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  1. I was not aware that a 2nd copy had turned up of some of them. Just wanted to say we appreciate your efforts and look forward to the next updates.
  2. Somehow I seriously doubt it. The rom for Rocky & Bullwinkle was released for free some time back and as far as I am aware no legal action was taken because of it. Still as Tempest has said the roms are safe and information on all BSR games have been categorised and put on various websites such as Tempests so for the time being that is enough for people like myself.
  3. Just wanted to wish all the Atari Age members the greatest Christmas ever and a better New Year to come.  Have a good one all my fellow collectors.

    1. uglyclone


      Merry Christmas!!

    2. GoldLeader


      Merry Christmas to you as well :)

    3. RodLightning


      Merry Christmas & Happy 2020 !

  4. Again never seen that and never thought a company like Imagic would have employed its use. The only different packaging I ever saw with Imagic was when they packaged Fire Fighter/Riddle of the Sphinx & Cosmic Arc/Atlantis together. Truly fascinating stuff. Again thank you for the heads up.
  5. Thank you Rom for the information. I really need to study your site more In all my years of collecting I never found any blister packs for the bulk of the foreign releases I managed to attain were always loose so I had no idea what the original packaging once was.
  6. Incredible. Once again many thanks for sharing this information. Appreciated.
  7. Now that is something I have never seen before. Blister packs for VCS games. Thank you for enlightening me. Are there instructions behind the games or printed on the back on the pack?
  8. That is truly a beautiful sight to behold. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Yes please that would be greatly appreciated. When I used to collect I never came across any Brazilian games with a box and most of the obscure ones I have never seen proof of them ever having a box on release so any pics would be fantastic.
  10. Somehow I knew you would old friend
  11. It would be nice to see them and there is always a keen interest on cataloguing any prototypes. You might surprise us with something new no matter how minor. Always good to compare what is already known.
  12. You know its funny for although I always knew these things came boxed but I was beginning to doubt myself until I saw the above. Definitely not what I expected. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Are these the last or are there any more in the works?
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