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  1. Hi,im taking a chance, any update on the game?
  2. I ordered mine 1 year ago and i just pickup last week,it took a year
  3. You should ask them direct Where are you from?
  4. So happy😁 I m maybee not on the wright topic but can someone tell me where is the best place To download à atari game pack for my Phoenix ? Thanks
  5. Pick up my Phoenix last week and on my 2 tv same bug... Ive To unplug hdmi between each game so i bought an hdmi switch and everythings was working fine but i was tired of my small 18" hdmi screen si i bought a 32" toshiba bravia used (3 years)and now, NO MORE PROBLEM..???i really dont understand but dont need anymore my HDMI switch and work fine!!??!?!?!!
  6. Its working fine on what brand of tv? Samsung?
  7. I got the same problem, i bought a hdmi switch to do on off (like à reset) when i switch a cartrige and now work very fine, contact them if you have problem, they gave me an excellent customer service and we fix the problem in the same day
  8. Got mine yesterday ! Color and sound are very Nice ! Sydney Hunter amazing! Nice job!
  9. I m pretty sure, read all the spec they explain everything
  10. Yes seriously... https://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/collectorvision-phoenix/
  11. You should place your order right now, they did an amazing job !
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