfectly when I used the removable storeage
  12. if your laptop has a SD card slot use that else put the LTO software onto a USB thumb drive instead and it will also show as REMOVABLE DRIVE E
  13. Nope , never said that. I mostly use Linux Ubuntu I tried to use my wifes win10 laptop and found the SD card worked But you can also load it up on Linux using WINE
  14. I trick to get around the win10 issue is to place the LTO flash program on an Sdcard and runi t from there.Depending on how may hard drives you have the Sd card will probably show up as Removable Disk (E ) Double LEFT click on the ( E : ) drive Now Double LEFT click on LTOflash.exe This should work
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