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  1. ive had a broken INTV 3 for awhile, and i narrowed the problems with it down to either a bad CPU or RAM chip. Found a working intellivison 2 recently and tried swapping some chips from the 3 to the 2, and found that the ram did the exact same thing as when it was in the intv 3. The CPU worked fine. Figured i may as well see if i can find a replacement chip from someone.
  2. Yea the plastic was slightly yellowed above the chip when I got it and will burn you after a few minutes of running. Also I meant the lines are horizontal with the text.
  3. like after a few seconds parts of the letters will be shifted over from where they should be and shake slightly. I can post pics tonight of it.
  4. I've been trying to mod my intellivion 2 to output composite video. I almost have the thing working, but the video signal is still having problems. text characters will start to shake after about 3 seconds of running, and there is a white line going down the screen lined up with the characters. I tried putting a 2000uf cap across the 5v line, but that didn't do anything. Ive checked the mod board multiple time times, but haven't found any problems with it that fixed the signal. also the rf modulator never output any video signal so i don't have any way to see if its a problem with the console. also don't have any extra rf modulators or consoles to test with.
  5. Never mind, didn't change anything. i checked the voltages on the transistors and they are similar but not exactly the same as what was listed on the wiki.
  6. so... the cap on the video input side is measuring a short. that may be the problem; ill have to go buy a new cap to replace it with and see if that works. just wondering how it died in the first place?
  7. i wasn't getting any signal without the mod. its one i made myself and i checked for shorts before i hooked it up, but i figured it woudn't do anything if there was a problem.
  8. voltages on the video chip seems OK, same with the power supply. i'm assuming tp1-tp2 means between the two pins, and i'm getting 16.9vac.
  9. using this mod. Even without it though, the rf causes a drop. I relised that i didn't have the ground connected and when i did it fell even more to like 6v
  10. Pretty sure its the video chip, but can't tell. It's labeled ay-3-8900-1s... i think. Its hard to read.
  11. My intelvison 2 isn't outputting 12v when the rf modulator is connected. If I remove it the connection reads exactly 12v but as soon as its connected it drops to 11-6ish volts. Also was not getting any video from the rf out, and my composite mod is having problems keeping a stable signal. Wondering if the low voltage is the source of the problem. Also one of the ic's gets really hot and I'm not sure if that's related to the voltage or if that's normal. There is actually some yellowing inside the case in the area that its located.
  12. I noticed that when my mod board is connected the 12v connection for the rf modulator drops to like 4v. also noticed that when its disconnected it's still only like 11.4v. And one of the chips on the board gets very hot. I'm wondering if this is why after a few seconds of use the picture becomes less stable (text characters basically shake) Also i took the cage off the rf modulator to make room so not sure if that has anything to do with my problem. been trying to get this thing to work for so long its kind of annoying.
  13. Trying to mod my INTV 2 to output composite video. I wanted to remove the RF modulator and found this circuit Here to get the mod to work with the composite mod from the Intellivsion wiki, and it sort of worked... the picture would show up for about a second or two and then the colors would change, and the video slides across the screen and loses signal. Tried putting the rf mod back together, and got the exact same results as the board i tried making. Mind you, I don't know if the rf modulator even worked, as i couldn't get anything to show up on my tv from it using some alligator clips. Also not sure if there may be some other problem with the board or the power supply i'm using.
  14. looking for a working board for an intellivision. Please contact if you have any you are willing to sell.
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