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  1. So does anyone know how many Vals' have actually surfaced over the years?
  2. Thought that might be the case. Thanks for clarifying. Still there is a possibility one of the programmers may have taken it home. Got to live in hope.
  3. "While the Octopussy version was still being playtested and refined" - Does this confirm that the train James Bond shown on so many ads actually exist?
  4. Then it is in the hands of a higher power. Sometimes secrets are requested and collectors do not want their identities known for many reasons. If the guy dies then he dies. There is nothing anyone can do to change it. The rom is safeguarded and we have the information on it so lets move on to those prototypes that there are no pics or descriptions of right now and hope that one day someone, somewhere will allow the basic information to be known to the rest of us.
  5. Thank you for your valuable contribution as always.
  6. That is the eternal hope my friend I am a firm believer that The Incredible Hulk and Chop Lifter exist in some form. Still hoping for the day when a pic of both will one day surface.
  7. Tempest I look forward to any videos that you may choose to release. I understand how busy people can get but I also know if you say that you will attempt something you will get round to it when able. Said it before and I will say it again. A heartfelt thank you for all your efforts to the gaming community.
  8. Maybe he made a promise and has the guts to keep to that promise. It is a rare thing in this day and age and as no one knows his reasoning perhaps we should all just accept it. A video of the game in action would be nice but we all have access to the pics and descriptions on Tempest's site and until something changes lets just be thankful that Tempest was allowed to review it on our behalf.
  9. My friend I understand your desire to play it I truly do but believe me most prototypes are not worth the effort. Exceptions in my opinion were Garfield and The Pink Panther but most are so far unfinished that they are unplayable. I paid for a reproduction of MacDonalds just to have a complete collection but it did nothing but show the Golden Arches and I was left thinking why did I spend any money on it at all. Locomotion may be completed but as I stated I never had any intention of playing it when I had the chance when it was in the arcade until 1995. Tempest has done a great job showing pics and describing the game. That is enough for me.
  10. If you can remember the gameplay I would suggest youtube as well. Good luck with your quest.
  11. You need to look at Atari Mania. They have virtually every game listed.
  12. Thank you for the clarification. Back in the day several arcades had this game in the back corners as if they were ashamed of it and not once did I feel like wasting a coin on it. There was an arcade at seaside town some 20 miles from where I lived that had this game until around 1995 I believe but then they also had a dusty Donkey King and Burger King that I always spent my money on instead.
  13. Which was the one that you reviewed if you don't mind me asking and do you know if there were any differences between the 2?
  14. Last I heard Blue Sky Rangers have it safely locked away along with all the other M-Network protos that exist.
  15. Lost my 5 month pet Chihuahua Chloe today suddenly and without warning.  In the short time we had her she filled our lives with a great deal of love and we deeply miss her already.

    1. jaybird3rd


      My condolences.  I lost my dog in a road accident years ago, and another dog about a year ago to a very aggressive strain of parvovirus, so I know what you're going through.

  16. Thank you for the clarification.
  17. In fact I will go further and rate Skin Diver as probably the worst game ever released for the 2600 as it is totally unplayable.
  18. I agree that it is as hard as hell but once you get used to the controls its not as bad as you make out and believe me I have played some turds in my time.
  19. I wonder which game would constitute as Dinosaur on the 3rd one?
  20. Funny I thought it looked a lot like Shawn
  21. Do you know the identity of that Ocean game?
  22. I was not aware that a 2nd copy had turned up of some of them. Just wanted to say we appreciate your efforts and look forward to the next updates.
  23. Somehow I seriously doubt it. The rom for Rocky & Bullwinkle was released for free some time back and as far as I am aware no legal action was taken because of it. Still as Tempest has said the roms are safe and information on all BSR games have been categorised and put on various websites such as Tempests so for the time being that is enough for people like myself.
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