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  1. The Paprium fiasco is a long story, but these are the facts: Indie developer Watermelon Games promises to release what was tipped to be a groundbreaking 80meg cart; a scrolling fighter much in the spirit of Streets of Rage. Crowd funded in 2013, and with a promised release date of 2017, Watermelon opens up pre-orders with huge uptake and success. Another year goes by, several excuses from developer claiming issues with PayPal refusing to release funds, chip redesigns, more coding, and Paprium goes into manufacture/release limbo and ongoing development hell. One year on, Watermelon, now headed up effectively by one guy after internal bust ups and departures, promises a launch party in Paris to coincide with Sega MDs 30th Anniversary Oct 2018, showcasing the game. All that is shown is a broken tech demo. A year later and still no game. Preorders were apparently huge for Paprium (for a homebrew anyway), but it looks like everyone's money is now lost despite requests for refunds. The link attached goes into more detail. Certainly wouldnt want to experience that scandal again, so for me, like you, pre-orders need to be based on a finished product, not an incomplete game built on best laid plans and dreams. https://papriumfiasco.wordpress.com/2019/05/29/fonzies-at-the-factory/
  2. As someone who was a victim of the whole Paprium pre-order debacle for Sega MD, I appreciate your honesty Vladr, and a thoroughly pretested product, good to go, bug free (as humanly possible) is the best way forward to create trust in your other future projects (still hoping for a Road Rash homage). I for one would be happy with a Spring 2020 release if it meant you hit your creative targets and quality control standards.
  3. Thanks VladR for clearing things up. The texture thing I must have missed. Apologies. Excited to see the full potential of this game, and hopefully it's a deep, playable arcade affair. All being well, what's the projected release window for this, and do you intend it to become a fully boxed cart, manual etc to purchase?
  4. Well done VladR showcasing your proof of concept. Without sounding too negative, as I appreciate the level of time, determination and dedication you must have applied to get to this point, how far down the line is this demo in terms of completion? The reason I ask is I share the same concerns as a few others regarding ship movement, the lack of movement to the road itself, the lack of texture and detail. If it's only 50% complete, fair enough. Is this the case, or is the game much closer to completion in your view? Just trying to ascertain how playable the experience would be as an actual game versus a tech demo showing possibilities and potential of your engine. Did anyone else get to actually play it? Also, what does this mean for a Road Rash themed clone? Is that now a non starter?
  5. I for one would certainly be interested in seeing this classic given the Jag 64 treatment and making it to cartridge. Lots of potential to give it a Minteresque feel I reckon. Hope it can materialise in some form at some point.
  6. Out of interest, is this project dead or still WIP given the focus on Saucers recently and Shark Byte? It certainly looked like it had potential!
  7. Like many of us, I have really been enjoying all the ST ports that have come our way and the quality of the conversions by CyranoJ have been superb. I for one particularly appreciate the quality of the cartridges, boxes and manuals produced by Gaztee! I wondered, other than the 21 games listed as either completed or work in progress, if there's plans to port others not currently listed? Personally, I'd be chomping at the bit to get boxed copies of Batman The Movie (especially with another anniversary on the cards), Parasol Stars and Lemmings. What are the chances of any of these being considered as port conversions? Thanks and keep up the fantastic work.
  8. Apologies if this topic or similar has been discussed/posted before, but I am new to the AtariAge forum and wondered if anyone can help with a technical issue I am currently experiencing with my Jag console please? The other night when playing Impulse X, I experienced what can only be described as a graphical blurring type issue with the motion of the bat and especially the ball in-game at both low and high speeds. The console has not displayed any notable issues with other games, and to my knowledge appears to be an issue only on Impulse X so far, however, it is definitely not the cart, cable or display - all have been tested. The Jag that has the issue has been modified for running at 60hz. Fortunately, I own a spare Jag, so I thought I'd try it on there and the game runs perfectly, no blur, so definitely not the CRT display. This second spare console is a 50hz unmodded brand new Jag which I always kept as a back up, but don't really want to use unless the other goes completely bang. Any ideas if something is failing inside the old (current daily) Jag and what it might be? Like I said, I've not noticed any graphical glitches on anything else i have played of late - Doom, AVP, Tempest etc, basically, all those games that run at speed. It's all rather confusing. Any help or ideas what it could be/repaired I'd be very grateful! Thanks in advance
  9. Hello everybody, this is my first post on AtariAge and I wanted to start my leaving a short review and give a thumbs up shout out to Gummy Bear for his awesome rotary Opal controllers. I had the pleasure of picking up two of these last week, and I have to say, anyone thinking of purchasing one - you absolutely should - they are 100% worth the investment. There's no doubt about it, the Opal completely transforms the way you'll play Tempest 2000 for starters, and it's great to know that you're playing it as the game designers intended you to play it. The Opal works equally as well on titles including Rebooteroids and Impulse X, and after some initial in-game tweeks are made to the sensitivity settings, you'll be smashing through asteroids and bricks with incredible precision, speed and accuracy. It really is that good. Coming back to these titles has been a real pleasure, and I'm pretty confident my scores will go through the roof because of the sharpness afforded by the Opal! I have to take my hat off to Gummy Bear for producing rotary controllers of superb OEM build quality too. You really wouldn't know that these hadn't been made by Atari, in fact the finish is likely to be better if anything. Incredibly precise build quality, and the 'O' LED lightshow when you're listening to the rave scores on Tempest and Rebooeroids just works perfectly! As you can see I am well impressed. The other great thing too is the quality of the communication you'll receive from Gummy Bear - so all in all, a very positive experience. Don't delay, buy an Opal!
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