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  1. He got answered on other forum that it is a nemesis bus speeder. Just to let you know.
  2. It was years since I run Dungeon Master, but didn't it take a long time before you could play it? After you pressed the button on the door. Just wait a bit perhaps.
  3. Yup. Just put some thick tape on it. Perhaps a piece of cardboard first. Otherwise ask Olivier if his cable can be unplugged in one end and used in the UltraSatan. http://gossuin.be/index.php/shop#ATARI
  4. Thanks for the tip @t0ri. Yeah, I have a DB19M now. I was thinking of other solutions since I have seen pcb cables done for the DB19 with loose pins solder to the pcb. Lotharek have such for sale. A DB19 is quite pricey. But I think I will go for your solution now.
  5. I have also started building mine. Almost finished. I have not programmed the Xilinx yet or soldered in a DB19. Got all the info from tOris site.
  6. https://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=39022 https://www.gossuin.be/index.php/shop
  7. It does requires to desolder the on board RAM though. At least if you want to upgrade to full 4Mb. But mostly it is just plug in on top of mmu and remove shifter, plug in adapter board, plug the shifter in adapter board. As stated before, rather expensive solution. The manual can be found here. The +8 is not the ram board you linked to. EDIT: It can be done without desoldering I see in the pic in the 7th post. Needs snipping of some resistors legs instead.
  8. Most likely involves soldering if you don't have a STe? What revision of mother board do you have in the Atari?
  9. Mega ST don't have a VME bus connector. Mega STe has it though. Couldn't find English manual on dev-docs for Mega ST.
  10. Similar cable exist for Atari also. From RGB/monitorport/13pin DIN connector to SCART. Then you can use your OSSC. For example: https://coolnovelties.co.uk/coolnovelties/atari-st-video-cables/38-atari-st-quality-rgb-scart-video-cable-070569350477.html?search_query=atari&results=37 But I think most people in the US buy from http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/ but I don't know if he got scart cables?
  11. Try Yet Another Atari RAM Tester (YAART). It is in English despite the site is in German.
  12. The diag cart is set to and sends the data over at 9600 Baud.
  13. Yes, it's a PCB with the MegaBus connector underneath and you have an 40 pin IDE connector on top. It also have a 256K decoder on it for using TOS 2.06 ROMs for example. The board design can be found on ParanoidLittleMans homepage. The board has no buffers so you can't use long cables. You also need to program a GAL. You can see the board attached in a MegaST in an other thread in this forum. I don't know if anyone is selling these.
  14. There are 2 internal connector in MegaST. One is the MegaBus besides the 68k chip and can be used for all sort of things, IDE HDD is on of them. The other is an internal ACSI connector for HDD, located behind the 19 pin D-Sub connector. MegaST uses a smaller fan then the ones in MegaSTe and TT.
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