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  1. Ahh, the magic keyword! Thanks!
  2. Pardon the dumb newbie question, but do the physically released games still have ROMs available on the forum? I was curious about Escape from the Robot Monsters, but couldn't find it. The link in the main thread says "Download in thread," but the link just goes to the youtube video. I figure either it was removed or I'm somehow blind.
  3. I didn't make a feature request... Just a clarification request, which I received. Thank you, Zerosquare! I might be down for some guilt tripping later, though.
  4. Makes sense, thanks for the confirmation! I'm just familiarizing myself with the platform right now, so I'm starting to make a two-player Pong game. I wanted to support (but not require) rotary controllers for both players. The audience would definitely be limited, but I'd at least have fun with it.
  5. I've been playing around with RAPTOR Basic+ and my new Skunkboard, and I'm having a lot of fun with it! I've been writing a bunch of basic input/display/sound tests and so far so good. I'm using Zerosquare because I want the .mp3 and .wav support, but is it possible to do two player rotary support with it? I have no problem reading either port one at a time, but I don't see a good way to do both. I've tried calling each pad in succession like this (pseudocode): CALL Input_SetRotaryMode do CALL ZEROPAD() CALL Input_SetJoyPort1 pad1 = zero_left_pad xpos1 = xpos1-zero_rotary_delta CALL Input_SetJoyPort2 pad2 = zero_right_pad xpos2 = xpos2-zero_rotary_delta loop This gives unexpected results. I don't think zero_rotary_delta keeps track of state for each pad, so they end up competing with each other and overwriting that variable.
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