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  1. Is the default baud rate for the printer,using the parallel port printer cart, 1200? If so is it software selectable to 600 baud?
  2. perfect. thank you as soon as i get the zip in i will be all set
  3. Thank you for taking time to help me. Are you using this as a stand alone drive plugged into the IDE card or are you running a hard drive and using this as the slave off of the ide cable? I have a dual IDE hard drive setup with 2 physical hard drives instead of CF cards. I would like to replace the slave with the zip so that i can swap hard drive images easily. How do you create empty disks ? and how hard is it to copy programs and files to the zip? sorry for all of the questions
  4. yes the hard drive i am using noiw is a morror image of the CF card . 20 EOS
  5. just waiting for the zip drive to make its way up here.
  6. yes you can that is how i made my 2 physical IDE hard drives. I used a usb to IDE adapter to connect a physical IDE drive to my laptop then used windows disk manager to format it. I then ran your CF card software writer and selected the IDE hard drive instead of CF card as the destination. Since this worked I decided to try this with a zip drive that is in an old Win xp computer and sure enough it wrote the image to the zip
  7. The disk images would be helpful i have an older win xp system with a zip 100 so i can easily make the zip disks once i ha ve the proper format disks
  8. i just bought this Tekman found this on ebay for me huge thanks to him i am running a MI dual IDE hard drive using your ide card. My plan is to replace the slave ide with the Zip100
  9. i am not sure how to even tell the difference between them; the IDE connector looks the same
  10. non atatpi zips are very hard to find
  11. i am surprised that none of the hardware guys here have cloned the adam floppy controller board. If someone made a custom controller board we could hook up our own drive or even a Gotek and house it in a small external drive case. just thinking out loud
  12. I saw RFDiRocco's zip setup. I would like to install a zip using my IDE card. can i use any zip drive? or does it need to be ATAPI? Non ATAPI? 100?250? thanks in advance for the help
  13. there would be alot of adam's online
  14. GOTEK UPDATE i built a 34pin ribbon cable with 2 drive connectors so i can have both the gotek and 5 1/4 drives hooked up to the single adam disk controller. I put a small toggle switch in line on the drive select line of the cable and ca n now use ither the gotek or physical drive with just a flip of the switch
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