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  1. Old TV saga, part 2
    New flyback transformer installed.  How can it be the same part number, but not the same height?  The top mounting screw doesn't line up with the hole.


    Anyway, soldered it in anyway and turned it on... well, it works, for now.  But the screen is not vertically centered, and the service manual doesn't mention anything about vertical centering adjustments.  WTH?  Also, vertical hold needs to be adjusted differently for Atari than for CV?!?


    One of the unregulated voltage rails generated by the FBT is reading a volt higher than the schematic wants, but then it notes that "undocumented improvements may have been made" too.  Well at least all DC power rails show negligible AC ripple.


    So now I guess I need to find out what biases the vertical sweep and why it's incorrect.  I might remember that this happened on one of the previous component failures, but maybe not?  Memory sucks.

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