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  1. I have been using the VCFMW 14 set since 2019 They are great. Thanks again for this awesome product
  2. I was very lucky that i was offered the chance to pay in Canadian dollars up here and arrange a local pickup That saved on the exchange rate and fees and postage
  3. Here is a video of the printer connected to my ECS using my home made cable
  4. The plug end on the ECS is as follows: Tip = Rxd Ring(middle) = DTR Sleeve(farthest from tip) =GND The end sleeve of both plugs will connect to the ECS (GND). Then the ECS TIP (Rxd) Connnects to the tip of the 3.5 plug and the ECS RING (DTR) connects to the tip of the 2.5 plug The 2.5 plug checks for PRINTER READY with the DtR then the other plug sends the signal (Rxd)
  5. Here is the pinout if you want to make a cable to connect the ECS The Rxd of the ECS connects to the tip of the 3.5 mm plug The DtR of the ECS connects to the tip of the 2.5 mm plug
  6. I am a new disk drive user and would also like to buy these labels
  7. Here we go, but remember you aked. I am a Tandyvision owner because my first computer was a Radio Shack Color Computer 2 in 1984 when I was 12 years old. My dad was a regular customer of the RS stores and when it was time to buy me my first computer he naturally picked a Tandy (coco2 16k) product over the Commodores (64) that all of my friends were getting. I used this computer every day to learn BASIC and upgraded several time to where, by 1991, I was the proud owner of 512k Tandy color Computer 3 with dual drives, RGB monitor,and pretty much every add on that Radio Shack sold. By 1991 I was in college and moved on to a PC, or more specifically a Packard Bell 386 SX running MSDOS Fastforward to 2015 I found a RadioShack coco2 computer at a Value Village thrift store and the spark for Tandy was back Over the next few years i picked up a coco1,coco2,coco3,model1,2,3,4, model 100,102,200, and several Tandy 1000's Then I saw an ebay listing for a Tandyvision. What was a Tandyvision? I looked thru some of my old RS catalogs and saw that it was an Intellivision clone sold at RS stores. With the connection to my collection of Radio Shack computers I knew I needed to buy it, We never had an INTV as a kid. We had an Atari 2600 instead. I tried out the Tandyvision 1 and was hooked. Soon I bought a Intellivision 1,2, and 3 because they were related to the Tandyvision which inturn was part of my Radio Shack collection. Then I found the system changer, for the INTV 2 as well as the ECS and musical KB. Then I found that there was a brown ECS and musical KB also so I got that for my INTV1 and Tandyvision. Anyway thats how ended up being part of the INTV brotherhood Here is my YouTube channel if you want to see some of the stuff in the story https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqvCMNU3T0-PXIhDaZPZNpw
  8. Just got my Mega Copy in.. It works great. I have an old Adam tape that would not format using FileManager. I used MegaCopy and turned it into a new tape and transfered Smart Basic to it. Another Adam DDP is saved
  9. i dont have a model 1 emulator setup on my pc right now
  10. I was able to try out the AtariMAX after work yesterday. It is awesome when paired with the SGM. My 5 top buys for the ADAM so far are the AtariMax cart, MIB238, CF IDE card, SGM, and the ADE . These 5 devices have brought new life to my Adam I know the IDE hard drive is redundant with the use of the ADE and AtariMax but i always wanted a harddrive back in the day but it was so un affordable as a teenager in the 80s
  11. I dont think it should matter but I am using a Model 1 with internal 48k mod and lowercase mod
  12. when i hold the U then press IO i get UIOIOIOIOIOIO i did this all the way down the screen without a miss in the pattern
  13. I just fired up my physical model 1 with lvl2 and I typed as fast as i could and never dropped a key
  14. Delivery status Delivered Delivery details Origin Lakewood, OH Delivered
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