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  1. But Jookie isn't the one who released v3. These guys released the new one. He is involved in the group but is not handling question directly. Official support is info[@]atari.sk and cosmosex[@]atari.sk or FB at Atari SK.
  2. Yes. Only the Mega ST keyboard have cherry keys. Rest (Atari ST(f, m, Falcon, Mega STe, TT) have rubber domes.
  3. A little bit of soldering is required to deactivate the onboard memory if you want to upgrade to max 4Mb. Have you checkad that the desired machine has socket on shifter and MMU?
  4. Looks to be around the same price as on ebay to be honest. They are available, just check the stock they have under the price. If they have over 150000 of them it is just a lie. The chip is obsolete, ie it is not made anymore. The number is written on the chip. I just checked on a keyboard myself. Not that hard.
  5. https://www.utsource.net/sch/hd6301v1p.html
  6. 4.8V is within spec I think. +/-5% on 5V is acceptable. So in theory it should work. Atari is 30y old now and many components is not within specs anymore. Capacitors dry out. But lower voltage and will become unstable. I checked on one of my SR98 PSU which I have recapped and I have 5.19V on the connector on the keyboard. I looked at the datasheet for SR98 and it says it should do 5.1V on output rail and +/-0.255V. I don't know if other PSU have other specs. You measured the PSU with load on/connected to Atari I hope? Maybe you should consider recapping the PSU or at least turn the resistor (if there is one) on the PSU to get 5V. Reset is high (5V) when system is running and low (close to 0V) a couple of 100 milliseconds when reset is pressed and released if I remember correctly. If it is GND then you got a short somewhere. Solder bridge between two legs somewhere?
  7. Keyboards can be swapped around between ST(f,m), STe, Falcon. It's the same connector. (Except for the really old ones with joy/mouse port on motherboard). Pin 1 and 8 are ground. Pin 2 is missing so maybe you didn't count that? Is the reset circuit on the Atari working? Try reflow connector and check cable. Try swapping ACIA (6850) around. One controls MIDI and the other one keyboard. But it is the same chip. It is probably some cold joint or bad connection on the motherboard. Measure that you got +5 and ground on keyboard. Also check pin/cable Tx/Rx on keyboard is connected all the way. PSU recapped? Got good 5V and 12V? (12V not need for floppy or keyboard though). But floppy/gotek is working?
  8. BeePi, BeeKey, BeeBox EDIT: Maybe not Falcon though
  9. But isn't that the AT-Speed C16? Does it have socket for FPU? The AT-Speed is a simpler one and it doesn't look like it is has clock on the board. So it probably use the system clock.
  10. Very few games check for disk swap automatically. You most likely need to press space bar or fire button to continue. In GEM when you have a window open with A: just press ESC on keyboard to refresh and reread the floppy content.
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