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  1. I believe you in this, I really do and I truly hope you are successful in your endeavours. I was lucky enough to play the game and unlike the majority of (at the time) unreleased game it is actually fun to play. For the rest of the enthusiasts out there I truly hope that they too will at last be able to see for themselves how the legend plays.
  2. Tempest my gratitude. Must confess been a while since I was on your site. I will endeavour to try and keep abreast of your news in future.
  3. Thank you. I was not aware that it had got past the artist impression stage.
  4. Are they both the same and are they the same versions that were reviewed?
  5. Don't want to burst your bubble but chances are they never came out or if they did they were under a different name. Years ago I saw three Imagic titles advertised Zone, Scuba and Demon Attack II supposedly coming soon back in 1982 and out of the three Zone became Quickstep, Scuba became Fathom and Demon Attack II was never created.
  6. Very interesting that many of those listed eventually turned up in some form or another though.
  7. Am I correct in seeing the name Underworld from CommaVid? Never heard of that one.
  8. Was Smurf ever planned to be released in the arcades?
  9. Yes I noticed that too when I watched it.
  10. Sarcasm does not become you Supergun. You are always cryptic but please, keep it up for I am sure you are enjoying yourself, somehow.
  11. So what are all the others you are trying to hide in plain sight?
  12. Is a test diagnostic cart? Cant see much else reason for it? Forgot to say but thank you for sharing it.
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