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  1. Well, I see no joystick or paddle so it might some quiz game?
  2. It's been ages since I've been here, but I need help... I need to identify this plush from Namco and this game from an old photo...
  3. I don't have a multimeter.... The Sega CD power connector is labelled, so I know which one it is... Alll I can tell is that I get a black screen each time I turn it on.... And no lights turn on on the Mega CD... Do I really have to open it up?
  4. I have a Megadrive I (the bigger one) and Mega CD II... The thing is, the Mega CD has been plugged in the Megadrive ever since I got it, so... how can it be dirty?
  5. With what a Q-Tip? I'd hate to use the wrong thing and makes things worse!
  6. I haven't had mine for much, but when I turned it on today.... I couldn't get it to work... A friend of mine just told that you just plug a power connector into the Megadrive / Genesis and another in the Mega CD... It didn't help, and I know the power connectors work... Someone else told me to put some audio connector cable, which I had, between the Megadrive and Mega CD and that didn't help either... Is there anyway to know if it's dead? I sure hope not, I just got some games for it!
  7. Dueling Analogs hits you were it hurts...
  8. Has anyone played and beaten Bonze Adventure? They finally patched the game, and even though I find the game easy, the boss were the game crashes seems undefeatable! I used up all the special moves and he was still alive, I tried to hit and survive as long as possible, but he just WON'T DIE! So either the final boss is way too hard, or the patch did something weird? I noticed the candle timer never seemed to move either...
  9. Which version did you buy? (PC I'm guessing if it could use a patch) Yes, the PC one, it crashes each time I die fighting the final boss, and I doubt it's my PCs fault, tech support says they are working on it...
  10. GAH! I'm not playing anymore until they release a patch! It crashed THREE times playing Bonze Adventure.... At the FINAL BATLLE... It also crashed while playing Elevator Action Returns....
  11. The PC version, which has the same as the Xbox one... It seems the PS2 has less games... I finally played it a little.... Space Invaders 95 is awesome!
  12. I must confess that I haven't played it yet, since it just got in the mail but... Wasn't it supposed to come with PuliRula? Well, it's not in here.... I sure hope there is a 3rd compilation with the game... But still, Bubble Symphony is "teh win"...
  13. I'm not sure, the only game we got from them so far is Metal Slug Advance, right?
  14. I have: -Golden Sun T-shirt -Metal Gear Solid T-shirt -"Recycle, Play old games" T-shirt from Diesel Sweeties -Mario Kart DS T-shirt -Zelda Majora's Mask T-shirt -Pokémon T-shirt (two different ones I think) -"I'm a game expert and more" T-shirt fron Centro Mail -Commandos 2 T-shirt -Id Anthology T-shirt -Illusion of Gaia T-shirt -Gamecube T-shirt -Nintendo DS "Touch Me!" T-shirt I'm sure I have more now, but I just can't find them at the moment...
  15. Do you subscribe to the TMBG newsletter (and podcast)? The song they gave out this week - Invisible Sidewalk Whirlwind, is just the best thing ever 1030574[/snapback] Yeah, I heard it on the podcast, but I forgot about the free MP3s!
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