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  1. I heartily recommend the O2 joystick. It's got a much better feel.
  2. The one last night with the game & watches ticked me off! I typically like Pawn Stars and think they're for the most part above board on their honesty. Last night did not show that side. Cory (the son) offered the woman $150 for 6 Nintendo Game & Watch units. One was still in box. He eventually came up to $250 which she took. His reasoning to her was that it would take a while to sell, they're too new to really be collectible, etc. After she took the money and left he started bragging about how many gamers come into Vegas and he could easily resell them for $100 each. Ok, I understand you are in business to make money and clear profit. That's fine, just don't screw over your customers and brag about it on camera. I lost a LOT of respect for him and his business ethics in that show. In fairness to them though, these guys typically need to pull in a gross profit of about 40% to 50% in order to make money. Because out of that you can figure 20% to 25% goes as contribution towards overhead, leaving between 30% to 25% for profit, which is fair. Anything less than that and it starts not being worth their time. Of course for bigger items you can trim % off and still make money. So it seems like if they get what they're going to price these at they may be a bit ahead, but nothing in the unfair range (my opinion only). I mean, if you want to try to absolutely maxamize your profit, have a garage sale or eBay it. If you want cash now, take what the man's willing to pay. I'm just saying that because I've seen them on Pawn Stars on several occassions tell a person that they'd love to give them what the person was asking, but couldn't in good concious because it was worth a lot more. Also, I've found that I really think these shows (Storage Wars is the worst at this) seem to inflate the 'value' of the stuff they find. My wife and I were watching this one episode recently and Hester (I think) got this big locker with boxes and boxes of used books, and he says that he could get something like either $100 or $150 per box of books. My wife and I busted out laughing. If the books were brand new, and you had a bookstore, and you were willing to sit on them for years, you may have been able to get that much for these boxes, but not otherwise. And since there were so many boxes of books, it inflated the value part of the equation so much that compared to the cost of the auction it made the whole thing look like a windfall for the guy. Yea, right. So I think that they kind of have to show some bravado in the parts of these show where they 'value' the stuff....the producers probably tell them to estimate on the high side, because if they didn't where would the excitement be for all us poor, uneducated viewers? Yeah, Dave Hester on Storage Wars totally pulls prices out his ass. He'll point to chipboard furniture and say it's worth $300. Most of the others on that show aren't near as bad, but there's a lot of price inflation going on. The worst for me are Auction Hunters and American Pickers, where the douchey guys on the show are constantly exchanging looks they seem to think mean "Oooh yeah. Watch the masters at work." but always look a lot more like "Oooh yeah. Load up the Rape Van. It's amputee hookers and midget prostitutes tonight!"
  3. Interesting read. How 'bout an alternate history on Atari losing the K.C. Munchkin lawsuit?
  4. I'm considering getting either a 7800 or 2600 to play games - including homebrews - and wanted to know if there were any specific 2600 games that won't play on a 2600. Also any pros or cons for either unit woul;d be appreciated.
  5. I'd advise trying the O2 joysticks first and see if you like them. They're more rugged than the standard 2600 stick and I've always found them more responsive. Mind you, can't use the "my-joystick-is-my-penis" Atari masturbation deathgrip on them - but I don't see that as exactly a minus.
  6. Well, I'm an Odyssey2 fan, so my ord is suspect, but the O2 version of Q*bert beats the 2600's in terms of playability. It's too bad the O2 version of Tutankham never saw release as it easily beats the 2600 version.
  7. Most of the binaries for the homebrews are downloadable for play on the Odyssey2 emulator, so you should be able to judge for yourself. That said, the Tedfoolery games are amazing.
  8. Ther has got to be a way to sneak that into a Wikipedia 2600 entry.
  9. Ya ever et squirrel? Squirrel's mighty tasty!

  10. Ya ever et squirrel? Squirrel's mighty tasty!

  11. I really really suggest playing game 6 on Pick Axe Pete! as it's one hard game.
  12. Hey, there's never a need to apologize for the awesomeness of the O2!
  13. You've got it working? Glad to hear it. A few games to try in emulation: KC Munchkin! (obviously) and KC's Crazy Chase! UFO! Attack of the Time Lord Killer Bees! Pick Axe Pete! Turtles Q-Bert Frogger Tutankham And the Homebrews: Kill The Attacking Aliens! Planet Lander! Mr. Roboto! Puzzle Piece Panic! Route 66
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