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  1. Sorry. In the menu. Choose [type] 'demo' in the drop down field.
  2. Greatest of them all! 😁 Most of the ones listed is great. But sometimes the listing goes banans depending on how you count. You can sort it by thumbs up otherwise or just choose mega demo. https://www.pouet.net/prodlist.php?platform[0]=Atari+ST&platform[1]=Atari+STe&page=1&order=thumbup You also have demozoo: https://demozoo.org/productions/?platform=9&production_type=1
  3. Sort by popularity and show only ST and STe releases: https://www.pouet.net/prodlist.php?platform[0]=Atari+ST&platform[1]=Atari+STe&page=1&order=views
  4. #4. You can. But it needs a decoder (hardware) to use a different location in memory. That is because TOS >1.04 size is 256Kb and previous version uses 192Kb so it wouldn't fit in the memory space that TOS <1.04 used. Another alternative is to download and burn (or buy from someone) the 192Kb version of EmuTos. That way you don't need a decoder. You can also softload another TOS version then you have in the ROM. Just put the TOS.PRG in an auto folder. EmuTOS can be loaded this way as well. It eats a bit of your RAM though.
  5. Perhaps a hat for a raspberry pi is in order. I have not tested the unit so I just give you the link since I had it. But it seems to be what you are searching for. https://www.retroprinter.com/
  6. https://docs.dev-docs.org/htm/search.php?find=_5
  7. Tried swapping PSU for a known good one? Is the power on the faulty falcon good? 5V and 12V? recapped PSU?
  8. Probably yes. The 68882 is asynchronous and can have a different speed then the 68000. The AdSpeed for STe is missing the oscillator so you also need to fit that. So you could probably have 20MHz oscillator in there for the 68882. Or 32MHz or 50MHz if you have faster 68882.
  9. I have only seen 50MHz in PGA. Max in PLCC I have seen is 40MHz. I don't think 50MHz was made in PLCC package.
  10. No software is required when using EmuTOS. Alt-RAM and RTC (if connected) are detected and used automatically. You can verify this by looking at the boot screen. For TOS 2.06 and MagiC driver programs are needed that should preferably be placed in your AUTO folder: ALTRAMON.PRG adds the alternate RAM to TOS memory management. From then on, this memory is automatically used by TOS and (most) applications. RTC_TIME.PRG synchronizes the computer’s clock with the RTC and makes TOS 2.06 Y2K-compatible. Note: Under EmuTOS or after running RTC_TIME.PRG under Atari TOS, you can set the RTC using any program that changes date and time, such as the control panel. However, RTC_SET.PRG is also provided as a separate program to set the RTC. Tools and drivers. More here about STorm on ST.
  11. The two SD card slot on US has the ACSI-ID:0 and ACSI-ID:1 as default. Your Maxtor drive also has ID:0? And SCSI adapter has ID:7. Everything needs a unique number.
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