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  1. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/DRAGON-32-DRAGON-64-CASSETTE-TAPE-RECORDER-CABLE-LEADS/391164004605?hash=item5b133108fd:g:BNEAAOSwpdpVcbtI The Dragon 32/64 cable is the same as the Tandy coco/102 except cheaper. or you can make one . If you are only loading .WAVs from a PC like jaybird3rd suggested then you only need to connect PIN 3 and PIN 2 to the Aquarius. Thats an easy cable to make. PIN 2 goes to the sleeve of the plug and PIN 3 goes to the tip. Heck you dont even need a DIN plug then, just get a mono headphone cable and strip the wire and tin it a bit and it will slide right into the cassette port on the Aquarius.
  2. I use your way to load .WAVs also. Maybe AQUACART 2.0 will include the tape games
  3. Thats what I thought but the picture of the box made me wonder. OK , so my pair are Colecovision then.
  4. How do I tell if mine are for Colecovision or for my Intellivision. Mine have the straight db9 plug. I thought that they were for the Coleco?
  5. They Tandy radio Shack and the Aquarius both use a 5pin DIN but are wired differently. This is a quick chart to show you how to rewire it for use with the Aquarius computer Just cut the cable and cross the wires so that the Tandy wire joins the Aquarius wire. IE Tandy PIN 1 to Aquarius PIN 4, Tandy PIN 2 to Aquarius PIN 2, Tandy PIN 3 to Aquarius PIN 5, Tandy PIN 4 to Aquarius PIN 3, and Tandy PIN 5 to Aquarius PIN 1 Tandy Cassette Aquarius Cassette Pin 1. remote sleeve Pin 4 Pin 2. ground Pin 2 Pin 3. remote tip Pin 5 Pin 4. data in Pin 3 Pin 5. data out Pin 1 This is the DIN PIN out 1 3 4 5 2
  6. The SDC needs ECB to work. Extended Color Basic Does your coco say Color Basic or Extended Color Basic?
  7. I hate that the expansion module covers the joystick ports when used with the standalone Adam
  8. I wish school was cheaper. I dont mind paying higher taxes for health care and education.
  9. Hi. Does anyone have the pinout of the Expansion Module 1? I want to see if I can make a switch that allows it to be left attached to my colecovision and just flip the switch when i want to play Atari games. I understand that it is only one pin that grounds out and enables the module. is this correct?
  10. Eye spy my favorite setup. A intv1 with ECS and LTO.
  11. I received an email from dean at VCFE that the event is postponed. It is in Wall NJ. Pretty close to the hard hit NY. I was told that I can still exhibit my intv ECS setup at the later date
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