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  1. Well Madden Football had a video ad for the game which many believe was never finished so this one was probably the same, an attempt to drum up enough interest to self fund it. Just a theory.
  2. Perhaps its just me but this one seemed a little harder than the one I played but then again perhaps it is just my memory playing tricks on me as it has been a while.
  3. Thank you for the information. Must confess I have never seen them which was why I asked but I will do some further looking around. Thank you again.
  4. I share your suspicions, especially due to the fact you start in a hangar like in the film. Dutchman thanks for all your hard work.
  5. Were any of the Colecovision games released and if not have any turned up as prototypes?
  6. Once again just wanted to say thank you for your efforts, they are truly appreciated. As to those still waiting let me assure you it WILL be worth the wait. Just exercise some patience and let the master do his work.
  7. Now that makes a great deal of sense and goes a long way to explain things. Thank you for your input. Appreciated.
  8. Well I disagree with you on certain points. Pitfall could have been made a lot more pleasing to the eye for all that was done was putting leaves on the trees and the walls in the tunnels looked like Bricks. Kaboom could have been enhanced but all it had was a skyscraper landscape. I did not mention Pitfall II for although graphically there was little graphical improvement there was an entire 2nd element to the game more complex and difficult than the 1st part. Pitfall II was perhaps the most prime example of how a company could push the envelope of an existing game for a bigger system and the point I made was why did they not push the envelope on their other games released for bigger systems which I received conformation on what I already suspected but you are entitled to your opinion in the matter. I just choose not to readily agree to it.
  9. You know I always believed that, I just hoped it wasn't for such a blatant reason. Imagic utilised the extra power of the Intellivision with Demon Attack and what a result. Guess for Activision profit was truly the reason.
  10. Slightly off subject but does anyone know the reason why Activision never fully exploited the power of the other systems to improve their games graphically? Pitfall for example was a disappointing conversion to such systems as the Colecovision and home computers for aside from some minor graphical tweaks it looked pretty much the same as the 2600 game. The same was true for River Raid. So much extra memory to play with yet only basic tweaks to what was already there.
  11. The price is always unaffected by a rom release for there is always someone, somewhere who will be willing to pay a an over inflated price for a one of a kind cart or Eprom. In this case it is just sheer greed but then again it is his to do what he wants to do with it. Maybe someone with more money than sense will entertain him, then again I truly doubt it.
  12. So much for the argument that releasing the rom of a once unreleased game affects the price of the product. Even a boxed Air Raid did not go beyond a tenth of what is on offer. Greed it seems does indeed leads to delusions of grandeur.
  13. Pity but thank you for confirming. Still believe it could be Fire Fox just because from the description it resembles from the film of the same name.
  14. Has anyone looked at the code to confirm if it is Fire Fox as I suspect it is?
  15. That is the 1st time I have ever seen Space Marshall in the flesh. I am envious and you are a truly lucky man.
  16. Does anyone know an alternate car manufacturer who's rear coil suspension springs would work on a Mitsubishi Sigma?

    1. save2600


      Might want to check the various car forums out there if you haven't already. Car forums... just like gaming forums, but where gear heads hang out!   

    2. GoldLeader


      No idea, but maybe look around at rockauto.com and see what pops up.

    3. onemoretime


      Don t know how it is where you re from, but in the U.S., the Sigma is just a decal kit that s put on other cars.

  17. How is Phantom these days? Been a while since he was on here.
  18. Just wanted to say thank you for everyone involved and a massive thank you for releasing this. I salute you all.
  19. That was my thought too though I am leaning towards Fire Fox though for the hangar scene looks from the film and Clint stole the plane straight from the hangar before taking off to be pursued by a 2nd Fire Fox (which could be the one in the game). Added weight to the theory is the fact the player could choose guns or missiles and had a defensive choice which I believe was part of the Fire Fox's superior advantage over its Western counterparts. Just a hunch, nothing more.
  20. Its great to know that it was actually released. Had my doubts for a while.
  21. Rom would be your best source of information for the answer on that one.
  22. Its Seal to Whales by DataTech and no I don't think it has ever been dumped. I have only ever seen fuzzy screenshots.
  23. That was what I was trying to clarify. Thank you.
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